Multiple questions and answers

Question 236: In the Name of Allah, The Merciful, The Intensely Merciful.
May Allah send His Peace and Blessings upon Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad, the Imams and the Mahdis.

Peace be upon you and the Mercy of Allah and His Blessings. All praise and gratitude be to Allah, even though I do not see that I am worthy that Allah allows me to know you nor [worthy of] having Allah bless me by inclining towards your matter, but He, The Glorious, The Almighty, is not asked about what He does, and praise is due to Him.

My master and my leader, if you excuse me, I have some questions:

1- What do you say about Zaid son of Ali (may Allah have mercy upon him)?

2- Your saying about Sheikh Al-Mufeed, since I have understood that you said “may Allah have mercy upon him”, but before that you mentioned that he had forgotten the Atom World, and you mentioned a dispraising verse: {They forgot Allah so Allah made them forget their [own] selves}. So what does it mean that you said “may Allah have mercy upon him”?

3- What does it mean that you said “may Allah have mercy upon” the author of the book Al-Shara’i, and you said about him that he is Qasir ([meaning incapable or culpable ignorant, someone who is not at all aware of his ignorance]), and not Muqassir ([meaning culpable ignorant, or ignorant out of negligence]), even though it has been narrated from your noble fathers that which means that [one should] stop in the case of lack of assertion and certitude, and return to the Imams of guidance in the case of not knowing what is meant/intended?

4- What does it mean that you say: “may Allah have mercy upon” the three Usuli scholars, Al-Khomeini and the two Sadr(s), even though they had deviated from the path of Ahlul Bayt by Usul and ‘Ilm Al-Rijal ([the study of hadith narrators]) and other innovations. So from which aspect have they become working scholars?

5- My master, you have said, according to what I remember, that which means that “whoever seeks me shall be destroyed”. But whoever asks for/ seeks Imam Al-Mahdi is the one upon the truth, so are you not also an Imam son of an Imam and a Proof of Allah? So how is it that the one who seeks you shall be destroyed? Also, are you not calling towards yourself, my master? So what is the meaning of the words of Imam Al-Baqir in the narration of the Yamani (pbut): (He calls towards the truth and towards a straight path. And he calls towards your Companion). So how is the call towards our Companion, who he is Imam Al-Mahdi, and what we see is a call towards your noble self?

6- We have heard that you asked us to read the books of ‘Alim Subeit Al-Neely, but not everything that Al-Neely has said matches your sayings, my master, because, according to what I have heard and read about you, you interpret Dhan/Thun ( supposition ) [to mean] certitude, and Al-Nafs (the self) [to mean] Al-Rouh (the soul), but the curriculum of Al-Neely and Al-Qasdiya ([the name of the curriculum of Al-Neely]) do not say the same thing [as you say] I suppose?

7- My master, you have said in the Book of Jurisprudence of Islam that the least duration of Mut’a marriage is 6 months, but it has been narrated from your fathers something opposite to that, for there is one hour Mut’a marriage and two hours Mut’a marriage? so how is it so?

8- My master, it has been conveyed about you that you say that Mary Magdalene was unchaste but she repented, but the Qur’an says on the tongue of Mary (and I was not unchaste) [1]. So how so?

9- My master, it has been conveyed about you that you have said that the grave of Al-Zahraa’ (pbuh) is in Al-Baqee’, but it has been narrated from Imam Al-Ridha (pbuh) in Al-Kafi that her grave is in her own house and the Mosque of the Prophet [2]. So how so?

10- My master, concerning The Rise, it has been mentioned to me by someone that no banner of the Qa’im (the Riser of the Family of Muhammad) will ever be returned, so how come you were defeated and how come the Ansar were martyred, may Allah have mercy upon them?

11- My master, you have called towards enjoining good and forbidding evil with the Sultans ([meaning ones in authority]), but we have been told from your fathers that standing in the way of the Sultan is wrong if he has the whip, and also it is mentioned in a narration that there is no reward for the one who stands in the way [of the Sultan] if he got harmed. So how so?

