Does Quran clarify everything?

Question: Peace be upon you, our honorable master.
I heard from you that you are more knowledgeable of the Qur’an than the Marja’s. And I had a question about the Qur’an, and I have not received any answer to it from the Marja’s. I hope that I get an answer from you because you are more knowledgeable of the Qur’an than them.

Question is: Allah (swt) says in the Qur’an {And We have sent down upon you the Book as a clarification for all things} [Surat Al-Nahl 89]. The verse says that Allah sent down the Qur’an to clarify everything, and I do not find everything in the Qu’ran. If the Qur’an clarifies everything, then where is the bacteria in Qur’an? Where is the train in Qur’an? Where are the particles of wood in Qur’an? Those are things, and Qur’an clarifies everything!

I hope that you, our master, clarify for me how does Qur’an clarify everything from the matters of religion and the matters of this world.

Excuse me, there are a lot of Hadiths I have not mentioned that indicate that Qur’an encompasses all the rulings and manners, etc, but we of course do not find them all in Qur’an, so I hope you clarify this quickly.

Thank u and may Allah make us among your followers

Sender: Hashem Al-‘Alawi – Kuwait
Answer: In the Name of Allah The Merciful The Intensely Merciful
All praises belong to Allah the Lord of the Worlds
O Allah send Your prayers upon Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad the Imams and the Mahdis

Allah The Exalted said:
{And the Day when We call among every nation a witness over them from themselves. And We shall bring you as a witness over these people. And We have sent down to you the Book as clarification for all things and as guidance and mercy and good tidings for the Muslims} [Surat Al-Nahl 16:89]

And Allah The Exalted said:
{And if there was any Qur’an by which the mountains would be removed or the earth would be broken apart or the dead would be made to speak, [it would be this Qur’an], but to Allah belongs the affair entirely. Then have those who believed not accepted that had Allah willed, He would have guided the people, all of them. And those who disbelieve do not cease to be struck, for what they have done, by calamity – or it will descend near their home – until there comes the promise of Allah. Indeed, Allah does not fail in [His] promise.} [Surat Al-Ra’d 13:31]

Before we look at the Qur’an and how it can have the clarification for all things, whether for worldly matters or that of religion, you have to pay attention that the clarification of the general comprehensive law – under which many partial aspects or even partial laws fall – is also a clarification of these partial aspects or laws. I shall give you an example for this:
If I tell you: “Everything for you is pure until it becomes evident for you that it particularly is impure”, then this is a general jurisprudential law under which many other laws fall, such as that the water which is found on the road, whose condition is unknown, is pure, and that the container whose condition is unknown and is lying on the ground is pure, and that the mat whose condition is unknown and is put in the middle of the road or in the hall of the house is pure…etc and as such many other laws can branch out of this general comprehensive law.

Also in regards to the known physical science if I say: “For every action there is a reaction”, then this is a general physical law from which many many laws branch out, from these reactions are the collision of atoms and its parts, to the laws of friction, to the laws of flying, to many laws which all exist under the domain of the general comprehensive law which is “for every action there is a reaction”.

Now we go back to the Qur’an and we ask how did the Qur’an clarify everything? And where has the Qur’an clarified everything? Our research will be focused on two sides, at least the side of religion and the side of worldly matters.

As for the side of religion, the Qur’an has given us the creed/belief in which our rescue lies, which is the supremacy of Allah and the existence of His caliph by whom Allah’s creation are tested on this Earth in every age. Religion falls under the wing of the caliph of Allah in every age, so survival lies in following him and fulfilling what he commands.

{Indeed, I will make upon the earth a successor} [Surat Al-Baqarah 2:30]

Also the Qur’an has clarified the general comprehensive laws of worship; Regarding prayer it has clarified that it is reciting Qur’an, and Ruku’ (Bowing) and Sujood (Prostration). Regarding fasting it has clarified that it is abstaining from desires during the month of Ramadan..And thus, the Qur’an has clarified the general comprehensive law, as for the rest regarding the mentioned acts of worship, they are to be taken from what the Caliph of Allah in the land enacts.

As for the matters of this world, the Qur’an for example clarified a general law, namely that all of the world of the bodies goes back to the first/initial power from which it was created and by which it always exists {And He it is Who has created the heavens and the earth with truth, and on the day He says: Be, so it is. His word is the truth, and His is the kingdom on the day when the trumpet shall be blown; the Knower of the unseen and the seen; and He is the Wise, the Aware} [Surat Al-An’am 6: 73]

Consequently the Qur’an has clarified that the physical matter goes back to the power or energy as they call it, so matter is nothing but the condensation of energy. And this issue has become known now after more than thousand years through applying Einstein’s theory of special relativity and through laboratory experiments and transforming matter or substance to energy and vice versa.

So this is a general comprehensive law that rule this physical world and under which other laws fall.

So the clarification of everything is actually there in the Qur’an whether it is a clarification for this material world and what’s in it or a clarification of religion.

As for the physical examples included in your question, they fall, as partial matters, under the general comprehensive clarification in the Qur’an of this physical world. So the general comprehensive law that governs them in relation to their existence, continuation and composition, is a clarification of them.

