Supplication against cancer

Indeed, people enter and leave this world to be tested and not for anything else, may Allah support you. So the loser is the one who does not achieve the highest result in the test, and who is preoccupied with this world instead of the reason why he came to this world.

Do you see the people? They are like worms, some of them die trampled and some of them die drowning, some of them die due to this or that. Likewise, those who enter this world and are preoccupied with this world, they are like these worms. There is no difference between them except perhaps the worms are better than them because they were not given what the people were given.

The human being came to be tested and to leave, a generation enters and a generation leaves and so on, until it befalls all people. So whoever did not learn of his fate yesterday must learn of it today or tomorrow and must strive to accomplish what he came here for and must have a goal for himself in this world with which Allah is satisfied. Otherwise, he is a loser to say the least, if not perished.

The human being comes to this world to be preoccupied with it just like the worm. Have you seen a worm donating its food to another worm? Or have you seen it fight for its food? Have you seen a worm leave its home for another worm?

The human being is the one who does such things, the human being is the one who is not preoccupied with this world nor is he stingy with a morsel in his mouth that he can feed to an orphan or to a hungry one, nor is he stingy with the house that shelters him toward the one who only knows living in the wild and homelessness.

As for the common people whom we see and know, we do not see that their behavior differs much from that of the worms. The human being is not the one who chews on this world like camels chew on the foliage of spring. Rather, the human being is the one who neglects this world and is preoccupied with where he will eventually settle, and that is the Hereafter. So you find that not a day passes without him having a precedence of honor with his Lord.

I think that you, your brother and I, the short-comer, have to understand this truth and take advantage of our remaining days so that we do not waste them like we wasted our prior days, so that we do not lose everything. This is the most important thing, because we are definitely leaving, we did not come to stay, but rather to leave in the end, whether we leave this world today, tomorrow, in ten years, or in a hundred years.

There is one result: we came in order to leave. This is a place of crossing, we are tested in it, no more, no less. So blessed are the winners.

Wisdom is for us to know that we are leaving, and to not waste what remains like we wasted what has passed.

Perhaps to you these words are harsh, however, this is the truth which we must understand, apply and work by and not only speak by, otherwise we are losers. Moreover, if we are aware, then our loss is bigger and greater.


I ask Allah to grant you support …

And do not forget me in your dua, may Allah support you.


There is a supplication of great benefit for your brother, so have him repeat it as many times as he can:

O He Whose name is a remedy and Whose mention is a healing. O He Who allows the healing to occur in whatever He wills, pray upon Muhammad and the progeny of Muhammad and let my healing from this disease be by this name of Yours.

يامَنْ اسْمُهُ دَواءٌ وَذِكْرُهُ شِفاءٌ يامَنْ يَجْعَلْ الشِّفاءَ فيما يَشاءُ مِنَ الأشْياءِ صَلِّ عَلى مُحَمَّد وَآل مُحَمَّد وَاجْعَل شِفائِي مِن هذا الدّاءِ باسْمِكَ هذا

Ya man ismuhu dawaa wa thikruhu shifaa, ya man yajal alshifaa fima yashaa min alashyaa, salli ala Muhammad wa aali Muhammad wa ijaal shifaee min hatha aldaa bi ismika hatha

O Allah ( يا الله ~ Ya Allah) x10

O Lord ( يارَبْ ~ Ya Rab) x10

O Most Merciful of the merciful ( يا أْرْحَمَ الرّاحِمِينْ ~ Ya Arham arrahimeen) x10

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