12- My master, you have said that the sun is Muhammad (pbuh & his Family), and the moon is Ali (pbuh), so what are the seas and the rivers, what do they represent, and what is the likeness of the Imams in fruits and insects, and what is salt, and what is coffee, and what is wind and breeze? and what is the whale?

13- My master, you have said that the authority of the jurisprudent/scholar is a secondary authority apart from the authority (Wilayah) of the Imams, and that the jurisprudent/scholar has the right to control the self and the money of the believer and that he issues Fatwa for him and that he judges between the believers according to what he sees. But from where does the jurisprudent/scholar get the knowledge of the new matters and the unknown matters? Isn’t this considered to be working by assumption and opinion? And is there any Qur’anic or narrated evidences from your fathers that clarity this matter?

14- My master, are the Imams gods by Allah and lords by Allah? And have the Imams taught their Shia to forbid showing this matter using Taqiyya, and are the Mahdis as such?

15- My master, are the Zaydis and Isma’ilis and Bahaa’is and others them Nasibis ([Nasibi is one who hates Ahlul Bayt (pbut) and their Shia])?

16- My master, what is your wisdom in using Sufi and philosophical terms like Qaws Al-Su’oud (Arc of Ascension) and Qaws Al-Nuzoul (Arc of Descent), and Al-Fanaa’ (Disintegration or ceasing to exist), and other [terms] in order to show wisdom and knowledge? Do you not have the wisdom of light and clarification of light and the true speech and the dazzling proof?

17- My master, you have denied teaching the Arabic language and Grammar, but what about that which has been narrated from The Prince of the Believers (pbuh) concerning him teaching Grammar to Abu Al-Aswad Al-Du’ali?

18– My master, what is the wisdom in authoring the book “The Sealing Prophet-hood”?

19- My master, I have known from you that the wisdom of the presence of interpretation in the Qur’an is the need for the Imam and knowing the Imam, but what is the benefit of the presence of interpretation in the first place?

20 – My master, it has been mentioned in a tradition that Satan made Fatima (pbuh) see a vision about the Prophet (pbuh & his Family) and Ali (pbuh) and the two Hassan(s), according to what I remember [3]. How could Satan do so? Isn’t the kingdoms of Allah in the hand of Allah? In the interpretation of His, The Exalted, saying: {Secret counsels are only from Satan that he may grieve those who have believed, but he will not harm them at all except by permission of Allah. And upon Allah let the believers rely} [Surat Al-Mujadilah 58:10]. And also, what does it mean that a non-Shia, like Sufis and Sunnis sees the Prophet (pbuh & his Family) in a vision, and there are a lot of visions narrated from them, rather even Kashf ([revelation/vision during wakefulness]), so how is it possible that the Messenger (pbuh & his Family) comes to them or be represented to them while they are upon falsehood. And also the Usuli Shia who had visions of the Imams even though they are upon misguidance. Would you cure our hearts with healing reviving answers that may comfort us my leader?

21- My master, You have mentioned in [the sermon of] The Story of the Meeting that your visit to the graves of the Imams and their shrines has consisted an important part of your life and that it is an important stage, what does that mean?

22- My master, I have previously asked you a question, but you only answered some of what I have asked you and not everything I have asked you, why is that? Is it because of a shortcoming from me or improper behavior of me? or is it because of something else that you have known? And my master, do you know who I am? Am I of your Ansar (supporters) and among those whom have pledged allegiance to you and accepted you in the Atom World or not?

23- My master, some Istikharas [about you] came out with seemingly bad verses, and far are you from that, but what does that mean? And is there a problem with making so many Istikharas about your matter or that is okay?

24- My master, there is someone who has done Qasam Al-Baraa’ ([The Oath of Innocence by which one declares himself innocent of a certain matter]) but he is still alive and nothing happened to him at all, and also [someone had done] Mubahala (Imprecation) [and nothing happened to him], for it has been narrated to me that there is a person who has claimed something false; he said he is the Mahdi, and he has done Mubahala (Imprecation), so the mosque in which he made Mubahala (Imprecation) with his opponent was demolished. So how is that?

Peace be upon you and the Mercy of Allah and His Blessings, and may Allah send His Peace and Blessings upon you and reward you with goodness, and thank you.

