Could there be a reason for the birth of Ali (a.s) in the Ka’ba?

Question: Could there be a reason for the birth of Ali (a.s) in the Ka’ba?

Answer: The Ka’ba or the Sacred House of Allah is but a manifestation on Earth of the House of Allah that was placed in the Kingdom of Heavens so as the angels may circumambulate it imploring Allah’s forgiveness for contesting Him regarding His vicegerent Adam (a.s).
When the latter usurped the tree of knowledge of the progeny of Muhammad (a.s) and the tree of guardianship {and We did not find in him any determination} , that is determination to tolerate the guardianship of the progeny of Muhammad (a.s), Allah sent him down to Earth and compelled him to circumambulate the Ka’ba to atone for his remissness.
Allah then prescribed pilgrimage (Hajj) to His Sacred House (the Ka’ba), as a way to call upon people to pledge allegiance to the proofs and authorities of Allah, each at his time, and make them acknowledge their remissness and atone for it. Moreover, Allah bid the Muslims to take the Ka’ba as their Qiblah (their direction for prayer), unlike the preceding nations which used to consider Al-Quds (Jerusalem) as their Qiblah.

Among other reasons for the birth of Ali (a.s) in the Ka’ba, we mention the following:

1- The Ka’ba is closely related to the oath of allegiance, for Allah bid Muslims to go on pilgrimage to the Ka’ba in order to meet and pledge allegiance to the Hujjats (proofs of Allah) and atone for their remissness.
2- The Ka’ba is the Qiblah, that is the direction to which Muslims turn to pray and prostrate in worship to Allah, the Glorified and Exalted, albeit prostration previously was only due to Adam (a.s), the vicegerent and Hujjat of Allah; nay it was due to the light who is from his progeny, the light of Ali, the commander of the faithful (a.s). Verily, the first direction toward which the angels turned their faces was Ali Bin Abi Talib (a.s).

The real Qiblah is not the Ka’ba and the stones therein but the gem the Ka’ba brought forth, in other terms, the conclusive proof and true guardian appointed by Allah, Ali Bin Abi Talib (a.s).

For all these reasons, the Black Stone was put at that corner of the Ka’ba, since it is the holder of the covenant which Allah made with His people through the guardianship of Ali Bin Abi Talib (a.s).
He who turns to the Ka’ba is compelled to acknowledge the guardianship of Ali Bin Abi Talib (a.s) through his acts even if he disbelieved in it in his heart and words. Allah, Almighty said: {And whoever is in Heavens and on Earth prostrates in worship to Allah only, willingly and unwillingly} ; by “willingly” Allah refers to those who acknowledge this guardianship, and by “unwillingly” He refers to those who refuse to acknowledge it. Allah also said: {Do you not see that Allah is He, to Whom prostrates in worship whoever is in Heavens and whoever is on Earth, and the sun and the moon and the stars, and the mountains and the trees, and the animals and many of the people; and many there are against whom chastisement has become necessary; and whomsoever Allah abases, there is none who can make him honorable; surely Allah does what He wills.}

Those who prostrate in worship to Allah and deserve punishment are those who do not acknowledge the guardianship of Ali (a.s) neither in their words nor in their heart, but they are compelled to acknowledge it by their acts and through prostrating in worship before the Ka’ba, the shell which gave birth to Ali.

Allah, the Glorified and Exalted, abased those non-believers by compelling them to such prostration and made them sorrowful {and whomsoever Allah abases, there is none who can make him honorable.}
Hence, the Qiblah is what guides and introduces the believers to Allah Almighty. Verily, the true Qiblah is the perfect person through which Allah is recognized, nay he represents the face of Allah, the Glorified and Exalted, with which He faced His creatures. Turning to him is turning to Allah and this perfect person is none other than Ali Bin Abi Talib (a.s), the master of the guardians and the awliya’. Allah brought him forth from the Ka’ba to tell people that this person is their Qiblah and to him they should go on pilgrimage. He Almighty also wished to point out that He created the Ka’ba for the sake of Ali (a.s) alone, and so that he be born in it, for had He had a son, he would have been none other than the one who was born in His house: {Say: If Allah the Beneficent had a son, I would have been first among the worshippers.}

Could the stones be worthier of being taken as a Qiblah than the one who sanctified those stones by coming into being there? In this regard, Jesus (a.s) said [Oh you scholars of falsehood! You claim that those who swear by the temple breach their oath, whereas those who swear by the gold of the temple honor their oath. Which is greater, O you blind ignorant, the gold or the temple that sanctified the gold?]

Ahmed Alhasan
The Allegories, question 87

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