Imam’s (a.s.) strong words to The Ansar, and other Advices

That is the abode of the Hereafter, We assign it to those who do not desire exaltedness/superiority

One of the brothers posed some of the problems to Imam Ahmad Al-Hassan (pbuh), so he said in his advice:

(Do you think that my work is in [regards to] you only?! Most of the people will be destroyed while being upon misguidance and will enter hell fire, and each one of you is busy with his own self, each one of you is screaming “I”!!

I do not need a lot of talk, I want from you little work

Your works are presented upon us and in them each one you is screaming “I”! Why do you not make Jihad with your own selves (why do you not fight your own selves)? Are you not ashamed from Allah, from Muhammad, from Ali, from the Family of Muhammad (pbut)? Everyone, Everyone, Everyone.

By Allah! What is about to come will make the young be old! Do you comprehend? I am saying to you the destruction of most of the people!! Do you not fear death while you are screaming “I” “I” “I”!! Who gave you security from being destroyed with them while you are screaming “I” “I” “I”?!

So when the brother wanted to justify his situation, he (pbuh) said: (Alright. And what do I do with what the Angels convey to me?)

Then he (pbuh) said: (My advice to you is His, The Exalted, saying: {And that is the abode of the Hereafter, We assign it to those who do not desire exaltedness/superiority in the Earth or corruption. And the good end is for the pious/godfearing} [Surat Al-Qassas 28:83] Contemplate over it and understand it and avoid following your desires and [avoid] giving victory to yourselves over The Truth.

If you truly want to be a help for the Truth, then work by this verse, or otherwise, Allah will replace you with other people then they will not be the likes of you, and you know, for their time has come while they are being next to you. So fear Allah, and kill yourselves and your desires, and support/give victory to your Lord

{And that is the abode of the Hereafter, We assign it}: Allah did not say “a share of the abode of the hereafter” nor did He say “we shall make for him a share from the abode of the hereafter”. Rather He said : {that is the abode of the Hereafter, We assign it}, meaning, that He shall make the abode of the hereafter and all that is which in it for those ones, meaning, they are the kings of the Hereafter, for those are The Family of Muhammad (pbut) and the special [ones] of their Shia. So work in order that you may be from them, otherwise, I do not want to see your images while you are following your desires.

And in the end of the verse: {and the good end is for the pious/godfearing}, and the pious/godfearing are the Family of Muhammad (pbut), and Al-Sadiq (pbuh) said to the ones who read {and make us Imams for the pious/godfearing}: ” [Surat Al-Furqan 25:74] (They have asked for something great! Rather it is: And make for us the pious/godfearing an Imam) [1] So what are the matters that the human being does which make them from among those?
[1] Look at: Tafsir Al-Qummi, volume 1, page 10. Bihar Al-Anwar, volume 24, page 133-134

{those who do not desire exaltedness/superiority in the Earth or corruption}: You do not desire exaltedness nor corruption?? Do you know the meaning of this? [It means that] it does not even cross your mind that you are better than someone, and that you do not prefer yourself over someone.

They do not desire exaltedness/superiority nor corruption..they do not want corruption, not “they do not do corruption”. In other verses He, The Exalted, said: {And do not corrupt in the earth after its reformation} [Surat Al-A’raf 7:56]. But here in this verse it is not “[those] who do not corrupt”, rather [it is] “those who do not desire corruption”, meaning that corruption does not even cross their thoughts, and corruption does not even cross their minds. Where are you from that???

Fear Allah, and be busy with fixing yourselves, each on of you sees himself to be the best of Creation, and that he is better than all of the Ansar, or that he is better than some of the Ansar!!!

This is my advice for you, and excuse me for my harshness with you)

How did the Preferred Ones [of Allah] compel themselves to that which pleases Allah?

I asked The Righteous Servant (pbuh) one day, and I said: How did the Preferred Ones [of Allah] compel and subjugate themselves to that which pleases Allah only?

So he (pbuh) answered me: (By Allah {And I claim not that my soul was innocent, Indeed, the soul is a persistent enjoiner of evil, except those upon which my Lord has mercy. Indeed, my Lord is Forgiving and Merciful} [Surat Yusuf 12:53]

If you are asking, then ask for what Al-Hussein (pbuh) asked for: “What has the one who has found You lost?” Ask that you may be attached to Him, The Glorified, all the time, for if someone loved something their eyesight would be blinded/weakened. If you get attached to Him and love Him during every time you would not see any other than Him, and you would not know any other than Him, rather, you would see Him in everything, and you would see everything by Him, The Glorious. What has the one who has found You lost? What has the one who has lost You found?

