Imam Ahmed Alhasan responds to people asking for miracles!

This is an excerpt from the book With The Righteous Servant – Part 1. The text in white is the words of the Ansari author. The text in green is the words of Imam Ahmed Alhasan (a.s).

Testing the Hujja (Proof) of Allah by other than his evidences

The Yamani of the Family of Muhammad, Sayyed Ahmad Al-Hassan (a.s.) said while describing his condition in the narration of his purified fathers:

“By Allah! The Messenger of Allah (sawas) and my fathers the Imams (a.s.) have not left anything from my matter except that they clarified it, for they have described me very accurately, and they clarified my residence. So neither a confusion regarding my matter nor a suspicion regarding my condition remain after this clarification. And my matter is clearer than the sun in the midday. And verily, I am the first of the Mahdis and the Promised Yamani” [1]

And he – may my soul be his ransom – has come just like how they, may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon them, have clarified. And his signs and evidences, which he came arguing by, are infront of everyone. [As for] the one who has read [carefully] the proofs/evidences of this blessed call, [whether] from what the Righteous Servant (a.s) has written with his noble hand or from that which the right [hands] of his Ansar (supporters) have written of tens of books and researches in which they clarified the Truth; let him tell us what did he find [in those evidences] except for elaboration/detailing of what he ended his noble statement (which has been mentioned previously) with.

And this indeed increases the Yaqeen (certitude) of whoever claims to be affiliated to them – may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon them – for whoever follows/adheres to someone then he [must] love them, and if he loves them then he must follow them regarding what they say. Otherwise, following/adherence would be following/adherence by name only, [and this kind of following/adherence] does not have any benefit whatsoever, as it is clear.

Now what does the one who claims to adhere to/follow the Family of Muhammad (a.s) say after Ahmad Al-Hassan came like they said? Are they not obligated to obey him and believe in him after the Family of Muhammad (a.s) confirmed him, rather, they have clarified all that which relate to his matter before his arrival by hundreds of years. And he has come exactly like they have clarified!!

Yes. This is what is obligatory. But the reality today is totally the opposite of that, for only few have believed in him, few like the salt in food or Kuhl in the eye, or more rare and more rare than that, like the Purified Ones have clarified as well. And Allah has confirmed the words of the Purified Ones (a.s) while the ones who claim to have knowledge from among the scholars of the End Time and their followers insisted on belying him without any evidence and [insisted on] accusing and mocking [him], rather, [they insisted on] war and issuing Fatwas to kill him and his Ansar (supporters), just as their forefathers, who were objectors on the Caliphs (Successors) of Allah, did. Rather, [these scholars] started to suggest a way by which the caller towards the truth may be known, and as such they also remind us of the habit of the ones who came before them.

Some of them want to know the Qa’im (The Riser) by the study of Usul, and another one wants to know the truth by having his beard change from white to black! And a third one wants to know the truth by hiding something in his black heart. And a fourth one and a fifth one, etc. Ofcourse, this is the saying of their jurisprudents and scholars, and I am not talking about their foolish followers. I do not know! If they want to know the Qa’im by those matters then what would be the value of the tens, rather the hundreds, of the traditions which have been narrated regarding the Qa’im and how to know him and the signs of his appearance and…and…and… from what relates to him. What would the value of all these [narrations] be if they wish to know him according to what they suggest?!

Upon all conditions, the research was not specified to clarify the condition of the scholars of evil and the greatness of their crime against the family of Muhammad (a.s.) today, but it was to clarify the words of the caller towards Allah which are linked to evidences of the Truth. Therefore I shall mention a question about this and the answer of him (a.s) to it. And I apologize to Allah and to Muhammad and his Family and him may my soul be his ransom for what I did. And I request from the noble brothers to notice and discern, for the believer is not bitten from the same hole twice.

One day I asked the Righteous Servant (a.s), I said: One of the informatives has a group in one of the places, one of our brothers met him and suggested the matter ([of Imam Ahmad Al-Hassan a.s.]) upon him, but he insisted [and said that he would believe if] “your companion ([Imam Ahmad Al-Hassan a.s.]) told me the answer of two questions that none know except Allah”. And I apologize, my master, for conveying that.

So he (a.s) answered me:

“The proofs/evidences are many, and they are enough. I do not have anything else for them, neither love nor dignity. Whoever wills, let him believe while being a sinner and repent lest Allah accepts him. I ask of you to be handling the size of your responsibility during informing [about Imam Ahmad Al-Hassan a.s.]. I mean, I do not understand this! Are you believers! Do you comprehend faith? Do you know what are you informing about? Do you know what are you informing with? Isn’t this going to end, at least from you? Is it possible that until this day I am asked to give a sign for every individual, and from you or you are the ones who are conveying that to me?!

Meaning, if the matter was like how those ignorant ones are requesting- and that is that [they want me] to bring forth to them an individual miracle for each on of them so that it may force/compel him to believe – then at least I [should] go and compel the president of China or the president of America, for why would I compel this ignorant one? Because five or six individuals follow him like he claims? Why would I even compel their presidents and rulers and they are financially undeveloped countries?

I request from you that, starting today, you should be firm with them – I mean [with] the Ansar – the Ansar who have conveyed this to you. If they give the chance for the opposer to ask for such a request, then you should make them know what the meaning of this request is. What is the benefit of all which I have said and written if you are going to come and convey this to me?

Subhan Allah! (Glory be to Allah) I will tell you a vision that I have seen two days ago, and it is related to what you have conveyed to me few moments ago. I saw myself in a place, and I was in great pain, and I was screaming “O Aunt!” and I was repeating it in a loud voice, and it was as if I was calling Lady Zaynab (a.s), the mother of calamities, so that I may complain to her. Then I began yelling: “O Aunt Zaynab” and I was repeating it few times. Until I reached a very large mausoleum, then I put my cheek on the mausoleum while complaining to her and crying. I said to her: O Aunt! You are complaining O mother of calamities, but what happened with me made me come to you so that I may complain to you. Then I saw after this that everything ended and a permission of relief from Allah was given. ”

So I said: Forgive me by the right of your purified Aunt, may Allah grant you success and relieve you, for death – and you know best – is more easier to me than me being a reason for your pain.

So he (a.s) said:

“No, not at all, I am your (the Ansar) servant, Allah testifies that I love you. It is only that the will of Allah is that the matters run in their paths. I apologize to you if I had caused you harm or pain. I ask Allah that He may grant you success and enforce you and grant you victory. And know that deviating away from the truth starts with only a step, perhaps the person who takes this step finds an excuse which he would use infront of the principles and morals and the Divine Religion, but in the end he would find himself separated from the Religion and from Al-Hussein (a.s), and nothing would remain from him with Al-Hussein (a.s) except for the apparent. Allah has shown you people who have taken this step, and you have seen to where they have reached today. The Prophets and Vicegerents never found a day of comfort in this world because they are seekers of the Hereafter. As for those who are asking for one day of comfort or that they are hoping for one day of comfort in what is to come from their days, then indeed they are mistaken; because as such they would be seeking the world and hoping for the world. Have you not heard the words of the Prince of the Believers (a.s) and the teacher of the believers (a.s) , he used to say: (I have been oppressed since the day I was born. When Aqeel used to have sore eyes he would say: “do not spread the medicine [in my eyes] until you spread it in [the eyes of] Ali”) [2]. This is his case when he was young, and you have heard what his condition was when he was old”

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