How can you prove that Allah exists to an atheist?

Question: How can you prove that Allah exists to an atheist or materialistic person?

Answer: If you entered two places that have trees and you found that one of them had fruitful trees planted within it in an organized picture which has a shape of groups in straight lines. And the second one you found that it has a variety of trees that are mixed up with each other and planted in a randomized picture.You will judge that the first one is a garden and its organized by an intellectual power and the other is a forest ,whereby, there wasn’t an intellectual human being that organized the planting of the trees within it and managed the variations that were planted.

And now we will go to the earth, we will see that most of the fresh water is moving and if it was still, the diseases and the insects and the mustiness would have filled it. And it would have been difficult to benefit from it, if it was not impossible. As for the water which is gathered within large pools on this earth, it is still, like the oceans and seas and we find it salty; and if it were to be fresh, the diseases would have filled it and it would be a reason for destroying the people of the earth.

Look at the composition of the ozone layer and how it was perfected in a picture where it protects the people of the earth from cosmic radiation;and if it wasn’t like that the cosmic radiation would have destroyed the people of the earth. Look and look….we find that everything is being organized in perfection and in due measure, is there any human being respecting his mind saying that: “This is a randomized matter.”, or is there an ultimate intellectual power which placed this perfect organization? I believe that this is enough for who respects his mind and doesn’t want to continue to be arrogant against his creator the Exalted. And Peace be upon you and the Mercy of Allah and Blessings.

Ahmed Alhasan

Jamada AlAwal/1431 A.H

The Enlightening Answer across the Ether – volume 6, Questoin 471

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