The Sender: Abu Ali
The Answer: In the Name of Allah, The Merciful, The Intensely Merciful.
All praise be to Allah Lord of the Worlds.
May Allah send His Peace and Blessings upon Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad the Imams and the Mahdis

Answer of Q1: I say what the Imams (pbut) have said [in regards to him], they have said may Allah have mercy upon him.

Answer of Q2: May Allah have mercy upon Sheikh Al-Mufeed, for even though he made mistakes in some matters, this does not mean that he is out of the Wilayah, rather, he was born and lived and died upon the Wilayah of the Imams (pbut). And they, may the Peace of Allah be upon them, are the ones whom the people of his time were assigned to be upon their Wilayah, so whoever dies upon their Wilayah is from the people of Paradise.

Answer of Q3 and Q4: May Allah have mercy upon you, if Allah judges people with Justice no one would ever enter Paradise. According to the Sheikh (may Allah have mercy upon him) ,in Jurisprudence, he dealt in the boundaries of the laws that they have guided their Shia to deal with and through them along with their narrations. For example, in regards to a narration which matches [the narration of] the opposers/rejectors, which had been said for the purpose of Taqiyyah, they (pbut) said: The right thing is to oppose them [4]. And also like their (pbut) saying: you can take whichever of them (the narrations) from the door of submitting to us [5] . And he had not rejected their narration according to [his] desire or according to matters that Allah has never sent down with any authority, like Sanad (chain of narrators) and Al-Qawa’id Al-‘Aqliyya (The metal/intellectual rules). The sheikh had indeed erred in regards to few [matters] in comparison to the many matters in which others than him had erred. And Allah is All-Forgiving, Intensely Merciful as long as they have passed away upon the Wilayah of the Purified Ones (pbut) and have not denied their (pbut) Imamate, for whoever dies upon the Wilayah of the Caliph (Successor) of Allah in His land in his time is from the people of Paradise if Allah wills and he does not stay in Hell-Fire forever, even if had committed Al-Kaba’ir (The major sins).

[no answer to Q5]

Answer of Q6: Perhaps he, the one who has conveyed to you that I said read the books of Al-Neely (may Allah have mercy upon him), has erred in clarifying to you to read them in order that you know and differentiate the truth from faslehood, and [in order to] ask about the truth and research and not [to] accept everything that Al-Neely says. And I have given some of the Ansar a very big number of mistakes that Al-Neely (may Allah have mercy upon him) had fallen into.
In summary I say to you: Al-Neely violated their false curriculum with many evidences, but he has put a rule from his own self, and he wanted to judge the Qu’ran and the traditions of the Family of Muhammad by that law, and he used to throw away whatever opposes his law, just as they used to do. So the result of the curriculum of Al-Neely did not differ than the result of the curriculum of those who had preceded him. Rather, both of them are opposing the Divine curriculum, for in the end Al-Neely fell into what he was criticizing from another direction. Rather, in the end he made himself a judge upon the words of Allah and a judge upon the words of the Infallibles (pbut). Rather, he made himself the discoverer of the law of judging the Qur’an, and everything that opposes his law is false. Consequently, he made himself a judge upon the Imams (pbut), and according to his curriculum he made himself more knowledgeable than the Imams and more knowing than them of the Qur’an and its interpretation and its meanings. And all praise be to Allah Whom has blessed him with death and got him out of this world upon the Wilayah.

Answer of Q7: The laws of Jurisprudence get abrogated, may Allah have mercy upon you. And how simple is that which you are talking about, for there indeed shall come that which is far more greater. As for the Temporary Marriage (Mut’a Marriage), the Imams have indeed emphasized it; because it is a Divine legislation and they wanted it to remain and not disappear. Rather, even the emphasis on [the fact that] it is Mustahab (recommended) was for that purpose; meaning for reviving a law [of Jurisprudence] which the tyrant and the Shaytan (Satan) wanted to disappear. As for today, the matter is different, for the Temporary Marriage is confirmed and people know it, the opposer [of the Imams (pbut)] and their lovers/followers [know it]. Rather, in it is a solution to many social and moral problems, if people accept what I have come with in regards to the duration (which is 6 months), and having witnesses, and announcing the marriage, for this, verily, guarantees the right of the woman and the sons and will not make the woman a cheap commodity only to fulfill desire.

