The Presentation of the Grave of Fatima Al Zahra a.s

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful:

Praise be To Allah the Owner of Sovereignty, Who sets the course of the skies and the stars controls the winds, causes the daybreak, and administers authority, the Lord of the worlds. Praise be to Allah. In his awe-inspiring fear the heavens and its dwellers tremble and shiver; the earth and its inhabitants shake and quiver; the oceans and all that floats and swims in its waters flow together in excitement and tumult.

O’ Lord, Bless Mohammed and his Family. As for the ships sailing through the flooded depths of the seas; the one who sails through them shall be saved, and the one who abandons them shall be drowned. The one who precedes them renegades, the one who delays from them vanishes, yet, the one who accompanies them succeeds.

“(This is) a surah which We have revealed and enjoined, and wherein We have revealed plain tokens, that haply ye may take heed” [Surat Al-Noor: 1]

I have requested from a group of nominal scholars who claim to be of the shiite sect to step forward with a formal request of a miracle in a form I have mentioned earlier in the newspapers of the supporters of Imam Al-Mahdi A.S. However, no one has came forward with such a request. That is the reason why my father Imam Al-Mahdi Mohammad ibn Al-Hassan Al-Askari A.S has commanded me to show a part of my status of where I stand from him A.S. That is that I am his successor and the first ruler of his sons. That I am that garden from the gardens of paradise that the Prophet (PBUH) has foretold.

The first miracle I reveal to Muslims and to all people as a whole, is that I know the location of the grave of Fatima A.S, the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH, to whom he said, “Fatima is a piece of Me”.

All Muslims unanimously acknowledge that the grave of Fatima A.S is hidden with no one having knowledge of its location other than Imam Al-Mahdi A.S. He [Imam Al-Mahdi A.S] has informed me of the location of the grave of my mother Fatima A.S. The Grave of Fatima A.S is next to the grave of Imam Al Hassan A.S, adjacent to it as if Imam Al Hassan the beneficial A.S is buried in the bosom of Fatima A.S.

I am willing to swear to what I say and Allah bears witness that what I say is the truth, as well as His Messenger Muhammed PBUH and Ali A.S who buried Fatima A.S.

Praise be to Allah alone.

Whoever claims to be in contact with Imam Al-Mahdi A.S and does not refer to me in the minor or the major matters, is a liar and an imposter upon Allah and His Messenger. No power or ability comes from other than Allah the Almighty, and praise is to Allah alone.

“And they indeed wished to scare you from the land that they might drive you forth from thence, and then they would have stayed (there) but a little after you. (Such was Our) method in the case of those whom We sent before you (to mankind), and you will not find for Our method aught of power to change.” [Surat Al-Isra: 76-77]

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