After the death of the Prophet sawas.

Almighty said: {Muhammad is not but a messenger. [Other] messengers have passed on before him. So if he was to die or be killed, would you turn back on your heels [to unbelief]? And he who turns back on his heels will never harm Allah at all; but Allah will reward the grateful} [1]
The best one who describes what happened after the death of the Prophet sawas is Az-Zahra’ a.s, the closest creation to the Messenger of Allah sawas, where she said in her sermon at the mosque of the Prophet sawas after his death: (…so when Almighty Allah chose for the Holy Prophet the abode of all previous of Allah’s prophets, and the security of His pure ones, there appeared amongst you, the thorns of hypocrisy; consequently, the clothes of religion became worn out and threadbare, and the misguided ones spoke out and the unknown few became eloquent, and the pampered of the false began to rumble, and it began to strut in your plains and courtyards and Satan popped up his head from his hiding place, and, hailing you, he found that you were answering his invitation warmly, and you were responding to his deceptions quickly; he sought to make you rise and he found that you were light and easy to pick up, and he branded you and found you easy to anger (against us); and so you branded the camels that were not yours, and you came to drink from a place which was not meant to be yours; all this when the time of the Pledge was still very recent (the wounds caused by the death of the Prophet), the split in the wound was still wide and the wound had not healed, and the Holy Prophet had not yet been interred in his grave (still un-buried); you made an excuse that you were afraid of disturbances and sedition, but Lo! You have fallen into disturbance and sedition, and hell fire surrounds all the disbelievers) [2]
And when the wives of the immigrants (Muhajirs) and helpers (Ansars) came to visit her they said to her: how did you become from your illness? so she said: (“I swear to Allah (SWT) that I have begun the day, while resenting your world and detesting your men; I have cast them away after trying them; I have detested them after testing them; Shameful is the defiling of honour, the playfulness after seriousness, the slackening of hard rocks, the breaking of spears, the foolishness of judgments and the misguidance of wants; evil indeed are the works which their souls have sent ahead before them, with the result that Allah (SWT)’s wrath is upon them, and in torment will they abide. (Al-Ma’idah (5), verse 80)
Certainly this, their actions, has taken over their control, and has become a heavy load on their shoulders, and its harms have touched them from every direction; so, may the unjust ones be done away with, and all blessings stay far from them.
Woe unto them! They snatched it, the Successor-ship of the Prophet (SAW), away from the foundations of the Messenger-ship, fundamentals of the Prophet-hood and Guidance, away from the place of descent of “Rooh-Ul-Amin (Faithful soul)” and away from He, Who is aware of everything in this world and the Hereafter! The usurpation of Ali (AS)’s Divinely Bestowed Successor-ship; surely, that their actions are a clear loss; why do they have animosity towards Abul-Hassan, Ali (AS)? I swear to Allah (SWT) they took vengeance because of his, that is, Ali (AS)’s unbiased sword, his little regard for dying, his unprecedented courage, his deadly assaults against transgressors, his severe encounters and his anger for the sole sake of Allah (SWT).
I swear to Allah (SWT), had they accepted Ali (AS)’s leadership, whenever they would have deviated from the clear Path, and from acceptance of the apparent reasons, surely Ali (AS) would have brought them back to the Path, and supported and carried them on it, and directed them easily and smoothly, in a way that the carrier would not be hurt, and the guide would not be tired, and the traveller would not be harmed; Ali (AS) would have directed them to the pure and limpid fountainhead of knowledge, overflowing with fresh waters, which have no impurity; Ali (AS) would have quenched their thirst for learning; Ali (AS) would have benevolently, secretly or openly, guided them; while he (AS) would never favour himself with the worldly things with any personal gain and pleasure, his only goal from obtaining the world would have been, quenching the thirst of the thirsty, and feeding the hungry; thus, the pious would have been distinguished from the worldly people, and the honest from the dishonest.
“And if the people of the towns had believed and became pious, guarded against evil, We would certainly have opened up for them blessings from the heavens and the earth, but they rejected, so We overtook them for what they had earned.” ( Al-A’raaf (7), verse 96)
And for the oppressors of these people, the evil results of their deeds will soon overtake them, and they shall never be able to make us incapable.” ( Zumar (39), verse 51)
Behold! Pay attention and listen, in your life time you shall see dreadful wonders!
Allah (SWT) told the Prophet (SAW) if you are astonished; strange and astonishing are their words! ( Ar-Ra’d (13), verse 5)
I wish I knew what reason they have for that which they have done? And what they have relied on? On what grip have they held on? Do they not know, upon whose progeny have they encroached, and spoken against? Certainly, Evil is the guardian and evil is the associate they have chosen; (Hajj (22), verse 13) evil is the exchange, for the oppressors. ( Kahf (18), verse 50)
I swear to Allah they have exchanged the head for the tale, the wise for the incapable. Dishonored and despised be the people, who: “they thought that they were acquiring good by their works!” (Al-Kahf (18), verse 104)
Behold! Surely, they are the ones who make mischief, but they comprehend not. ( Baqarah (2), verse 12)
Woe onto them! Is then he who gives guidance to the Truth, more worthy to be followed, or he who finds not guidance himself, unless he is guided? What then is the matter with you? “What kind of a judgment is it that you make!” ( Yunus (10), verse 35)
I swear on my life, destiny has conceived; so wait, until its fruit comes about; then milk full buckets of fresh blood and fatal poison; at that time, the dealers of untruth shall suffer; and the ones who come to follow shall know the evil which their forefathers have established; so be happy with your world now, but prepare your hearts for calamities, beware of sharp swords against you, and assaults of tyrant enemies, and overwhelming confusions, and atrocity of oppressors who shall plunder your belongings and harvest you all!
ALAS! How can I make you understand, while you have gone astray? Shall we then compel you to accept it, when you are averse to it!”) [3]

