Whoever kills one of their enemies in the midst (in battle)

(p182) Question 110: It was narrated from a Hadith from Ahlulbayt (pbut) that whoever kills one of their enemies in the midst (in battle) of Imam Mahdi (pbuh) then for him is the reward of twenty martyrs ([1]), and this favor does not repeat for whoever is killed/martyred in the midst (in battle) of his (pbuh) hands.

Answer: In the apparent (meaning) it (killing) is better than martyrdom; because whoever kills an enemy for Imam Mahdi (pbuh) then he has placed a stone in the divine state of justice and truth, and let us remember here that Hamza (pbuh) and Ali (pbuh) both were killing/fighting and that Ali is better than Hamza; because Ali (pbuh) fights with caution whereas Hamza (pbuh) fights with excitement (for martyrdom), so it is required for the fighters (Mujahideen) to request for the elimination (death) for the warring disbeliever enemy and not to request only for martyrdom even though it (i.e. martyrdom) is the best (reward) in the worldly life and the hereafter.

As for considering the meaning from the hidden (meaning), then the meaning of the Hadith is: That whoever kills for us an enemy (that is to say) he kills his corrupt belief/faith and guides him to the truth and towards following the Qa’im (riser) of the Family of Muhammad (pbut).
The Messenger of Allah (pbuhaf) said to that effect: (“O Ali because if you guide a man towards Allah it is better for you than a red camel (in another Hadith: better for you than this world and everything in it).”) ([2])

And also (another meaning) according to the hidden (meanings): Whoever kills the poisonous self for Imam Mahdi (pbuh), meaning whoever kills the Ego.

[1] From Abi Ja’far (pbuh) as he advised a group that said to him: O son of the Messenger of Allah we want Iraq so advise us, thus he said: (… and know that the one who waits for this matter (emergence of Qa’im) then for him is a reward like that of a fasting person who is awake (while fasting), and whoever encounters the Riser and emerges with him and kills our enemy then he will have the reward similar to 20 martyrs, and whoever gets killed with our Riser he will have the reward similar to that of 25 martyrs.) AlKafi: vol 2, page 222.
[2] Bihar AlAnwar: vol 1, page 184 ; Sahih Bukhari: vol 4, page 20.

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