Why did Hussein carry with him his infant to Yazeed’s army so he can receive water?

Question 123: Why did Hussein a.s carry with him his infant to Yazeed’s army l.a so he can receive water? Did he know that they were going to kill him?

Al-Hussein a.s carried with him his infant so he can get him water, and he knew well that he was going to get killed. And realize that falsehood has a period and for truth it has a nation, and so in order for the period of falsehood to complete, Satan’s army l.a has to work hard within every dark chasm,and they have to take out everything that was within their quiver, while they are fighting within the battle against the army of Allah. And also know that the tragedy of Hussein a.s had lessened for you so much that you will not even bear carrying from the oppression of the oppressors, and that is so you can receive the pleasure of Allah SWT, and so He can enter you heavens that rivers stream forth from underneath. Al-Hussein a.s ransomed your blood with his pure and Holy blood, and ransomed your women and honor, with the greatest women in all the worlds from the first and the last after Fatima a.s and it is Zainab a.s and he (Hussein a.s) ransomed your sons with his infant.
And Imam Al Mahdi a.s and me that poor destitute slave are the most creation of Allah whose necks are heavy by the grace of Hussein a.s and the religion of Hussein a.s has burdened my back, and I do not have any strength to settle it except if Allah can settle it for me.

And know that Imam Al Mahdi a.s when he said for the sake of Hussein a.s “I will weep for you besides tears, blood” he said it in reality not by exaggeration, and that is because AlHussein a.s sacrificed his case for Imam Al-Mahdi a.s with his pure blood and his Holy self, and so he sacrificed himself for the case of Imam Al Mahdi a.s, and so he is a slaughter for Allah. Same as when you construct a house you sacrifice a ram for it, Allah swt when he constructed his Throne, Skies, and earth he sacrificed Imam Hussein a.s.

And so the case of Imam Al Mahdi a.s is a case for Allah and is the conclusion of Allah’s warning,and it is the case of the Throne of Allah swt, and His kingdom, and supremacy on this earth and the Most High says ”And we have ransomed for him a great slaughter” who is the Hussein a.s and the one we ransomed it to was for Imam Al Mahdi a.s, and so peace be upon the slaughtered one of peace, truth, and justice.
And remember that Ali Al-Akbar a.s is the slaughter for Islam, as for Hussein a.s he was the slaughter for Allah and so praise due to Allah.
Al-Mutashebihat (Allegories), Question 123, Imam Ahmed Alhasan (a.s)

سؤال/ 123:
لماذا أخرج الحسين عليه السلام طفله عبد الله الرضيع ع إلى جيش يزيد لعنه الله ليطلب له الماء ؟
وهل كان يعلم عليه السلام أنهم سوف يقتلونه ؟

الجواب :
الحسين عليه السلام أخرج رضيعه ليطلب له الماء , وكان يعلم أنه يقتل .
واعلم أنّ للباطل جولة وللحق دولة
ولكي تتم جولة الباطل فلا بد لجند الشيطان [ لعنه الله ] أن يخوضوا في كل هاوية مظلمة
ولا بد لهم أن يستفرغوا ما في جعبتهم وهم يخوضون المعركة مع جند الله .
واعلم أنّ مصاب الحسين عليه السلام قد خفف عنكم الكثير الكثير مما لا طاقة لكم على حمله من ظلم الظالمين
لتنالوا رضا الله سبحانه , ويدخلكم جنات تجري من تحتها الأنهار .
لقد فدى الحسين عليه السلام دماءكم بدمه الشريف المقدس
وفدى نساءكم وأعراضكم بخير نساء العالمين من الأولين والآخرين بعد أمها فاطمة عليها السلام
وهي زينب عليها السلام .
وفدى أبناءكم بالرضيع .
والإمام المهدي عليه السلام وأنا العبد الفقير المسكين
أكثر خلق الله رقابنا مثقلة بفضل الحسين عليه السلام
ودين الحسين (ع ) قد أثقل ظهري
ولا طاقة لي بوفائه إلاّ أن يوفيه الله عني .
واعلم أنّ الإمام المهدي عليه السلام عندما يقول للحسين (ع)
[ لأبكينك بدل الدموع دماً ]
يقولها على حقيقة لا المبالغة
وهذا لأنّ الحسين (ع ) فدى قضية الإمام المهدي عليه السلام بدمه الشريف وبنفسه المقدسة
فجعل فداء لقضية الإمام المهدي عليه السلام
فهو ذبيح الله
أي كما أنك عندما تبني بيتاً تفدي له كبشاً
كذلك الله سبحانه وتعالى لما بنى عرشه وسماواته وأرضه جعل فداءها الحسين عليه السلام .
وقضية الإمام المهدي عليه السلام هي قضية الله وخاتمة الإنذار الإلهي
وهي قضية عرش الله سبحانه وملكه وحاكميته في أرضه .
قال تعالى : وَفَدَيْنَاهُ بِذِبْحٍ عَظِيمٍ (107) الصافات .
أي بالحسين (ع )
والمفدى هو الإمام المهدي عليه السلام
فسلام على ذبيح السلام والحق والعدل .
واعلم أنّ علياً الأكبر (ع ) ذبيح الإسلام
كما أن الحسين (ع ) ذبيح الله .
والحمد لله وحده .
احمد الحسن .

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