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And like that, after the death of the Prophet sawas, the last was advanced and the first was dropped, and Abu Bakr, Umar and their followers took power, and the Guardian of the Messenger of Allah sawas, Ali bin Abi Taleb, was eliminated, and [he] was harmed, him and Az-Zahra’ (a.s), and she a.s died after the attack of Umar and a group of hypocrites of her house to force Imam Ali a.s to pledge allegiance to Abu Bakr, and he hit her with whip and pressed her between the wall and the door until he broke her rib and the nail pierced her chest, and cause her to drop her baby. And she went to her father oppressed, and defeated by people who used to hear the Prophet sawas saying what means: (Allah gets angry for the anger of Fatima) [1]

So misery is for the people when they violated what Allah has forbidden, and underestimated the best of His creation: {Their example is that of one who kindled a fire, but when it illuminated what was around him, Allah took away their light and left them in darkness [so] they could not see} [2]
That, and the Prophet sawas did not leave the Muslims, in his life, without directing them to the leadership after him, and to the Guardians from his sons a.s, where Allah swt commanded him with that. But, temptation for the selection has to be, and Sameri has to be, and the Calf has to be, Almighty said: {Do the people think that they will be left to say, “We believe” and they will not be tried? But We have certainly tried those before them, and Allah will surely make evident those who are truthful, and He will surely make evident the liars. Or do those who do evil deeds think they can outrun Us? Evil is what they judge.} [3]

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And verily, when I wanted to choose some narrations from the Prophet sawas which indicate that he guided the Muslims to the straight path, and to the Guardians after him and the successors of Allah on His earth, I hesitated, which one should I select, for they are plentiful whether in the books of Shia or Sunna. And verily I, and even if I confined to a few ones, but I ask from Allah that He makes in it a victory for religion, a benefit to Muslims and support for the believers:
. Al-Hafith Muhib Ad-Din Ahmed At-Tabari narrated, and he is from Sunni scholars, and their narrators in the book “Dakha’ir Al-Uqba fi manaqib Dawi Al-Qurba”: From Anas he said: (There was with the Messenger of Allah sawas a bird so he said: O Allah! bring me the most beloved creature to You to eat this bird with me, so Ali Bin Abi Taleb came and ate with him) [1]
.And from Muada Al-Ghafaria she said: I came to the Prophet sawas at the house of Aisha and Ali was exiting it so I heard him saying: (O Aisha, Surely this man is the most beloved of all men and the most precious to me. Therefore, recognize his rights, and pay tribute to him) [2]
.And from Al-Bara’ Bin Azib he said: the Prophet sawas said: (Ali to me is like my head to my body) [3]
.And from Al-Muttalib Bin Abdullah Ibn Hanthab, he said: When the delegation of Thaqeef came, the Prophet sawas said to them: (You shall convert to Islam or I shall send you a man from me -or he said like myself- to cut your necks, to enchant your sons, and to take your money. Umar said: By Allah, I did not wish for Emirate (being Prince) until that day, so I was raising my chest hoping that he says this is him (meaning Umar). He said: So he turned towards Ali and took his hand, and said: This is him, this is him) [4]
.And from Anas Ibn Malek he said: The messenger of Allah sawas said: (Every Prophet has a coordinate in his nation, and Ali is my coordinate) [5]
.And from Abi Ayub he said: The messenger of Allah sawas said: (Verily, the Angels has sent their prayers upon me and upon Ali; because we were praying and no one was with us praying other than us) [6]

