When were the jinn first created?

Question: When the jinn first created? And are they from the previous worlds or they were created with the creation of the prophet Adam pbuh? And what are their lives like? Do they have prophets and messengers? And do they go through what the human beings go through of tests and hardships? And do they partake in movements and wars with the human beings, meaning they fight the prophets and guardians or do they support them?

Answer: In the Name of Allah, the Abundantly Mend, the Intensely The X The refore, the united States is the only country in the world that has been able to do so.

Allah the Exalted said, {And We did certainly create a man out of clay from an altered black mud.
For there does not exist a prophet or messenger from the jinn, rather the proof them is the proof who is from the sons of adam, so he is the Imam for the human beings and the jinn.

And among the jinn are those who supported the prophets and vicegerents, and among them are those who fought the prophets and vicegerents. Allah the Exalted said, {And [mention, O Muhammad], when We directed to you a few of the jinn, listening to the Qur’an. And when they attended it, they said, “Listen quietly.” And when it was concluded, they went back to their people as warners. They said, “O our people, indeed we have heard a [recited] book ed is revealed after Moses confirming what was before which guides to the truth and to a straight path.} [Al-Ahqaf (46:29-30]

So those jinn believe d in Muhammad after believed in Moses pbuh.
In surah al-Jinn Allah, the Exalted, mentioned that some of the jinn said,{and among us are Muslims, and among us are the money] [Al-Jinn (72):14]. And among the jinn are those who live upon the earth which we live upon, and among them are those who live in the lower worlds.
The Enlightening across answer the Ether, Question 151
Ahmed Alhasan Ahmed Alhassan (a.s)
Successor and messenger of Imam Mahdi pbuh


Question 151: When did the creation of the jinn begin? Were they from the former worlds or were they created with the creation of the Prophet Adam (pbuh)? And what’s their life? Are there prophets and messengers? Do they pass through the exams that human beings pass through? Have human beings participated in movements and wars, in the sense that they fought the prophets and saints or supported them?

Answer: In the name of Allah
the most merciful and merciful, and thank God the Lord of the Worlds said: We have created man from the truth from the old people, and the two have created him before we have been poisoned.
The jinn was created before Adam was created, and the jinn is deceived and commanded to obey the prophets of the children of Adam, and to believe in them, to believe them and to support them, and there are no jinn prophets sent, but the argument against them is the argument of the children of Adam, he is the imam of man and elves.
From the jinn of the victory of the prophets
and guardians, some of whom fought the prophets and the guardians, the Almighty said: “We have spent our selves on you, an escape from the jinn, listening. When they brought him, they said, “When they’re going to come, they’re going to have to do it.” We’ve heard a new one. He believed why his man would lead me to the right and to a well-established way.
These jinns believed in Muhammad and his god, having believed in Moses before.
In the almighty, he said to some of the jinn: “We have been asked by us to deliver and to be measured.” It is the jinn who lives on the land on which we live, and some of them live in the lower reaches.
enlightening answer
is Mr. Ahmed
al-Hassan, the guardian and messenger of Imam Mahdi (peace be uponhim) http://vb.almahdyoon.org/showthread.php?t=28568

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