Answer of Q8: Mary Magdalene is different than Mary daughter of Imran (pbut) the mother of Jesus (pbuh).

Answer of Q9: The hadith, and others like it, matches the words of the common people and the people of opposition, and they have said that in order to cancel the fact that Fatima wanted to hide the place of her shrine indicating what had fallen upon her from oppression. So it being in her house means that she never wanted to hide it. And that is what they wanted to reach.
As for the words of Imam Al-Ridha (pbuh) and the Imams (pbut) to the ones from among their Shia whom used to ask them about the place of the grave of Fatima (pbuh) in order to visit it, they (the Imams (pbut)) would guide them to visit Fatima (pbuh) in her room, and they never declared that it is her grave, but the ones whom heard this imagined that the grave was in the room because the Imams said visit her in her room and they clarified to them the place of the room.

Answer of Q10: Do I and the Ansar not have a similarity with Al-Hussein (pbuh)? Have you not read the board that Allah The Almighty has given to The Messenger (pbuh & his Family) and The Messenger (pbuh & his Family) has given to Fatima (pbuh) and the condition the Qa’im (the Riser) and his companions is written in it:
(In the Name of Allah, The Merciful, The Intensely Merciful; This is a book from Allah The Almighty The All-Knowledgeable to Muhammad His light and His ambassador and His veil and His vicegerent/preferred one, the Trustworthy Soul has came down with it from the Lord of the Worlds.
O Muhammad, glorify My Names and thank My blessings and do not deny my favors/bounties. Verily, I am Allah, there is no God but Me, I am the One Who crushes the tyrants and humiliates the oppressors and establishes the day of Religion. Verily, I am Allah, there is no God but Me. So whoever wished for other than My preference/favor or feared other than My justice (and torment) I shall torture him a torment with which I have never tortured anyone from the worlds. So worship Me and depend on Me. Verily, I have never sent a Prophet and completed his days and fulfilled his time except that I have made a vicegerent for him………Then he completes that by his son a mercy for the worlds, he has the completeness/perfection of Moses, and the magnificence of Jesus, and the patience of Ayoub. My preferred ones will be humiliated in His time. Their heads will be tossed like the heads of the Turks and the Daylamites, they will be killed and they will be burnt, and they will be scared terrified and frightened, Earth shall be dyed with their blood, and grief and crying/sadness shall be spread in their women. Those are my true preferred ones. By them I push away (and lift) every dark/black blind Fitna (tribulation), and by them I expose the earthquakes, push away confusions/effects and fetters. Upon those are the Peace and Blessings and Mercy of their Lord and those are the guided ones) [6]
This is what Allah and His Messenger have promised us, Allah and His Messenger have said the truth, and all praise be to Allah Lord of the worlds. And what a blessing it is to be like Al-Hussein and his family, killed and terrified. And what a shame it is on the scholars of evil to be like Yazeed and his soldiers, killers and oppressors.

Answer of Q11: What has Al-Hussein (pbuh) done, may Allah have mercy upon you? Know that for each Imam is a book and he works by which is in it.

Answer of Q12: He, The Exalted, said: {He has made the two seas meet each other * ….. From both of them come pearl and coral} [Surat Al-Rahman 55:19&22]. The two seas in this verse are Ali and Fatima, and the pearl and coral are Al-Hassan and Al-Hussein and the Imams and the Mahdis (pbut) [7]

Answer of Q13: If this is what you have understood then your understanding is wrong.

