Did Adam (a.s) marry himself?

The Bible, Old and New Testaments, and the Torah stories in particular, contradict the theory of evolution. The creation of Eve from the rib of Adam is one example of this contradiction.
21 So the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man, and while he slept took one of his ribs and closed up its place with flesh. 22 And the rib that the LORD God had taken from the man he made into a woman and brought her to the man. (Genesis 2:21-22)
Those who claim to represent religion have floundered when trying to identify the spouses of the sons of Adam pbuh. Most of them not only say that brothers married sisters, but also that Eve was created from the rib of Adam. This is present in Judaism and Christianity and
it has been passed on to the Sunni school of thought. Therefore, what they have done in the first instance is to make humanity a product of the marriage of Adam to a part of his own body, and then they made it a product of incest between brothers and sisters. This issue is used by the atheist proponents of evolution to argue against the claimants of faith who support the idea of direct creation. Scientifically, it is known that higher apes avoid incest, so how would God create a human being who would, at the beginning of creation, practice incest?!This argument cannot be directed against the Imams of Ahl al-Bayt pbut since they have rejected this slander of Adam and his children. However, some Shiites who have interpreted the Quran have unfortunately adopted this slander under the pretext of it agreeing with what they imagine the the literal of the Quran to be, and that is mentioned in some of the religious accounts, even though the Imams pbut clarified how a contradiction should be resolved. So, how did these Shia overlook the matter of taqiyya and the rule that guidance lies in opposing them, which the Imams pbut confirmed, when it comes to these contradictions? We will respond to this issue by examining opinions and clarifying the truth.
…From a scientific standpoint, Eve being created from a part of Adam means that she would have his complete genetic plan, meaning that she would be a male. As such, a miracle would be required here in order to change the gender-determining Y chromosome to an X chromosome in order for the result to be a female (XX) and not a male (XY).
Moreover, since those who make this claim say that the lineage is restricted to Adam and Eve, then all humans should be identical in everything, and the only difference between them would be their gender. This means we should all be a single clone with nothing setting us apart except our gender identification. This is unless they admit that genetic mutations and evolution are true and say that evolution resulted in a change in the genetic plan, meaning that genetic mutation and alteration of traits of the offspring occurred after Adam and Eve.

In fact, their theory is a dead end and this is their only way out. However, it requires them to acknowledge the theory of evolution. Yet, this would make them contradict themselves and refute their theory that Eve was created from Adam, since they cannot say they only acknowledge evolution within the confines of the human body, because speciation or diversity is an inevitable result of the accumulation of mutations and selection over time. Therefore, whoever accepts mutations and an alteration of traits cannot deny that they inevitably result in speciation over time. It is irrational to accept one quarter or one half of evolution; you either accept it entirely or deny it entirely. There is no logical reason behind the foolish statement that evolution can only happen within one species, yet it cannot lead to the emergence of new species. Whoever states this only does so as a result of ignorance in the fields of genetics and evolutionary biology.

Finally, there are those who say that the genetic plan of the part that was taken from Adam was completely changed, and that Eve was then created from it. This means that if you take the chemical material from which the genetic plan of Eve was built from any other place on
the earth, it would make no difference. So what would be the reason for and wisdom behind taking a part of Adam, then demolishing it and rebuilding it again? Would it not have made more sense to take the primary substances from any place on the earth, and build the genetic plan of Eve without needing to demolish it?
As a matter of fact, there is no reasonable solution for this issue except what I have explained in the interpretation of the verse: what occurred in heaven, is in the paradise of Adam pbuh, and it pertains to the soul, not the body.

From the book The Atheism Delusion by Ahmed Alhasan احمد الحسن
The Atheism Delusion


مقولة أن حواء خلقت من ضلع آدم… في مواجهة علمية

علمياً معنى أنّ حواء خلقت من جزء من آدم، أي إنها تمتلك خريطته الجينية كاملة وهذا يعني أنها ستكون ذكراً أيضاً، ولهذا نحتاج معجزة هنا لتغيير كروموسوم تحديد الجنس ( y ) إلى (x) ليكون الناتج أنثى (xx) وليس ذكراً (xy).
ولكن القصة لا تنتهي هنا، فبما أنهم يقولون: إنّ الذرية محصورة بآدم وحواء فالمفروض أن يكون كل البشر متطابقين في كل شيء والفرق الوحيد بينهم هو فقط الجنس (أناث – ذكور) أي المفروض أن نكون جميعنا نسخة واحدة لا يفرق بيننا سوى تحديد نوع الجنس، اللهم إلا أن يقروا الطفر الجيني والتطور ويقولوا: إن هناك تطوراً أدى إلى تغير الخريطة الجينية، أي بعد آدم وحواء حصل طفر جيني وتحول في صفات الذرية!
والحقيقة، إنّ أطروحتهم طريقها مسدود وهذا هو منفذهم الوحيد، ولكن هذا يعني أنهم يعترفون بنظرية التطور، وهذا ينقض غزلهم وأطروحتهم أن حواء خلقت من آدم، حيث لا يمكنهم أن يقولوا: إنهم يعترفون فقط بتطور بحدود الجسم الإنساني؛ لأن الانتواع أو التنويع تحصيل حاصل لتراكم الطفر والانتخاب مع الزمن، فمن يقر الطفر وتبدل الصفات لا يمكنه انكار الانتواع كنتيجة حتمية يصل لها مع مرور الزمن، فلا سبيل لقبول ربع أو نصف التطور فإما قبوله كاملاً أو إنكاره جملة وتفصيلاً؛ حيث لا يوجد أي سبب منطقي للقول السفيه إن التطور بحدود النوع الواحد ممكن ولكن لا يمكن أن يؤدي إلى إيجاد نوع جديد، فالذي يقول هذا الكلام يقوله بسبب جهله بعلم الجينات وبعلم الأحياء التطوري.
يبقى أنه ربما يقول بعضهم: إنّ الجزء الذي أخذ من آدم بدلت كل خريطته الجينية ومن ثم خلقت منه حواء، وهذا يعني أنه لو أخذت المواد الكيميائية التي بنيت منها خريطة حواء الجينية من أي موضع آخر في الأرض فالأمر سواء، فما الداعي وما الحكمة أن تأخذ من جسم آدم (عليه السلام) ثم تهدم وتبنى من جديد، أما كان الأولى أخذ المواد الأولية من أي مكان في الأرض وتبنى خريطة حواء الجينية دون الحاجة إلى الهدم!
الحقيقة، إنه لا يوجد حل منطقي لهذه المعضلة سوى ما بينته في تفسير الآية وهو أن القضية في السماء في جنة آدم (عليه السلام) ومتعلقة بالنفس وليس الجسد.

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