Is Fatima (a.s) Lailatul Qadr?

Question 137: It was mentioned in the interpretation of Surat Al-Qadr (surah 97) that Fatima (PBUH) is Lailatul Qadr (the Night of Power) [1], so what does this hadith on their authority (PBUT) mean?

The Answer: In the name of Allah, The Benevolent, The Merciful
All praise be to Allah, Lords of the Worlds. May the Mercy of Allah be upon Muhammad and the progeny of Muhammad, the Imams and the Mahdis.

I have provided in Surat Al –Fatiha [2], and in Al-Mutashabihat (The Allegories) [3], previously that Fatima (PBUH) is the interior of the door of the city, and the exterior of the door is Ali (PBUH), and the city is Muhammad (PBUH & His Family), parallel to the three names: (Al-Raheem, Al-Rahman, Allah), for they, may the blessings of Allah be upon them, are the three pillars of guidance, and the manifestation of the three pillars of the Greater Name: Allah, Al-Rahman, Al-Raheem.

And the entire knowledge is in the city, so if it is wanted that [the knowledge] may descend then [it would descend] from the door, and in the interior of the door first, then from the exterior door to the creation [4]. And the interior of the door is Fatima, may the blessings of Allah be upon her, therefore the descent is in her, and she is the interior container of the knowledge, and in her the knowledge was sent down, and not in the city (The Prophet of Allah (PBUH & His Family), or The Qur’an), and like I have shown previously in Al-Mutashabihat, so revise [5].

For the Qur’an descends in Lailatul Qadr (the Night of Power), and the Qur’an descends in Fatima, and Lailatul Qadr is Fatima, and like they (PBUT) said: (We are the proofs of Allah and Fatima is the proof of Allah upon us) [6], and as he (PBUH & His Family) said: (Fatima is the mother of her father) [7], and the mother is the container, and Fatima (or the interior of the door) is the container that the Qur’an descends in, and the Qur’an is Muhammad (PBUH & His Family).

And this is the second interior (or esoteric) meaning of the hadith, on the authority of the Rasoul Allah (PBUH & His Family) that Allah in the Hadith Al-Qudsi (the sacred hadith) that HE said: (If hadn’t been for you I wouldn’t have created the orbits, and if it hadn’t been for Ali I wouldn’t have created you, and if it hadn’t been for Fatima I wouldn’t have created either of you) [7].

And Fatima is the containter of the descent of the Qur’an, for she is the interior door of the city from which [the knowledge] flow upon the creation. Thus her existence is a nescessity, and by losing her the system of creation wouldn’t be straight, because she is a pillar of the three pillars, for she is the container of the descent of the Qur’an.

Al-Mutashebihat (Allegories), Imam Ahmed Alhasan (a.s)

[1] Abi Abdillah (PBUH) said {Indeed, We sent the Qur’an down during the Night of Power}, the night is Fatima, and the Power is Allah, for he who knew Fatima truly then he has realized the Night of Power, and she was named Fatima (Abstinence) because the creation abstained from knowing her (meaning the creation can’t know her)}.

[2] Shay’ Min Tafsir Al-Fatiha (something from the interpretation of Al-Fatiha)/Enlightment upon His (SWT) names.

[3] Al-Mutashabihat (The Allegories): volume 1/question 8, and other sources too.

[4] Hashem Ibn Abi ‘Imara Al-Jinbii said: I heard the Commander of the Believers (PBUH) say : (I am the eye of Allah, and I am the hand of Allah, and I am the side of Allah, and I am the door of Allah). Al Kafi: volume 1, page 145.

[5] Here Al-Sayyed (PBUH) shows a new meaning to the noble Hadith, and the first meaning of the Hadith: (If it hadn’t been for you I wouldn’t have created the orbits…), previously mention in Al-Mutashabihat: volume 1, question 8.

[6] The Fatiminian Secrets by Sheikh Muhammad Fadel Al-Mas’oudi, page 69, copied from the interpretation (Atyab Al-Bayan).

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[8] Mustadrik Safinet Al-Bihar: Volume 3, page 169, from the book (Diyaa’ Al-’Amileen) by Sheikh Abi Al-Hassan the grandfather of Sheikh Muhammad Hassan Saheb Al Gawaher.

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