Son of Noah (a.s.)

Question 526, The Enlightening Answer across the Ether, part 6

Question about great things:

Where was the son of Noah (a.s.) during the Call of his father to him, when he (a.s) said to him: “Embark with us, O my son, and be not one of those who do not believe” (The Holy Quran Surat Hud: 42), knowing that the noble verse stated that he was in isolation. May Allah reward you with good.

Note my Sir and Lord that no one answered me on this question yet. May Allah make benefit to Islam and Muslims and orphans of Muhammad through you. May {rayers of Allah be upon them. And stay protected

Sender: Rashid Al-Assadi – Iraq.

Answer: In The Name Of Allah The Merciful The Most Merciful.
All Praise is due to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and may Allah send His Peace and Blessings upon Muhammad and his Family, Imams and Mahdis.

May Allah help you. He was not his biological son but he was his stepson; meaning son of his wife, and he was not living with Noah (a.s), and he was not a believer in Noah (a.s.) as well as in the case of his mother, and Noah (a.s.) didn’t ask about his wife and didn’t say that she’s a member of his family, because she was proclaiming her disbelief in the Call of Noah to him (to Noah (a.s.)). And for his son or stepson (son of His wife), he was shy from Noah (a.s.); and he was not proclaiming his disbelief in the Call of Noah (a.s.), but when the flood came and the date for separation came he choose to accompany his mother and he avoided Noah (a.s.) the Prophet of Allah, so he perished, and Noah (a.s.) asked about his son because he (his son) was showing sympathy to Noah (a.s.), and then Allah swt. showed Noah (a.s.) that he was not a true believer, but he was a hypocrite who hides his disbelief in the Call of Noah (a.s), and what was preventing him from declaring his disbelief at Noah (a.s.) was his shyness from Noah (a.s.), because he (a.s.) raised him.

And Allah swt. said that he was separated from him (a.s.); meaning separated from the religion of Noah (a.s.); meaning that he was not on the religion of Noah (a.s.); because he was not living with him, and he was not a member of the family of Noah (a.s); because the family of Noah (a.s) are believers in him.

“Allah swt said: It sailed on waves like mountains (high), and Noah called to his son who was separated from him: “Embark with us, O my son, and be not one of those who do not believe.” “I shall go up a mountain,” he said, “which will keep me from the water.” “There is no getting away,” said Noah, “from the decree of God today, except for those on whom be His mercy.” And a wave came between them, and he was among those who were drowned. Then it was said: “O earth, swallow back your water; and, O sky, desist.” And the water subsided, and the decree was accomplished. The ark came to rest on Judi (Mount Ararat), and it was said: “Away with the cursed people!” Noah called on his Lord and said: “O Lord, my son is surely a member of my family, and verily Your promise is true, as You are the most just of all judges.” “O Noah”, He answered, “truly he is not of your family. He is surely the outcome of an unrighteous act. So ask Me not of what you do not know. I warn you not to be one of the ignorant.” “Preserve me, O Lord,” said (Noah), “from asking You that of which I have no knowledge. If You do not forgive me and have mercy on me I shall be among those who perish.” (The Holy Qur’an Surah Hud 42-47)

Ahmed Alhasan
The middle of Shaâban / 1431 H.L

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