Nothingness does not produce

Chapter: The Second Proof of the Existence of an Absolute God: Nothingness does not produce (page 387-388) The Atheism Delusion

God Almighty alluded to this in the Holy Quran by His saying: {Or were they created from nothing, or were they the creators?} [Quran At-Tur (52):35].

The summary of this evidence is as follows:
The universe is not old [without a beginning], but rather it is new, because it is changing. Anything that is new is preceded by nothingness, so it must have an originator. This is because absolute nothingness is comprised of nothing, and thus it does not produce. It is absolutely impossible for something to come from nothing, meaning, for something to come from absolute nothingness. The universe or universes, or the new existence is a “thing”, so it could not have come from absolute nothingness. Therefore, the new existence (the universe or universes) proves that it has come from an old existence that has no need of it or any other existences.

So if we were to say that its originator is old and is not preceded by nothingness, then we would be proving the existence of the Almighty.

If we were to say that He is new as well, then He would require an originator and would not be the first. This is because it would mean that the thing exists and doesn’t exist at the same time. So if it were anything other than Him, a chain would be formed. This chain cannot be infinite in every respect and aspect, because the world is new, finite, and it has a beginning. Since the chain is finite, at least with respect to having a beginning, it must end at an old originator, which proves the existence of the Almighty.
What we mean by “new” is something preceded by
nothingness (its non-existence), which means it has a beginning.

What we mean by “old” is something that is not preceded by nothingness and has no beginning. Oldness in this context is not related to time. Rather, it is a true oldness that has nothing to do with the dimension of time and its existence or nonexistence. Something that is old cannot be subject to events because that would make it both old and new at the same time, which is contradiction, so whatever is subject to events is new.
What we mean by the absolute infinite is something that’s not limited [in every respect or aspect] so there is no beginning and no end, regardless of the dimensions of time and space and their existence or nonexistence. We do not mean the “infinity” found in certain equations such as:
1 +1/2 + 1/4 + 1/16… = 2

It is true that the left-hand side of the equation extends infinitely. However, it does have a beginning, just as a flat universe does. It is true that it is also supposed to expand infinitely. However, it has a point from which it began.
The issue of this evidence (nothingness does not produce) is bigger than terrestrial life, so it is not related to Darwin’s theory. We can summarize by saying that “the effect indicates a cause” doesn’t mean that every effect indicates God directly but rather, that the chain of effects and causes must end up at an original (old, eternal, and self-existent) cause, because nothingness does not produce. This cause is God Almighty and life on this earth is just a small link in this chain. Consequently, any debate to refute this evidence must be about the origin of matter and proving that it came from nothingness, or nonexistence. This has not been proven by anyone. Actually, scientists have more or less proven that the big bang is the beginning of the physical universe.
As a matter of fact, there was a cause behind the big bang. As such, the sequence of causes will continue after it until they end at the original cause, which is God Almighty. God willing, we will discuss next the standard model or the big bang, and how it demonstrates the existence of God.

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