Yes, the one who has found Allah, and the one who has known Allah, misses nothing/is short on nothing, and never loses anything, for he has known that Allah is everything. And the one who has lost Allah, and the one who has completely been ignorant of Allah, has found nothing, and misses everything, so [even] the entire universe and what is in it would not fulfill/sustain his poverty; for he has become Poverty itself.

And you find that every human being, according to his ignorance of Allah, feels the same amount of poverty and the permanent shortage/shortcoming which he does not find for it what can sustain/fulfill it – because of his ignorance of Allah – except the matter/material, which in reality is like the salt water; it increases the thirst of its drinkers and never fulfills their thirst.

Richness is only by Allah, from Allah, and whoever turns away from Allah will never find true richness and will remain running after mirage/illusions, until he gets destroyed in the heart of the desert.

Knowing is everything, because of that Muhammad (pbuh & his Family) said to Ali (pbuh): “O Ali! Verily one hour of thinking/contemplating is better than the worship of a thousand years”

So I said: I ask for that which lifts my weakness despite of my ignorance. May Allah protect you and grant you success and help you upon those who are like me. If a rock saw your words it would be pliant/lenient and sane, but there is no might nor strength except by Allah

So he (pbuh) said: (You, God willing, are better than me. Rather, I ask Allah to have mercy upon me by your preference with him, for you have supported the truth and heard the words of Allah and obeyed Allah and worked by that which Allah, The Glorious, has commanded you. But as for me, Allah has willed to make me a path in order that he may deliver to you His message, and I do not see myself better than the Purified [ones] who have obeyed Allah and believed in His words. May Allah grant you all success and may Allah reward you with goodness)

The Beginning of The Year with Allah

About the beginning of the year with Allah, I asked The Righteous Servant (pbuh) and said: Does the beginning of the year with Allah start from Laylatul-Qadr (Night of Power)?

So he (pbuh) answered me: (Yes. The beginning of the year is in Ramadan, the done fate/destiny of the previous year is over in Laylatul Qadr (The Night of Power), and a new fate/destiny starts with Laylatul Qadr (The Night of Power))

So I said: That is why fear is in this Noble month?

So he (pbuh) said: (Fear is during every time, for how does the one who has known his self and its darkness and its permanent shortcoming not become afraid? Before Laylatul Qadr (The Night of Power) I saw a vision, and it is related to an incident which had passed, but I shall tell you the vision:

I saw a group of Angels and I wanted to do a work, so I asked them to bring me some of the things which are related to this work. So they brought them, but they objected and said: Why are you subjecting yourself to this?! You do not get judged by Allah and you do not have a sin to make up for!

So anyway, I continued the work and it had difficulty in it or potential harm. And after I was done, while I was leaving the place, I addressed the Angels that asked me to avoid this work, so I said to them: He did not fear, nor did he pray, but he became impure and turned away, as such does Allah say, so do you want me to not be afraid?!))

Fear is a Blessing

He (pbuh) said when some of The Ansar passed through hardship: (Dua’ (supplication) returns the plot/conspiracy of the oppressors, so let them (The Ansar) call upon Allah and turn to Him and read the Dua’ of Al-Jawshan Al-Sagheer [1]. Fear is also a blessing which makes the servant turn to Allah and makes him closer to Him and reminds him after being negligent)

Then he (pbuh) said: (If Allah wills, this month of Ramadan, and we are about to enter into its days, so I ask all of The Ansar to not be shortcomers in regards to reading the Dua’s (supplications) and turning to Allah and beseeching Him)

[1] You can find the Dua’ of Al-Jawshan Al-Sagheer here: You shall find it in English, Arabic, and its transliteration too insha’Allah.

His (Imam Ahmad Al-Hassan’s) Clemency with people and Calling us to treat them according to their Apparent

One of those whom were searching in The Truth asked for help from some of the Ansar, and we were hesitant in regards to helping him, not for any other reason than fearing that he might have had a specific purpose like the people of falsehood are used to do with the truth and its people. So I conveyed that to the Righteous Servant (pbuh), so he said:

(In all cases, you have not done except goodness, and the fact that he lied or said the truth would not harm you, rather, if he was not truthful, then he would not harm except himself, and the most you would lose is an amount of money, but he would lose his honor if he was not truthful.

