Allah’s hand is over their hands

(page 182) Question 112: What is the meaning of the Al-mighty’s saying: {Those who pledge allegiance with you they, in fact, pledge allegiance with Allah. Allah’s hand is over their hands. Then, whoever breaks his pledge breaks it to his own detriment, and whoever fulfils the covenant he has made with Allah, He will give him a great reward}[1] ?

Answer: Muhammad (pbuhap) is the Hand of Allah, and in the Hadith Al-Qudsi (Hadiths from Allah swt) to that effect: (“My servant will remain – coming closer to Me through the Ordinances (Wilaya, praying, fasting, etc) until he becomes My hand and My eye …”)([2]), so the Hujja (proof) over the people of the Earth is the Hand of Allah and the Eye of Allah within His creation, and inside Du’a AlSemat: (“And Your emergence in Mount Faran”)([3]), meaning the emergence of Allah in Mecca by Muhammad (pbuhap).

[1] The Holy Qur’an: Surat Al-Fath {48: 65}.
[2] AlKafi: vol 2, page 352-353, (min atha alMuslimeen wa’ahtaqarhum) hadith 7 and 8′; Sahih Bukhari: vol 7, page 190, (Kitab AlRiqaq).
[3] Masbah AlMutahajad: 419.

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