In the bees there are signs

In the bees there are signs through which the people come to know the truth for the bees gather the honey from the trees and in the honey there is cure for the bodies and likewise are the Prophets, and the Vicegerents and their Shi’a, they gather the knowledge from the pure blessed trees, and in this knowledge is the cure for the souls/spirits.

If you follow the condition of the false Queens in the bees kingdom you shall find it similar to a great extent to the condition of the non-working Scholars who come with false knowledge after they drank from filth and they cause the division of the Nation after it loses its Prophet or Imam.

And there is a sign in the bees regarding sacrifice so when the enemy attacks the bee kingdom the bees attack the enemy to protect the kingdom and the wasp and the rest of the bees and each bee stings the enemy and it loses its life inevitably.
Nevertheless, the bees sacrifice themselves without hesitation for the sake of the kingdom and in this is a sign and lesson in keeping away from the “I” (Ego).

The Allegories, question 62, Ahmed Alhasan (a.s)

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