And I hope there is no confusion between the detailed mentioning and the clarification that we are discussing.

So the mentioning of these material matters which you mentioned is not in the Qur’an, because the Qur’an is not a book of citing nor enumeration of the existing things in the worlds of Mulk and Malakoot (worlds of kingdom and the spiritual world) yet there is another book of enumeration, The Exalted says:
{Indeed, it is We who bring the dead to life and record what they have put forth and what they left behind, and all things We have enumerated in a clear IMAM} [Surat Yasin 36:12]

Pay attention to the difference between this verse and the verse we are discussing {And We have sent down to you the Book as clarification for all things}. There is big difference between enumerating everything and between clarifying everything. So the clarification of existing things is there in the Qur’an as part of the general clarification of the worlds of creation and the truth of what they are.
As for people not realizing this general comprehensive clarification, it is not because it is not there, rather, it is because of their shortcoming to realize it. And they also are the reason for this shortcoming, or else, they would have in their nature the ability to realize this clarification.

In reality, their faith is mixed with doubt and uncertainty, which, at the very least, make them move away from pondering over that which is produced even if they claim that they believe in the source (the producer)

For example, when the Qur’an yells at them for more than thousand years by the saying of Allah swt: {And this worldly life is not but diversion and amusement. And indeed, the home of the Hereafter is the [eternal] life if only they knew} [Surat AlAnkabut 29:64], and when the Prophets and Vicegerents tell them: In this world, you are living in an illusion, and the reality is the other life, the people would laugh at them

Yes, the ones living in their age laugh at them and they would laugh with rudeness; because they belie them in the first place, and the ones who come after them belie their narrations under the excuse that these narrations are not logical and that no mind would accept them.

Therefore, people do not accept something form the unseen; because they do not believe in the unseen, rather they believe in the bodies only.

For that reason you do not find them to believe what has been narrated and what is being narrated from the Prophets and Vicegerents and the Qur’an, about that the Dunya (this world) is only a passage house and that the physical bodily material is only an illusion and that the hereafter is the firm/lasting reality.

And when an experimental lab, like the European laboratory for example, tell them that the matter is an illusion it does not exist, and that what exists is only one force, and that the matter is a strong concentration/condensation of forces that go in origin to one force.

They would welcome these news with an open chest and they would believe it. Even if they can not make sense of it or understand it or realize it, for they trust the physics scientists and they trust what they say, because they touched an application of their words in this physical world.

While the words of the Prophets and Vicegerents are unseen, and is far from this physical world most of the times, and their words need that people believe in the unseen and believe in the true force of the unseen in order to touch its effects, meaning, here [when it comes to the prophets and vicegerents and believing in their words], trust precedes the effects or signs, while those people touched the physical effects/signs then they trusted them.

And since all the focus of the people is on this world that they almost see nothing but it, then the result is that they believe in the physical material, and they do not believe in the unseen, or they believe in it but a very weak shaky belief which they try to find in themselves, or they try to strengthen it through physical effects that they can touch, meaning, what they have is only half faith or quarter faith or tenth faith. But it is never complete faith in the unseen. This is the case because it is mixed with the physical effect which can be touched or a miracle or “karama” like they name it.

Unfortunately, the choice of the most of people, the choice which almost is never replaced, is this physical world and what is in it. Even when they choose to have faith in the unseen, they would want this faith to be through this physical world.

So they fall in a great contradiction when they ask and insist on wanting to know the unseen through a miraculous physical incident, rather, most of the times they insist that this incident must be a compelling one and one that can not be interpreted in any other way and can not be doubted! So they want that the unseen to be transformed into purely physical!

So the faith/belief in the unseen becomes zero in the area of their claimed faith. Despite that, they consider that what they are asking for is a valid rightful demand for them to believe in the unseen!

Do you see the loud screaming contradiction in what they are asking for, opposed to what Allah (swt) is asking of them which is to believe in the unseen?

If we come to know that Allah (swt) is the true unseen, then we contemplate over the condition of these people, we would find out that they are completely idol worshippers, 100 percent idol worshippers, for they made themselves worship this greater idol, or the physical/bodily world.

Yes, there is an exception and they are a small group who have given victory to the unseen and to the truth/reality, so they saw its effects/traces in their selves and in the horizons, it is like i am hearing all of them saying {If only my people knew!}

So the bitter reality that must be admitted by the person who claims to have faith, and the bitter reality that he must confront himself with in order to know the truth, is that he does not have a sincere pure faith, rather his faith – in the case of having a percentage of believing in the unseen- is mixed with doubt and uncertainty, and as long as there is doubt in the source, you can’t benefit from what is produced.

Yes, this is the truth that many people of those who claim to have faith have hidden in themselves, and I do not care whether they admit that or deny it in public. They believe in food and drink and they believe in the presence of America, and in the presence of an atomic bomb and the presence of this physical world, 1000 times more than they believe in the existence of Allah (swt).

This is the truth and this is the disease which they have not confronted themselves with, and if they do not discover it, and if they do not uncover it for themselves, they will never find the medicine and they will never be cured from this severe disease of theirs.

The Enlightening Answer across the Ether, Question 310
Ahmed Alhasan
Dhul Q’eda 1430

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