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.And from Abi Dhar he said: The messenger of Allah sawas said: (When I was taken to the sky (Isra) I passed by an Angel sitting on a bed from light, and one of his legs is in the Orient and the other in the Occident, and he was looking at a tablet between his hands, and all Dunya (world) is between his eyes and the creation is between his knees and his hand reaches the Orient and the Occident, so I said: O Gabriel who is this? so he said: This is Azrael, come closer and send peace upon him, so I came closer and sent peace upon him, so he said: And may peace be upon you O Ahmed What your cousin Ali did. So I said: Do you know my cousin Ali? He said: And how I don’t know him, and Allah commanded me to take the souls of creations except your soul and the soul of your cousin Ali Bin Abi Taleb, because Allah takes your souls by His will) [1]
.And from Um Salma, from the messenger of Allah sawas he said: (Whoever loved Ali, loved me, and whoever loved me, loved Allah. And whoever hated Ali, hated me, and whoever hated me, hated Allah Almighty) [2]
.And from Ibn Abbas, he said: (I was with Al-Abbas sitting in the house of the Messenger of Allah, and suddenly Ali bin Abi Taleb a.s entered and sent peace, so the Messenger of Allah replied to him and stood up to him and hugged him and kissed him between his eyes and made him sit in his right, Al-Abbsa said: O Messenger of Allah! Do you love this one! So the Messenger of Allah said: O by Allah, Allah loves him more/greater than I do, verily, Allah made the descendants of each Prophet from himself, and He made my descendants from him) [3]
.And from Imran Ibn Hasin, from the Prophet sawas, he said: (Verily, Ali is from me and I am from him, and he is the Waliy (friend) of every believer after me) [4]
.And from Abi Rafi’ he said: When Ali killed Ashab Al-Alwya (companions of Alwya) at the day of Uhud, Gabriel a.s said: (O Messenger of Allah, verily, this is the [real] consolation, so the Prophet sawas said: Verily, he is from me and I am from him, so Gabriel said: and I am from both of you O Messenger of Allah) [5]
.And from Ibn Khamis, he said: the Messenger of Allah sawas said: (I was taken to the sky (Isra) and I look at the legs of the right Throne, so I saw a book [and I understood] Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, I (Allah) have supported him (Muhammad) by Ali and I have aided him by him) [6]
.And from Baridah, from him sawas: (Every Prophet has a Guardian and Heir and verily Ali is my Guardian and Heir) [7]

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And At-Tabari commented on it and he quoted narrations as evidence, that what is meant by Guardianship is that the Prophet recommended that Ali a.s take care of his Ghusl [1].
And how these people are surprising, they see all these narrations and then they lean right and left!!
.And it was narrated from Anas, he said: I was at [the house of] the Prophet sawas and he saw Ali coming, so he said: (O Anas, I said: Labayk (I am resident on your obedience), he said: This man who is coming is my proof upon my nation on the Day of Judgment) [2]
.And from Al-Bara’ Ibn Azib: he said: We were travelling with the Prophet sawas. Then we stopped at a place called Ghadeer Khum. We prayed the congregational prayer, and a place was sweep to the Messenger of Allah under a tree, so he prayed Duhr and took the hand of Ali, and said: (Do you witness that I have more authority over every believer than he has over himself? The people responded with a Yes, so he took the hand of Ali and said: Whomever I am his master, then this Ali is also his master. Oh Allah befriend who befriends him, be the enemy of his enemy) , he said: so Umar met him after that and said: congratulations O son of Abi Taleb you have become the Mawla of every man and woman believer) [3]
And in Al-Manaqib he added to it: (And support whoever supported him and love whoever loved him) [4]

