Enlightenments from the Call of Noah (a.s)

Imam Ahmed Alhasan احمد الحسن a.s said

Enlightenments from the Call of Noah (AS)
Patience and temporization are requisites for whoever wishes to put faith in the hearts of those he calls to follow the way of Allah.
In fact, many are those whom you call to the Truth but they do not believe at first, nay they face you with harshness and rudeness. However, as days pass, they come to believe in the Truth and might even join the ranks of those loyal subjects who call upon the Truth.
Excerpt from the book Enlightenments from the Calls of the Messengers – Volume 1

قال الامام احمد الحسن ع

اضاء ات من دعوة نوح عليه السلام
والصبر والمطاولة مطلوبان لمن رجا إيمان من يدعوهم، فكثير من الناس تدعوهم إلى الحق فلا يؤمن أول وهلة، بل يواجهك بشدة وغلظة، ولكن مع مرور الأيام يوفق للإيمان بالحق، وربما يصبح من دعاة الحق المخلصين.
اضاء ات من دعوات المرسلين عليهم السلام

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