A questioner who threatened the Yamani

Question 45: In the Name of Allah the Abundantly Merciful and Intensely Merciful Praise due to Allah the Lord of the Worlds and Prayers and Greetings upon the Seal of the Prophets and Messengers Muhammad son of Abdullah upon him the best of peace and the most perfect of greetings, as for what is after:

To the one who claims seeing the Awaited Muhammad in which his knowledge is with Allah the Exalted and Most High and did not appear with clear evidences and absolute proofs which proves his appearance, especially when we are in a great revolution from the enhancements of wired and wireless communications and the current recording enhancements which authorizes who claims to have seen him to record the speech with him with voice and picture. I ask you by Allah who created everything and who simplifies every difficult matter that you return to your guidance and leave the hypocrisy and your deliverance of the Fitna and division among the Muslims and not issue fatwas to the misguided ones from the Jin and humans by allowing their misguidance and claiming that you are an intercessor for them during the appearance of the real Awaited Mahdi.

And this is a warning to you and it is the last warning, if you don’t stop from revealing belief/faith and hiding Kuffer/disbelief I swear by Allah whom no God except him I will kill you by my sword you hypocrite who is eloquent in his speech who uses magic to deviate the people.

And know that your place is known and is specified from my special devices no matter how much you hide yourself and Allah is a guider to the righteous path.

Saudi Arabia

The one who holds firmly to the rope of Allah(AlMutasam Bi Hab Allah)- Hamad son of Hasan son of Zayed son of Zayed Al Milhaan

30/Rabee AlThany/1426 A.H

Answer: In the Name of Allah the Abundantly Merciul and Intensely Merciful and Praise due to Allah the Lord of the Worlds

You claim to be firmly holding to the rope of Allah and the rope of Allah is the Quran and in the Quran there is a verse that if you read it you would have cared much, the Most High said: “Rather, they lied with which they haven’t surrounded in knowledge of, and when its interpretation (Taweel) came; just like those before them who’ve lied so see what the consequence of those who were the wrongdoers” Yunus:39

So with which proof and with which knowledge are you accusing me of lies and hypocrisy?!!

And in the Quran there is a verse if you read it you wouldn’t want to scare and swear and threaten, the Most High said: “If he said any sayings against our sayings*We would have seized him by the right hand*And cut off his aorta*” AlHaaqa 44-46

Imam AlSaadeq pbuh said: “This affair shall not be claimed except by the rightful owner or else Allah will cut off his age” Kafi v.1 p.373 Imama Wal Tabsira p.136 Thawab AlAmal p.214

And in the Quran there is a verse if you read , you wouldn’t have accused me of magic and the Most High said: “And thus, whenever a Messenger came to those from before they said he is a magician or crazed” Tharyat:52

And then I say to you: The likes of me is not scared and is not in need except from Allah and by Allah the Exalted and Most High. So there is for me by my grandfather the Messenger of Allah s.a.w.w an example when the Kuffar (disbelievers) of Quraish wanted to kill him. And there is for me by my grandfather Al Hussain pbuh an example when he was beheaded from one side to the other and lastly I will not close the door on your face;rather, I call you to supplicate to Allah and ask him about what truth that was differed on and knowing the reality of my matter from the world of the secret and the hidden, from the Exalted and Most High. And pray by this supplication(dua)(the specific dua to see a vision that is mentioned previously in the Answer from question 14).

Jamadi AlAwal/1426 A.H
Ahmed Alhasan

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