And He is Allah, There is no god but He

Question 171: What is the meaning of His (SWT) saying: {And He is Allah: There is no god but He. To Him be praise, in the first and in the last: and His is the Command(Judgment), and to Him you shall be brought back} [Surah Al Qasas 28:70] ?

Answer: In the Name of Allah, The Benevolent, The Merciful, All praise is for Allah, Lord of the Worlds.
May the blessings of Allah be upon Muhammad and the progeny of Muhammad, the Imams and the Mahdis.

It means that the true praise is to Allah (SWT), and that is the invocation of Him in a perfect and complete way, according to a high degree of Knowing {And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me} [Surat Adh-Dhariyat 51:56 ], meaning except to know, and this high [degree of] Knowing, and which symbolizes the purpose of the creation, is achieved in The First, and that is the First Sky (the Sky of the Raj’a ‘the Return’), and before it is (the Sky of the Atom), and its beginning meaning (the beginning of The First) in the appearance of the Imam Al Mahdi (PBUH), whereby shall start the stage of The First and the introductions to the preparation of (paving the way to) the world of The Raj’a.

{and His is the Command(Judgment)}, meaning the supremacy of Allah by the ruling of Imam Al-Mahdi (PBUH) and the Mahdis (PBUT), then The Raj’a, and the ruling to the Prophets and the Messengers and the Imams and The Vicegerents.

{and to Him you shall be brought back} to Allah (SWT) in The Raj’a, meaning to reward the righteous by their righteousness, and punish the wrongdoers(or oppressors) by their wrongdoing in The Raj’a (from the ones who reached the epitome of faith and from the ones who reached the epitome of disbelief) [1] as it was narrated on their authority (PBUT), so the scale of each wrongdoer (or oppressor) shall be weighed, and the scale of each righteous shall be weighed, thus Allah shall take vengeance for His Prophets and Messengers and Imams against the oppressors who reached the epitome of disbelief.

{And indeed we will make them taste of the lower penalty prior to the greater penalty, in order that they may return} [Surat As-Sajdah 32:21] : And indeed we will make them taste of the lower penalty (in The Raj’a). As for The Last (the Hereafter), the praise in it is more complete, more perfect, and greater, because it is a complete exposure of the facts (truths), and [all shall be judged according to what they did] {Certainly you were heedless of it, but now We have removed from you your cover, so your sight today is sharp} [Surat Qaf 50:22]

{And We remove whatever is in their breasts of rancour; the rivers shall flow beneath them and they shall say: All praise is due to Allah Who guided us to this, and we would never have been guided had it not been that Allah had guided us; certainly the messengers of our Lord brought the truth; and it shall be cried out to them that this is the garden which you have been made to inherit for what you used to do} [Surat Al-‘Araf 7:43]. meaning the lifting of the (ego) from the breasts, and each shall take from the Mercy of Allah by [the size of] their container, and [what he did] shall be measured/weighed by his own scale which he made by his good deeds.

[1] Mukhtasar Basa’ir Al-Daragat – Al Hassan Ibn Suleiman Al-Saffar: Page 24

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