And this is the Hadith of Ghadeer, more famous than a fire upon a mount (this is a proverb: The ancient Arabs ignited fire on the mountain to guide/show the way to a passenger), and it is Mutawatir (the people who narrated it can not lie about it) from the two groups (Shia and Sunna), but the people are interpreting (wrong) the Wilaya (Guardianship), even though the Messenger of Allah sawas joined the Guardianship of Ali a.s with his Guardianship sawas, and his Guardianship sawas with the Guardianship of Allah Almighty.
And At-Tabari narrated from Umar that : (he said to a man Wayhak (Woe to you), you do not know who is this man, this is my Master and the Master of every believer and whomever he [Ali] is not his Master, he is not a believer) [5]

[1] Ahmed Bin Abdullah At-Tabari said in Dhakha’ir Al-Uqba after he mentioned the previous Hadith: And if this Hadith was correct, so the inheritance would have been carried upon what Muad bin Jabal, may Allah be pleased with him, narrated from him, he said: Ali said: (O Messenger of Allah, what I inherit from you? he said: What the Prophets inherit from each others, the book of Allah and the Sunna (Law) of His Prophet) . And the recommending is carried upon what Anas narrated: That the Prophet sawas said: (My Guardian and my heir pays my debts and makes my commitment,Ali bin Abi Taleb, may Allah be pleased with him) . Akhrajah Ahmad in Al Manaqib…and kharajah Ibn Siraj, or upon what Hussein bin Ali narrated from his father from his grandfather he said: The Prophet sawas recommended Ali to perform ghusl for him, so Ali said: (O Messenger of Allah, I’m afraid not [be able] to bear it, he said: You will be helped on me, so Ali may Allah be pleased with him said: By Allah, whenever I wanted to flip an organ of the Messenger of Allah it was turned for me). And this interpretation is supported by what was mentioned from correct Hadiths in denying the inheritance and recommending, and that he did not promise them a pact except what is in the book of Allah and what is in a tablet which contains some teeth of camels and from (al3a9l) upon what we decided in the book of Ar-Riad An-Nadra in the virtues of the teen [ones] may Allah be pleased with them.) Dhakha’ir Al-Uqba: Page 71
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Walayta Chi’ri (if only I know, if only I feel; expresses exclamation), if you were recognizing that he is your master and Mawla, so why did you violate his right, you and your companion, and you wanted to burn his house, rather, you plotted to kill him, is it from envy like the envy of Sameri for Harun a.s, and from arrogance like the arrogance of Iblis for Adam a.s?! And if only I know who taught Iblis the arrogance, and who seduced him?!
And At-Tabari narrated from Saad Bin Abi Waqqas, that the Prophet sawas said to Ali a.s: (You are to me like Aaron (Harun) to Moses (Musa). But there will be no prophet after me) [1] And this Hadith is more famous than a fire upon a mount.
I say: if you were seeing that he is like Aaron was to Moses, are you blind not to see the status of Aaron to Moses?! Doesn’t Qur’an says [and insists] that Aaron is the successor of Moses, {And We made an appointment with Moses for thirty nights and perfected them by [the addition of] ten; so the term of his Lord was completed as forty nights. And Moses said to his brother Aaron, “Take my place among my people, do right [by them], and do not follow the way of the corrupters.”}[2]
And by Allah his Guardianship and the Guardianship of his sons after him and their succession to the Messenger of Allah sawas is clearer than the sun in what the Sunna narrate from the Messenger of Allah sawas as well as what Shia narrate, and what Qur’an proclaims in many verses, rather, their remembrance exists in the current Torah and Gospel, even if the Jews and Christians tried to obliterate their remembrance in the past, like unfortunately some Mulims tried and try today, even though the Qur’an recommended them and the Messenger of Allah recommended them. But, O my people, should we force it upon you while you are averse to it? And wait, indeed, we are waiting.
And whoever wants more in the books of Sunna, he has to review Dhakha’ir Al-Uqba from At-Tabari, Yanabi’ Al-Mawada, Fara’id As-Samtin, Sunan At-Tirmidi, Musnad Ahmad, Al-Manaqib, Matalib As-Su’ul from Ash-Shafi’i, Musnad Al-Bukhari, Musnad Muslim or what they call it as Sahihayn (the two correct [books]), Sunan Abi Dawud, Nisa’i, Ibn Maja, Al-Hakim An-Nisaburi, Kifayat At-Talib, and others.

