Repent to the Sustainer and kill yourselves

Question 82: What is the meaning of Allah swt, “And when Moses said to his tribe, O tribe you have oppressed yourselves for you to be taking the calf, so repent to the sustainer and kill yourselves,for that is better for you towards your sustainer, and so He forgave you as He is the Forgiver and Merciful” Surat Al Baqara: 54

Answer: The request of Moses(a.s)to his tribe was to kill themselves from the spirit that orders them to commit evil, and to kill the corrupt ideology that grew from themselves, additionally to kill their own bodies. And the story of the Sameri and the calf has to be looked into by all Muslims and learn from it, as for the Sameri in this nation he is: the scholar that is non-working and misguided, that fabricates the religion of Allah, and the calf is the corrupt ideology and the misguidance that is spread by the evil scholars towards the people.

And every muslim must review himself or else he will be sent in the day of judgement being among the followers of AlSameri the non-working scholar that is misguided; or else he will be sent in the day of judgement to be among the worshipers of the calf. From Huthayfa from the Prophet (saw) he said: “And you are the most similar nation in description to the Children of Israel, you shall ride their ways following them by an arrows feather with an arrows feather and sandal with a sandal,and then I do not know whether you worship the calf or not?” Bihar Al Anwar v.53 p.141

And the scholar that thwarts the defending Jihad is the Sameri of the nation, and thwarting the defending Jihad is a calf that is worshiped without Allah. Firstly, the Muslims must repent to their Sustainer, and kill themselves for the sake of Allah, and strive with their money and themselves to raise the word of Allah, and not to worship the idol and follow the Sameris the non-working misguided scholars, that fabricated the Sharia of Allah the Exalted and Mighty, and then replaced the blessings of Allah with disbelief, and the desire to build(for this world) a thousand years, and what has been said about them “Similar to those who carried the Torat and then did not carry it” Surat 62:5 which is the Quran because they did not carry with which it has, “Say Allah you are the owner of sovereignty,you give your sovereignty to whom you will” Surat 3:26, the sovereignty is appointed by Allah and not by the people through elections that they’ve approved;the misguiding scholars. And because the Quran is the Constitution not that the Constitution is placed by the people as how the misguided scholars approved of it “Like the donkey which carries stacks of books,like the example of a folk that lied against the signs of Allah,and Allah does not guide a folk of oppressors” Surat Juma’:14

So these non-working scholars lie against the signs of Allah and they thwart the Quran,and they do not approve that the leader must be appointed by Allah and not the people,and they do not disagree against the void elections by a Quranic text which is Furqani (seperates truth from falsehood) and is an explicator that has no differences from within it.So they with their approval of elections have approved of the usurption of the rights of Ali(a.s)the Prince of the Believers.

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