The Prophet is the one that kills Iblis

Allah the Almighty will bring back the Messenger of Allah (pbuhahf) with a spear of light in his hands, and when Iblis looks at it he will fall back retreating turning back on his heels. Mukhtasar basa’ir al-darajat: pg 27.

The one who comes with a light from the clouds is Muhammad (pbuhahf) in the return and in his hands is a spear of light and he will kill Iblis (l.a), Allah is higher than coming and going and leaving or moving and it is of the descriptions of the creation. Book of Monotheism: pg 41

The Prophet (pbuhahf) is the one that kills Iblis (l.a) with a spear of light in the known day, and if you didn’t know that other narrations say that it is the Qaim (pbuh) that kills him in Masjid Al-Kufa, you will know then that it is the Prophet (pbuhahf) who kills Iblis in the known day in the world of the return.

From the book The Return The Third of God’s Greatest Days, Ahmed Alhasan (a.s)

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