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.The Allama (who knows about different sciences) Faqih Muhammad Bin Ali Bin Uthman Al-Karajki (May Allah have mercy upon him) and he is among the leaders of Imami Shia clerics and among the ones who lived with Sheikh Al-Muhaqiq At-Tusi (may Allah have mercy upon him) in one era, and he is for the Shia clerics in the top layer of consideration, and his choices are from the first-class like it was said about him, and in his book Al-Istinsar, he said: The messenger of Allah sawas said: As-Sheikh Al-Mufid told me and he mentioned Sanad (the narrators who narrated the hadith) to the second Abi Ja’far a.s from his fathers from the Prince of Believers a.s, he said: the Messenger of Allah sawas said: (Believe in the night of Al Qadr, because, verily, the matter of the year descends in it, and verily, that matter has Wulat (friends) after me, Ali bin Abi Taleb and his eleven descendants a.s) [1]
.And by Isnad (meaning it is narrated from so and so …from the Prophet sawas) from Abi Ja’far Muhammad Bin Ali Al-Baqir a.s, from Jabir Bin Abdullah Al-Ansari, the Messenger of Allah sawas said: (Stick by the night of Al Qadr, because, verily, it will be after me for Ali bin Abi Taleb and his eleven descendants after him a.s) [2]
.And from the first Abi Ja’far- meaning Al-Baqir a.s- from his father from his grandfather, he said: the Messenger of Allah sawas said: (Verily, I am and twelve from my family, the first of them is Ali bin Abi Taleb, the pegs of the earth with which Allah held it [the earth] not to be destroyed/swallowed with its people, so if the twelve from my family will no longer be there, the earth will devour its inhabitants without delay [and you shall not be observed]) [3]
.And from Abi Ja’far a.s, he said, the Messenger of Allah sawas said: (From my descendants there will be twelve noble supervisors, who are (Muhaddathun) persons to whom angles speak and very intelligent. from them will be Al-Qa’im who will fill the earth with justice after being filled with injustice.”) [4]
.And from Abi Abdullah a.s, from his Fathers, he said: the Messenger of Allah sawas said: (Allah has chosen from among the days the day of Friday, and from among the months the month of Ramadan, and from among the nights the night of Al-Qadr.
And he has chosen from among the people the prophets, and from among the prophets the messengers, and he has chosen me from among the messengers, and he has chosen from me Ali, and he has chosen from Ali Al-Hasan and Al-Hussein a.s, and he has chosen from Al-Hussein the Guardians, and they are nine from the descendants of Al-Hussein who will take out from this religion the distortion of Al-Ghaliyyin and the larceny of the falsifiers and the interpretation of the ignorant ones, the ninth of them is the most apparent/evident among them, their spokesman and their Qa’im, and he is the best among them) [5]

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.And what As-Sadiq a.s narrated from his fathers a.s, from the Messenger of Allah sawas, he said: (Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice!-three times-The similitude of my nation is like that of rain which you cannot tell whether its beginning is better or its ending. The similitude of my nation is like that of a garden from which some are fed this year and others shall be fed next year. It may even be the case that the ones that are fed from it later shall have a better, more lasting and higher yielding crop. How could a nation be destroyed which starts out with me, and ends with twelve prosperous wise ones and Jesus – the son of Mary is the last of them? However, those who make chaos shall be destroyed. They are not of me and I am not of them) [1]
.And the Allama Ibn Ayyash (may Allah have mercy upon him) narrated in his book Muqtadab Al-Athar by his isnad to Salman Al-Farisi, he said: we were with the Messenger of Allah sawas and Al-Hussein Ibn Ali a.s was on his thigh, so he fixed his eye on his face and said to him: (O Aba Abdullah, you are a master from among the masters, and you are Imam son of Imam, brother of Imam and father of nine Imams, the ninth of them is their Qa’im, their Imam, the more knowledgeable among them, the wisest and the best of them) [2]

