The flood of Noah

Chapters: The Time Period of the Flood of Noah (page 383-384)
The Location where Noah’s pbuh Ark Anchored (Dilmun – Mount Ararat – Mount Judi) (page 384-385)The Time Period of the Flood of NoahThe flood of Noah occurred nearly four thousand years before Christ, according to the Biblical date. This view has even been adopted by interpreters of the Quran. The fertile valley was filled with saltwater at the time, and the modern Gulf had already formed. This would mean that the location of the flood is Mesopotamia. Since the region was flat, the amount of water that could form a flood the size of the flood of Noah must have come from a large reservoir of water. This is why the Torah portrayed it as a flood that encompassed the entire planet Earth at a tremendous height. It has been explained that this hypothesis mentioned in the present-day Torah conflicts with scientific, historical and geological facts.
The other remaining possibility is that Noah and his people, whom we can call the ancestors of the Sumerians or the early Sumerians, used to live in the fertile valley, and that the flood occurred in the fertile valley (the modern Gulf). If this was the case, what determines the time of the flood would be the date when the valley was filled with water and the hydraulic jump of saltwater occurred that perhaps swept vast areas of modern Southern Iraq. The valley was completely filled with water sometime between 15,000 – 8,000 B.C.

Thus, what happened was the flooding of the valley, caused by the large amounts of water, which was made available by the melting of ice at the end of the ice age. This formed water springs pouring into the seas that, together with water springs that also used to pour into the sea, led to a rise in seawater level until the natural dam collapsed and seawater entered the valley. It was possibly accompanied by rainwater and a rise of the river levels that used to pour into the valley from the other side. Therefore, the waters met in the valley and the flood and the hydraulic jump of water occurred, until they covered regions of Southern Iraq. Subsequently, the water receded toward the valley of the modern Gulf again, and the ark anchored in order for the first journey of mankind to begin, which we learned about as it was recorded and written down in Southern Iraq. “Then we opened the doors of Heaven with rain pouring down * and caused the Earth to burst with springs, and the waters met for a matter already ordained.” Quran 54:11-12


The Location where Noah’s pbuh Ark Anchored (Dilmun – Mount Ararat – Mount Judi)

The location where Noah’s ark anchored has been determined by our knowledge that Noah, his people, and the generations that followed them inhabited Mesopotamia after the flood. Only a stubborn person would deny this. The story of the flood is of Sumerian origin, meaning the people of Mesopotamia transmitted it as the legacy of their fathers and ancestors. I believe that the attempt to shift the settlement location of Noah, and his people after the flood to another area outside of Mesopotamia is a miserable attempt that is hindered by many insurmountable obstacles.
I have clarified that the Sumerian description of Dilmun is identical to the description of the state of Al-Mahdi that will be established in Iraq, and whose capital will be Iraq.
The hypothesis that Noah’s ark anchored on one of the mountains of Turkey or Armenia has been shown to conflict with many established scientific facts. The origin of this belief is the Jewish interpretation of the Biblical text that mentions the name Mount Ararat.
We have stated previously that the Biblical text of the story of the flood of Noah, including the water covering all the mountains of the earth, conflicts with established scientific facts. That is why it is inconceivable that the ark of Noah anchored on a mountain several kilometers above the sea level, and that what caused this was a water flood and rise of water levels. We have explained that the earth does not have this tremendous amount of water. Even if it was said to be flood caused by the Black Sea being filled with water – although it is a hypothesis that does not withstand criticism, as shown – no hydraulic jump of water can occur that is several kilometers in height and that continue to move horizontally at the same height for thousands of kilometers until reaching the Mt Ararat between Turkey and Armenia. This hypothesis represents fiction, and is not scientifically possible.
Therefore, this interpretation of the Biblical text cannot be adopted, as it conflicts with science as well as the Sumerian text in several places.
Mount Judi, mentioned in the Quran, is the name of the place where ark anchored. There is nothing about this name to indicate that it is anywhere other than Iraq. The interpreters of the Quran, who assumed it is a mountain in Turkey, are actually following the interpretation of the Jewish Rabbis of the Biblical text, without having studied or examined it.

From the book The Atheism Delusion


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