Answer of Q14: I bear witness that there is no God but Allah alone and that He does not have any partners, One, Indivisible, Single, Everlasting God, Whom has not taken a companion or a son. Absolute Lordship and Absolute Godhood belongs to Him, Far glorified and exalted is He from that which the polytheists say. If Allah wills, you will find The talk about Godhood and Lordship in detail in the book Tafsir Surat Al-Tawheed (Interpretation of Surat Al-Tawheed (Monotheism)), I have written it few years ago and some of the Ansar have read it and I will publish it if Allah wills when I find carriers to it and when its time comes [8]

Answer of Q15: Nasibi is the one who holds enmity towards one of the Caliphs (Successors) of Allah on His land or towards his followers who believe in him; because they believe in him. This meaning can apply to many examples.
As for Isma’ilis and Zaydis; the condition of many of them today is far from holding enmity, so you can not accuse any of them of holding enmity except if something was done/said by them which shows that they hold enmity.
As for the Bahaa’is: Likewise, and they are misguided and misguiding like others than them from the sects.

Answer of Q16: What I have spoken of is the truth itself as my Lord has showed it to me, so whoever wants to believe let him believe and see the truth in the Kingdoms of Heaven.

Answer of Q17: I have never denied or prevented anyone from studying the Arabic language, and there are Ansar whom are university professors and teach Arabic language. Rather what I said was that it is inductive Grammar which bears error sometimes, so people can not consider it to be a law by which they judge the Qur’an and the words of the Prophets and Vicegerents, otherwise they would be admitting/confirming to Christians their criticism of the Qur’an by the grammar of the Arabic language which has been placed [by a human being].
And if you are aware of the Arabic language, you shall find more than one school of Grammar, and for every school there is its own Grammar which differ from the other school. So which of them is true and which of them is illusion and false? [So much so] that even some of the scholars of Shia considered that it is more probable that the Qur’an has been distorted because of its violation to some of the Grammatical and Rhetorical rules which have bee placed [by human beings]. And you can look at Kifayat Al-Usul by Al-Ikhwand Al-Khorasani and the commentary of Al-Mishkeeny on it, where Al-Mishkeeny commented on Al-Ikhwand’s [view that] it is more probable that the Qur’an has been distorted, he said that which means: (As Al’itibar (analogy/comparison) and a lot of news indicate towards it), and by Al-itibar (analogy/comparison) he means the fact that the Qur’an which is between the hands of people violates Grammatical and Rhetorical rules. And speech about the rules/grammar of the Arabic language is long.
And know that the Arabs used to speak more than one [version of] Fus-ha (Classical) language, one of them is the language of [the different conditions of] “the five verbs” [according to where the verbs fall in the sentence], completely unlike how the rules of the language are. As for [what you said concerning] that the Prince of the Believers commanded that the grammar/rules of the Arabic language be written then that talk is totally wrong and has nothing to do with the truth. And if you believe that this is a praise for Ali (pbuh) then Ali is too rich for that ([meaning Ali (pbuh) does not need this praise])

Answer of Q18: What I hope from Allah that He accepts from me my little work of conveying to the creation what He, The Glorious, has made me know, lest they be guided to the truth and know the truth.

Answer of Q19: Please read slowly what I have written about the Muhkam (clear/concise verses) and Al-Mutashabih (allegorical verses) in order that the picture become clearer to you [9]. And know that there is nothing similar to Allah, and His words/speech is not similar to the words/speech of the creation, for the words/speech of Allah, The Glorious, The Exalted, is not bound by time or space, rather, it is for every time and every place, and run the running of the sun and moon in this physical world [10], and it is for all of the worlds.

Answer of Q20: Verily, Shaytan (Satan) is never represented in [the image of] The Messenger Muhammad (pbuh & his Family) nor [in the image of] the Imams (pbut). These are the words of the Imams (pbut) and not just my words, and it is not new. But the blind malice and the wickedness of intentions made the non working scholars today say the most wicked of sayings and claim that Shaytan (Satan) is represented [in the image of] The Messenger of Allah Muhammad (pbuh & his Family) and the Imams (pbut) [11]
As for your question about the vision of Al-Zahraa’ (pbuh), do you believe that Shaytan (Satan) knows the unseen that he may show her the unseen? And verily He, The Exalted, said: {so when he fell down, it The Jinn came to know clearly that if they had known the unseen, they would not have remained in humiliating punishment} [Surat Saba’ 34:14]. So there remains nothing except one matter: that in the end of the vision Shaytan threw in this matter which is the death of The Messenger Muhammad (pbuh & his Family), and since the protector is present with her, and he is The Messenger of Allah Muhammad (pbuh & his Family), so Allah assigned her to him (pbuh & his Family) so he may clarify to her (pbuh) that indeed the voice that she had heard in the end of the vision is not from the vision, rather it is from Shaytan who wanted to sadden her with it. And all praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.

