How am I Requesting this World?

How am I Requesting this World?

Imam Ahmed Alhasan احمد الحسن – the First Mahdi a.s said
By your Lord, how does a rational person fearing the hereafter leave this truth presented to him by Ahmed al-Hasan and cling to delusions and ignorance presented by the ones calling themselves clerics? By Allah, I pity the state of those who call themselves clerics and the weak state they are in and their inability to defend their ideology that has fallen apart by the favor of Allah and His support for us. And I call them to revise themselves, as we are all walking towards death and we will be questioned, and they will be questioned. And I do not think that worldly leadership and positions are worth all this bother or worth selling their hereafter for their sake and knowingly choosing the path of misguidance and misguiding people and earning the anger of Allah and His wrath, so let them fear Allah for the sake of the poor people whom they are misguiding and leading away from the truth using lies and delusions with no truth or proof, such as the lie of their ideology about imitating the non-infallible. As for your words, may Allah support you, “But if you were from those requesting this world, then your trade has failed and you will not be victorious,” it would be true if I was from those who request this world.
But how am I, for example, requesting this world?
I do not believe that the one requesting prestige takes the path that I have taken, as before the call I was secluded and I am even more secluded now and homeless in the land of Allah, I and my family, just as the tyrants did to my fathers the Imams pbut, and they are my role models, as the truth leaves its owner with no friend except Allah swt. And I had to part from one of the most beloved people to my heart; my mother. I had not parted from her for one day before this call, but I had to part from her until she passed away, and I was far from her, and I did not say goodbye to her. So does a person requesting this world travel such a difficult and dreary path, and does he tolerate the pain and heartache?

How Am I Requesting This World


كيف اطلب الدنيا؟

قال الامام احمد الحسن المهدي الاول ع

بربك كيف لعاقل يخاف الاخرة ان يترك هذه الحقيقة التي يقدمها له احمد الحسن ويتمسك بأوهام وجهالات يقدمها من يسمون انفسهم مراجع والله انا أشفق على حال هؤلاء الذين يسمون انفسهم مراجع وما هم فيه من ضعف وركة وعجز عن الدفاع عن عقيدتهم التي انهارت بفضل الله وتوفيقه لنا وادعوهم ان يراجعوا انفسهم فكلنا للموت سائرون وسنسأل ويُسألون ولا اعتقد ان المناصب والزعامة الدينية تستحق كل هذا العناء وان يبيعوا لأجلها اخرتهم ويختاروا طريق الضلال عن علم ويضللون الناس ويبوءوا بغضب الله ونقمته فليتقوا الله في الناس المساكين الذين يضلونهم ويبعدونهم عن الحق بأكاذيب واوهام لا حقيقة لها ولا دليل عليها مثل كذبة عقيدتهم في وجوب تقليد غير المعصوم.
اما قولك وفقك الله : ((واما اِن كنت ممن يطلبون الدنيا بحرث الآخرة فلاربحت تجارتك وماكنت منتصرا)) :
نعم صدقت لو كنت انا ممن يطلبون الدنيا
ولكن كيف اطلب الدنيا مثلا؟ :
ولا اظن ان من يطلب الجاه يسلك سبيلا كالذي سلكته فانا قبل الدعوة منعزل والان اكثر انعزالا ومشرد في ارض الله انا وعيالي كما فعل الطواغيت بآبائي الائمة (ع) ولي بهم اسوة حسنة فالحق لا يبقي لصاحبه خليلا غير الله سبحانه.
ومن احب الناس الى قلبي امي التي لم افارقها يوما قبل هذه الدعوة أضطررت ان أفارقها حتى ماتت وانا بعيد عنها ولم أودعها فهل من يطلب الدنيا يذهب الى هكذا طريق صعب موحش ويتجرع الالم والغصص.


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