Always treat people according to their apparent, for Allah has not commanded even The Prophets to treat people according to their inner/hidden. So whoever asks for help and says that he is in trouble or danger like he says, then we help him whether he was truthful or not)

Then he (pbuh) asked again about him, and said: (The Prince of The Believers (pbuh) said: “If the one whom is asking was upon Truth then the one who was asked would be destroyed. So treat people according to their apparent, and Allah is the One Who judges people on The Day of Resurrection. By Allah! It is more easy for me that it is said about me a thousand and a thousand times that I do not know and that I am ignorant and that someone deceives me with two words, than to meet Allah on The Day of Resurrection with doing injustice to one of His servants” ).

How does True Knowing settle in the heart and [how does] the Human Being achieve the goal of The Prophets

I asked of The Righteous Servant (pbuh) an advice one day, so he reminded me the condition of the ones whom have preceded from The Prophets and Vicegerents whom have paved the way for the Ansar (supporters) of The Truth, and made a lot of efforts/sufferings easier for them but with their own efforts/sufferings and pains.

Then he, may my soul be his ransom, said: (What is asked of you is that you make the correct decision and the correct choice between “I……..He(Huwa)”, and when the choice is right, and when the believing human being is saved from the I, he achieves what The Prophets and The Vicegerents (pbut) have come for.)

So I said: And how does this settle in the heart? Is there a way?

So he (pbuh) said: (Knowing.)

So I said: The human being might know something, but he forgets it quickly, so its effect goes away so he falls into the mistake again.

So he (pbuh) said: ( True Knowing is the truth/reality of The Created, and it is not forgotten, neither does it go away, it is the Settled Faith)

So I said: And what is the path by which the human being makes his knowing and faith true/real that it may be settled and not go away?

So he (pbuh) said: (When he himself becomes Knowing, who is burnt with the fire and becomes the fire [itself]. But if you meant what are the works that lead to this:

Firstly: That he implements all what Allah commands him with, and all which Allah guides him towards, and that he possesses all morals/manners that Allah is satisfied with, and avoids all morals/manners that Allah hates, then that he does not ask for Paradise nor avoiding Hell Fire nor this nor that, rather, that [he only asks] that he be standing in the door of Allah working by which He wills. Then he knows the following: if he says “give me”, “sustain me”, “do for me this or that”, then as such he is saying “I” in all of these Dua’s (supplications).

So what is obligatory is that he be convinced with full conviction that it is enough for him that he may be standing in the door of Allah and that Allah may use Him, preferring him (bestowing upon him from His Bounty/Grace). If Allah, The Glorified, has used him since He created the world until the rise of The Hour, then he entered him into Hell Fire, He would be kind to him. And how could he not be kind, the One whom has made me exist after I was nothingness, and then He honored me by using me to be a Stone that He throws however He wills, What preference is greater than that? Rather, if he enters me into Hell Fire permanently after all of that He would be kind to me, because He is kind in all that which has passed, and He is kind in all that which shall come. I deserve more than Hell Fire, because I am looking towards myself.

What is incumbent is that a human being always remains standing in the door of Allah, hoping that He may bestow His preference upon him and use him. And what is incumbent is that the work of the human being with Allah be not in return of a price or a reward, meaning, what is incumbent is that he asks not for a price or a reward. And do you consider him to be a good person, the one whom asks for a price or reward in return for a simple favor that he offers to a noble human being whom has previously provided for him a house and money and work and all that which he needs in his life without a return. So how is it [when it comes] to Allah, The Glorious, Whom if used you then He has honored you, and your work with Him is an honor for you and the best that can happen to you. So how do you ask for a return for that?!)

They have killed and imprisoned and terrorized, but they have not obliterated the Call of The Truth

Regarding the tyranny of his enemies and harming him and his Ansar (supporters), Imam Ahmad Al-Hassan (pbuh) said: (Perhaps we are patient a lot, so much, but the result of the enmity of anyone towards us is perhaps the worst thing to those who hold enmity towards us whether in this world or in the hereafter. Their ancestors killed my father Al-Hussein (pbuh) in a desert, but has the matter ended [by doing so]? Or that Allah has put them to shame in this world and in the hereafter?!!

By Allah! If Ahmad Al-Hassan was alone and they killed him in a desert and hid his body, their result would be the shame of this world and the hereafter even if after a while, if Ahmad Al-Hassan was from Allah, so how ignorant are they!! Are they blind to this extent?!!

After what they did in Muharram 1429, they killed and mutilated and burnt the bodies and imprisoned and terrorized whoever their hands could reach, all of what they did have not obliterated The Call of The Truth. They used capabilities/tools of nations, and armies of nations, and media of nations, in order to obliterate the Call of The Truth and in order to destroy Ahmad Al-Hassan and the tens with him, but the result was that they were not able to do so, rather, they were exposed. Isn’t this a sign for them if they use their minds?!! )

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