I have come to them

Verily I have come to them, and my name is like the name of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh & his family), Ahmad, and the name of my father is like the name of the father of The Messenger of Allah (pbuh & his family), Isma’il (Ishmael), just as the narrations have mentioned, and the Messenger (pbuh & his family) said: (I am the son of the two slaughtered ones, Abdullah and Isma’il (Ishmael)). And I have come to you by the text that defines the character which is described as being a protection from misguidance for the ones who hold tight to it, and I have come with the Knowledge and I am the only one who carries the banner of Supremacy/Allegiance is for Allah. So fear Allah, O nation of Muhammad (pbuh & his family). And call to the Truth and follow the Caliph (Successor) of Allah, The Mahdi whom the Messenger of Allah (pbuh & his family) has called you to give victory to even if you had to crawl on ice, and have faith in the only will of your Prophet in order that you may be rescued in this world and the hereafter.


قال الامام احمد الحسن (ع
وأيضا بالنسبة للمسلمين السنة فقد حثهم رسول الله (ص) على نصرة المهدي واسماه خليفة الله المهدي كما في الروايات الصحيحة في كتب السنة، وقد جئتهم واسمي يواطئ اسم رسول الله (ص) احمد واسم أبي يواطئ اسم أب رسول الله إسماعيل كما نصت الروايات والرسول (ص) قال أنا ابن الذبيحين عبد الله وإسماعيل، وقد جئتكم بالنص التشخيصي الموصوف بأنه عاصم من الضلال لمن تمسك به وجئت بالعلم والانفراد براية البيعة لله فاتقوا الله يا امة محمد (ص) وأذعنوا للحق واتبعوا خليفة الله المهدي الذي دعاكم رسول الله (ص) لنصرته ولو زحفا على الثلج وآمنوا بوصية نبيكم الوحيدة لتنجوا في الدنيا والآخرة.

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