Each wing of an Angel is a name God

Question 74: What is the meaning of this verse: {having wings, two or three or four.} {The Holy Qur’an Surat Fatir (35): 1} How is it that three wings do not cause an imbalance?!

Answer: The wings recognized by us are the ones the bird uses to rise up and ascend into the sky. The same applies to the angels pbut. With wings, they ascend into the sky. And the more wings they have, the greater their ascension and the higher their ranks become. And regarding the angels, each wing is a name from the names of Allah SWT.
So the angels are created upon the nature of knowing some of the names of Allah, and not all of them, and the same is true for the human being. So the angel who knows one name has one wing with which he can ascend, and the one who knows two names has two wings, and the one who knows three names has three wings, and so on.
Allegories, Ahmed Alhasan (a.s)

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