Great sins and small sins

Question 548: Salam Alaikom my Sayed and Master and Imam in this world and the hereafter,by the will of Allah I ask you O Master to supplicate for me to remain firm to give victory to you.

As for what is after…I am by the grace of Allah a believer in you O Sayed and Master,I ask Allah to remain firm on the truth by the oppressed AlZahra.

My problem is that I am weak towards the opposite gender, is it possible for a call of advice to rid me from this, and what is the reason behind forbidding to look at pictures in the television and internet of naked women?

Thank you a lot for your kindness,and the questioner is very willing to receive an answer from the Imam pbuh.
Answer: In the Name of Allah the Merciful and Intensely Merciful
Praise due to Allah the Lord of the worlds and Peace be upon Muhammad and the family of Muhammad the Imams and Mahdis Wasalem Taslemaa

May Allah grant you success to all what is good,there are great sins (Kabaa’er), and there are small sins (Saga’er) that normally can be a reason to commit the great sins, so avoid the sins the small ones and great ones, and upon you is to always read Quran, Salat Al Lail, and fasting and don’t miss out your luck from the pleasure of Allah the Exalted and Mighty, and I ask Allah to be merciful to you with His mercy and purify you from the sins the small ones and great ones and make you among the soldiers and his army (Hizb) and his preferred ones, He is my Master and He prefers the righteous ones.

Salam Alaikom warahmatullah wabarakatu.

Ahmed Alhasan
Rajab AlAsab/1431 A.H

The Enlightening Answer across the Ether – volume 6

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