This is the story of Satan, the worshipping knower, that fell in the abyss

It was said about the son of Tawoos (May god’s mercy be upon him) that he said: I have found in Idriss’s (PBUH) papers at the remembrance of Satan and Allah’s answer to him (He said my Lord reprieve me till the day that they are raised. He said no, but you are reprieved till the appointed day. It is the day that I eliminated and necessitated that I will cleanse the ground that day from infidelity, partnership with Allah and sin.
At that time, I elected worshippers for me. I tested their hearts for faith and filled them with Devout and certainty and sincerity, piety, humility, truthfulness, forbearance and patience, reverence and fear and asceticism in this world, and the desire in me, and let them be advocates of the sun and the moon and make them the Caliphs in this world, and make them have their religion that you accepted for them, then they will worship me and not associate any other with me. They pray at the right times and give zakkat (charity) out people, they promote virtues and prevent evil. At that time I will give the secretariat on the earth, nothing will do harm to anything and nothing will be afraid of anything. There will be vermin and livestock between people and none of them will harm the other. I will move every single sting from the vermin and others. I will move the poison from every thing that bites and I will send down blessings from the sky and the ground. The earth will bloom by its good flora and all kinds of fruits and fragrances will emerge.
I will place compassion and mercy between them, then they will condole and equally share and they will dispense with the poor. None of them will go higher than the other, the big ones will have mercy over the little ones and the little ones will dignify the big ones. They will condemn the right therewith and govern. Those are my people, I chose for them a prophet which is an honest one. I made him a prophet and a messenger for them, and I made them advocators and people for him. That is a nation which I chose for them my prophet and my honest one. That is a time which I have veiled in my unseen knowledge and there is no doubt that it is actual. I will wipe you away that day
and your horses, men and all of your soldiers. Go, and you are reprieved till the appointed time) (Bihar Al-Anwar Chapter-52:385)


This is the story of Satan, the worshipping knower, that fell in the abyss, his arrogance made him fall astray. In it, is a lesson for a learner and a memory to remember. Where are the learners and where are the rememberers?!?!

The Prince of Believers (Ali PBUH) said: (Consider what was from the act of Allah to Satan when He (Allah) thwarted his (Satan’s) long work and dedicated effort. He worshipped God for six-thousand years; it’s not known either the world years or the hereafter years and all this went from arrogance one time. So who is it after Satan does such a sin against God?)
Book “The Calf”, Imam Ahmed Alhasan (a.s)

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