Answer of Q21: Indeed it is my honor to go to their shrines in order that I may say to them your servant admits the preference of Allah upon him and [admits] with complete/perfect Yaqeen (Certitude) that truly you are the Caliphs (Successors) of Allah, and woe to whoever oppressed you or denied your right.

Answer of Q22: It is not obligatory upon me that I answer every question. As for the improper behavior, it has never prevented me in the past to answer, so how would it prevent me now?

Answer of Q23: Istikhara is asking Allah, The Glorious, The Exalted. Thus, in it, one must intend determination [to do] some matters:
The first: that you do not prefer in your self one side over the other, rather, you [should] make both matters equal within your self.
The second: that you be prepared to accept the answer of Allah in a complete way, and that there shall not be in your self any refusal of the answer, nor [there shall be in yourself] any possible discussion in regards to the answer that comes to you.
The third: that you accept the answer and consider it to be the greatest blessing of Allah upon you that Allah has spoken to you and answered you.
Those three matters are the minimum necessities in order that you may have truly asked Allah [for guidance/help] ([that you have truly made an Istikhara]).
But as for a person who comes while being hesitant in regards to accepting the answer of Allah to him then he makes an Istikhara and considers that what he has done is Istikhara, then truth is, perhaps Allah The Generous blesses and answers a person like that one, but what a shame it is to him and the likes of him, for [Allah] does not accept that a person consults Him then goes to the opposite of [Allah’s] advice, as if he has consulted Him so that he may go towards the opposite of His saying. So how does he accept that he does that with Allah, The Glorious, The Exalted? By Allah, verily this is a great matter and a great boldness against Allah, The Glorious, The Almighty. And despite of this wickedness which is produced from people, verily Allah treats them with compassion and mercy.

Answer of Q24: As for The Qasam ([The Oath of Innocence by which one declares himself innocent of a certain matter]), they are not claimers in order that they may do The Qasam, rather, the one who does The Qasam is the companion of the call, and I have subjected myself to people to do The Qasam. As for the Mubahala (Imprecation) it is between two parties. So those who have done Mubahala without me doing Mubahala against them, those are whom you are claiming that they have done Mubahala against me. As for the torment, indeed it inevitably comes down, even if after a while, upon whoever does Mubahala while being a liar. And having doubt regarding this is having doubt regarding the Book of Allah, rather, is it having doubt regarding the presence of Allah, The Glorious. Verily, Haidar Mishatat had done Mubahala [against me], so go ask what happened to him. And verily, Abdul-Aziz Al-Hakeem and his son have done injustice to us so go ask what happened to them. And verily the army of the Marja’s and the army of Muqtada have done injustice to us so ask what happened to them. And [the torment came down upon them] shortly not after a long time, rather Allah did not give all of them except few days, for Haidar Mishatat acted like an insane person then he went to jail in Iran with reckless/foolish actions, and after that he was destroyed in Iraq after he sealed his works with publishing in his own official newspaper Qasam Al-Bara’a that I am not upon the truth.
As for Abdul-Aziz and his son, when they attacked the office two years ago, only few days passed before the Americans humiliated their agent Ammar ibn Abdel-Aziz and they entered him into prison. And had he been against them, that would be an honor. But he was prostrating to them and submitting to them completely. And after that Abdul-Aziz visited the Black House and he so passionately shook hands with Bush the enemy of Allah. And this behavior is an evidence for the loss of mind and worldly shame.
And a year earlier, meaning before the incidents of Al-Muharram, everyone gathered against us, so Abdul-Aziz and his son closed our second office which was near the Shrine of the Prince of the Believers (pbuh) only few days after it was opened. And they arrested a large number of Ansar in [a manner of] oppression and enmity. Then, the army of the Marja’s of Satan and the army of Muqtada completed the crime and killed and demolished our places of worship in all parts of Iraq. So what was the result only few days later???
Abdul-Aziz Al-Hakeem got cancer, and this is a torment and a worldly shame before the shame of the hereafter. And the army of Muqtada and the soldiers of the Marja’s massacred one another in an unprecedented incident, and the matter was not that one party killed the other or defeated the other, rather, the army of Muqtada killed a large number of the soldiers of the Marja’s, then the matter flipped, and the soldiers of the Marja’s killed the army of Muqtada.

