This believer feels intense constriction

Imam Ahmed Alhasan احمد الحسن a.s said
It has also been narrated from them pbut, “Prayer is an ascension for the
believer.” So this believer is the same as that believer [from the above narration],
and the believer here is not one who just believes in Islam and the allegiance (Wilaya).

So the believer for whom this world becomes a prison, constricted and of limitless pain,
and it does not end except by exiting it through death; is the believer who ascends
during his prayers to the seven skies. Thus he is one of those who adopted
Remembrance (of Allah) instead of this world. And this believer who ascended toward
the seven skies, strived hard and achieved those praised ranks, is also the one whose
soul swims freely in the second, third and fourth sky… how can his attachment to this
materialistic body and his confinement in it not be a prison for him?

Moreover, this physical world is a heated tinplate above Hellfire, as well as the veil of
Hellfire. It is a crumbling cliff which along with the human, could collapse at any moment to throw him into hellfire, with darkness one on top of the other. Therefore, Hellfire and this physical world are like the distance of two bows or closer. The Almighty said,
⸨“They urge you to hasten the punishment. And indeed, Hell will be encompassing of
the disbelievers”⸩ Surat al-Ankaboot (The Spider) 29:54.

Then how can the proximity of the believer’s soul to it [this physical world], because of
its confinement within the body, not be a prison for him and a constriction beyond all
constrictions, after he knew that it is a proximity to hellfire and to the darkness which are
one on top of the other? This believer feels intense constriction, and a suffocation which
does not end except by his soul’s release and the soul achieving freedom after passing
the test. As well as exiting this world with a sound heart and with fortune in the absolute
seventh sky, which is the Sky of the Intellect and those brought near. The Almighty said
in describing the condition of death in regards to the human,
⸨ And if he was of those brought near to Allah, Then [for him is] rest and bounty and a
garden of pleasure.⸩ Surat al-Wāqiah (The Inevitable) 56:88-89.

Meaning that the condition of those ones is rest at the instant of death. Rest, bounty,
and a garden of pleasure. So there is no torment and no pain during death. Rather there
will be rest, happiness and joy in the separation from this (human) body which was
always a dark constrictive prison for this pure and blessed soul.

Question 25 Allegories volume 2
The Allegories – volume 2

قال الامام احمد الحسن ع
فهذا المؤمن يحس بضيق شديد واختناق لا ينتهي، إلا بانطلاق روحه ونيلها الحرية بعد النجاح بالامتحان والخروج من هذه الدنيا بقلب سليم
سؤال/ 25 المتشابهات

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