I swear by Allah that I am sad and pained

قال الامام احمد الحسن المهدي الاول ع
( لو كانت نجاتهم وهدايتهم بإراقة دمي لما تأخرت اليوم قبل غد، والله إني حزين ومتألم لأجل عامة الناس المخدوعين، فأنا أرى أّن الهلاك قد أظلهم وهم يحسبون أنهم باقون في هذه الدنيا وهي باقية لهم )

Imam Ahmed Alhasan احمد الحسن the First Mahdi a.s said
“If their survival and guidance was by the spilling of my blood, I would not have delayed it for today over tomorrow. I swear by Allah that I am sad and pained for the majority of the people who are deceived. I see that perishing has misguided them and they think they are remaining in this world, and that this world shall remain for them”
Quotes of Imam Ahmed Alhasan a.s

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