Are not all of these signs? or what shall Allah do in order that people believe? Shall He send down an Angel for each one so that [the Angel] may hit him on his head, and when the person asks [the Angel] why are you hitting me, the Angel tells him because you did not believe in Ahmad Al-Hassan. Is that what they want? There is no might or power except by Allah, The High, The Great.

Ahmed Alhasan

[1] {O sister of Aaron, your father was not a man of evil, nor was your mother unchaste} [Surat Maryam 19:28]

[2] Kuleini narrated: from Ali ibn Muhammad and others than him, from Sahl ibn Ziyad, from Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Abi Nasr, he said: I asked Al-Ridha (pbuh) about the grave of Fatima (pbuh), so he said: (She was buried in her house, When the Umayyads enlarged the Mosque it became part of the Mosque). Al-Kafi volume 1, page 461.

[3]Ali ibn Ibrahim narrated in his Tafsir, he said: (His saying: {Secret counsels are only from Satan that he may grieve those who have believed, but he will not harm them at all except by permission of Allah. And upon Allah let the believers rely} he said: (Verily my father narrated to me from Muhammad ibn Abi Umayr, from Abi Baseer, from Abi Abdullah (pbuh) that he said: (the reason of the sending down of this verse was that Fatima (pbuh) saw in her sleep that the Messenger of Allah (pbuh & his Family) intended to go out from Madinah with Fatima and Ali and Al-Hassan and Al-Hussein may the Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon them, so they went out until they passed the walls of Madinah, so two paths were shown to them, so the Messenger of Allah (pbuh & his Family) took the path on the right, until they reached a place where it had palm trees and water, so the Messenger of Allah (pbuh & his Family) bought a big ewe, and it is the one that has white dots in its ears, so he commanded that it may be slaughtered. So when they ate from it, they died in their place. So Fatima paid attention to that, and cried while being terrified. So she did not tell the Messenger of Allah (pbuh & his Family) [about her vision]. So when she woke up, the Messenger of Allah (pbuh & his Family) came with a donkey, so he made Fatima ride it, and he commanded that the Prince of the Believers and Al-Hassan and Al-Hussein go out of Madinah, just as how Fatima saw in her sleep. So when they passed the walls of Madina two paths were shown to them, so the Messenger of Allah (pbuh & his Family) took the path on the right, just as Fatima (pbuh) saw in her vision, until they reached a place where in it there were palm trees and water, then the Messenger of Allah (pbuh & his Family) bought a big ewe, just as Fatima (pbuh) had seen. So he commanded that it be slaughtered. So it was slaughtered and grilled. So when they wanted to eat it, Fatima rose up and moved aside away from them while crying fearing that they may die. So the Messenger of Allah (pbuh & his Family) called her, and stood with her while crying, and said: “What is your matter O daughter?” She said: “O Messenger of Allah, I have seen yesterday so and so in my sleep and you have just done exactly what I have seen in my sleep, so I moved aside away from you all; in order that I may not see you dying”. So the Messenger of Allah (pbuh & his Family) prayed two Raka’s and talked to his Lord so Gabriel (pbuh) came down to him and said: “O Muhammad, this is a Shaytan (Satan) whom is called Al-Zaha Al-Rahat, and he is the one whom has showed this vision to Fatima, and he harms believers in their Sleep by [showing them] that which makes them sad”. So Gabriel (pbuh) was commanded to bring him to The Messenger of Allah (pbuh & his Family) , so he brought him to the Messenger of Allah (pbuh & his Family), so he said to him: “Is it you who have shown Fatima this vision?” So he said: “Yes O Muhammad!” So he (pbuh & his Family) spit at him three times so he split/pierced him in three places. Then Gabriel (pbuh) said to Muhammad (pbuh & his Family): “If you O Muhammad or any of the believers saw in their sleep something that he hates, then let him say : (I seek refuge from the evil of what I have seen in my vision, by what the close angels of Allah and the Prophet Messengers of Allah and His righteous servants have sought refuge with) and read Surat Al-Hamd (Al Fatiha, Surah 1) and Al-Falaq (Surah 113) and Al-Nas (Surah 114), and Surat Al-Tawheed (Surah 114), and spit three times at his left side. Then nothing of what he has seen could harm him”. So Allah sent down upon His Messenger the verse of {Secret counsels are only from Satan}) Tafsir Al-Qummi volume 2, page 355.

