Why only four women are perfect?

Question: To my Sir and the son of my Imam, Sayyed Ahmad Al Hassan, may Allah protect him and make his footsteps firm… Peace be upon you Ô Family of the Messenger of Allah, the metal of science and the source of Mercy.

Sir, I came to you with one question which always confused my mind and took much time and effort from me and I did not get the answer or reached the meaning (of it), and that is Sir: why only four women are perfect!!! Maryam (a.s.), Asiya (a.s.), Khadija (a.s.), and Az-Zahra the Immaculate and Venerated Lady may Blessings of Allah be upon her.

Can you tell me Sir, and you are her beloved son, in a scientific and ideological way so that I may go back joyful and happy with your answer to my friends, bring this for me from the source of science and from the son of the greatest Prophet may Blessings of Allah be upon him??

I’m waiting for you Sir and I feel eager to meet you and serve you and win the honour of Jihad under your banner… May The Lord of Lords and The Origin of Reasons protect you and make your footsteps firm and bless you, and may you remain under the protection of The Merciful The Most Merciful.

Sender: Assayid Al-Imam-Iraq

Answer: In The Name Of Allah The Merciful The Most Merciful, all Praise is due to Allah Lord of the worlds, and may Allah send His Peace and Blessings to Muhammad and his Family, Imams and Mahdis.

The matter about only four women being perfect is incorrect, and the correct meaning is that every human, according to his knowledge and dedication, has his own status with Allah, whether this human is a man or a woman. As for the preference of a particular person and that he is better than all the people who preceded him or better than people of his time or even better than all people, it is not proven only with a text from Allah swt. about him through His Messengers, and it was proven that Fatima (a.s.) is The Mistress of all the women, by the saying of The Messenger (sawas.) transmitted from Allah the Knower of the Unseen, and it was proven that Maryam, Asiya and Khadija are preferred (have Grace) and have great status with Allah swt., but it is not limited to these, rather, there are a lot of women who are preferred (have Grace) and great status with Allah swt., moreover there is one whom is better than these, Zaynab (a.s.) daughter of Ali (a.s.) is the best of all women after her mother Fatima (a.s.).

So your talk that the preferred women are only four is not accurate, and know that the door is open for every woman until the Day of Judgment to be one of the finest women of the world by her work and dedication.

May Peace and Mercy and Blessings be upon you.

Ahmad Alhasan
Muharram Al-Harram/1432 H

Question 536, The Enlightening Answer across the Ether – volume. 6

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