[4] Al-Kafi, volume 1, page 8

[5] Al-Kafi, volume 1, page 9

[6] Al-Ihtijaj: page 41, Al-Ikhtisas: page 210, Ghaybat Al-Toosi: page 101, Ghaybat Al-Noa’mani: page 20, Al-Kafi: volume 1, page 527 hadith 3, A’lam Al-Wiri: page 371, Uyoun Akhbar Al-Ridha: page 25, Ikmal Al-Deen: page 179, Bihar Al-Anwar: volume 36, page 195

[7] To know more, revise the book of The Journey of Moses pbuh to the Junction of the Two Seas by Imam Ahmad Alhasan (pbuh)

[8] By the preference of Allah, The Glorious, The Exalted, He has blessed us with this book, it is published now and the noble reader can refer to it. The Book of Monotheism – Interpretation of Surah Tawheed

[9] Revise The Allegories – volume 1, question 19.

[10] Al-‘Ayashi narrated from Abdul-Raheem Al-Qaseer, he said:
One day I was at Abu Ja’far’s (pbuh), so he (pbuh) said:
(O Abdul-Raheem)
I said: At your service
He (pbuh) said: (The saying of Allah {You are but a warner, and for every nation there is a guide} the Messenger of Allah (pbuh & his Family) said: “I am the warner and Ali is the guide”. And who is the guide today?)
He said: So I remained silent for a long time then I raised my head and said: May I be your ransom, it is about you (the Imams), you inherit it, a man after a man, until it has reached you. So you, may I be your ransom, are the guide.
He (pbuh) said: (You have said the truth O Abdul-Raheem. Verily the Qur’an is alive and it does not die, and the verse is alive and it does not die, for if the verse was sent down in regards to a people who had died then the Quran had died [as well]. But it applies to the remaining ones just as it applied to the ones who preceded.)
Abdul-Raheem said: Abu Abdullah (pbuh) said:
(Verily, the Qur’an is alive and does not die, and it runs as the day and night run, and as the sun and moon run, and it runs upon our last just as it runs upon our first) Tafsir Al-‘Ayashim volume 2, page 203, Bihar Al-Anwar volume 35, page 403.

[11] The Messenger of Allah (pbuh & his Family) said: (Whoever has seen us [in a vision] then indeed he has seen us, for verily, Shaytan (Satan) is not represented [in my image] nor [in the image of] one of my vicegerents) Al-Sirat Al-Mustaqeem volume 3 page 155.
And he (pbuh & his Family) said: (Whoever has seen me in his sleep then indeed he has seen me, for verily, Shaytan (Satan) is not represented in my image nor in the image of one of my vicegerents nor in the image of one of their Shia. And verily, the true vision is a part from seventy parts of prophet-hood) Rawdat Al-Wa’itheen: page 234.
And he (pbuh & his Family) said: (Whoever has seen me [in sleep] then verily he has seen me, for indeed the Shaytan never represents me. And whoever has seen one of my vicegerents then he has indeed seen him for Shaytan never represents them) Al-Muhtadir: page 18.
And he (pbuh & his Family) said: (Whoever has seen me in sleep then verily he has seen me, for Shaytan is never represented [in my image]. neither during sleep nor during wakefulness, neither [in the image] of one of my vicegerents until the Day of Resurrection) Madinat Al-Ma’ajiz: volume 2, page 93.

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