And many are the proofs about the Imamate of Ali and his eleven sons a.s and their succession to the Messenger of Allah sawas, and perhaps the greatest of it [proofs] is : {Indeed, We sent the Qur’an down during the Night of Decree} ( Al-Qadr (97):1).
Because this Surah indicates that the Angels and the Spirit descend therein by the permission of Allah after the Prophet sawas upon his infallible successors, or it will be said that it is gone with the Prophet sawas, even though the Muslims are agreed upon its permanence/existence, and here they are asking for it in the last ten days of Ramadan every year, and whoever wants except stubbornness, let him say: a goat even if it flew!! [This proverb is said of obstinate people who even refuse to be shown the truth. Two shepherds saw a black object on the opposite side of the valley. One said that it was a heron. The other insisted it was a goat. While in the heat of the argument the object flew away. The second man then said, “Didn’t I tell you it was a bird?” The first man answered, “No. It’s a goat, though it flew!”]
.Imam Al-Baqir a.s said: (O Shiites, argue by Surat {Indeed, We sent the Qur’an down during the Night of Decree} and you shall succeed, because by Allah it is a proof of Allah Almighty upon His creation after the Messenger of Allah sawas, and it is the lady of your religion, and it is the purpose of our knowledge O Shiites. O Shiites, argue by {Ha, Meem. By the clear Book} for it is especially for the rulers of the matter after the Messenger of Allah sawas…) [3]
.And from As-Sadiq a.s, from hi s fathers, from the Prophet sawas, he said: (When I was taken to the sky, my Lord Almighty inspired me… And he continued the Hadith until he said: So I raised my head, and suddenly [I saw] the lights of Ali, Fatima, Al-Hasan, Al-Hussein, Ali Bin Al-Hussein, Muhammad, Ja’far, Musa, Ali, Muhammad, Ali and Al-Hasan and Al-Hujja Ibn Al-Hasan Al-Qa’im in their midst like a pearly star, I said: O Lord, who are these? He said: these are the Imams, and this is Al-Qa’im who allow My halal and prevent My haram, and with him I shall revenge to My enemies, and he is a comfort for My friends, and he is the one who cure the hearts of your Shia from the oppressors, ungrateful ones and unbelievers, so Al-Lat and Al-‘Uzza will come out in flesh and he shall burn them, so the temptation of the people by them in that day will be harder/stronger than the temptation of Calf and Sameri) [4]

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[4] Kamal Ad-Din: Page 253; Ghaybat At-Tussi: Page 173; Bihar Al-Anwar: V52, Page 379; Ilzam An-Naseeb: V1, Page 169

.And As-Saduq narrated in both Ikamal Ad-Din and ‘Uyun Al-Akhbar Ar-Ridha a.s, he said: from my father and Ibn Al-Walid both, and the Hadith was narrated [by a chain of narrators] from Imam As-Sadiq, from Imam Al-Baqir a.s, from Jabeer Bin Abdullah Al-Ansari that he saw in the hand of Fatima a.s a tablet which Allah Almighty gave to the Messenger sawas, and the Messenger sawas gave to Fatima a.s, written in it: (In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. This is a Book from Allah, the Mighty, the Wise to Muhammad, His light, His ambassador, His veil and His proof. The trustworthy spirit has descended with it from the Lord of the worlds.
O Muhammad! Magnify my names, be grateful for My bounties and do not deny My endowments. Verily I am Allah, there is no god but Me, the Shattered of the giants/titans, the Destroyer of the oppressors, the Degrader of the tyrants and the Establisher of the Day of Judgment [1] Verily I am Allah, there is no god but Me. Whoever expects grace from other than Me or fears other than My justice, I will punish him in such a way that I will not punish [2] anybody in this manner in the worlds. Hence, worship only Me and rely only on Me. Indeed, I did not raise a messenger, completed his days and terminated his duration but that I appointed for him a successor. Certainly, I made you superior over all other Prophets and made your successor superior over all other successors. After him, I honored you with your two cubs [3] after him and your grandsons, Hassan and Hussain [4] I made Hassan the mine of My knowledge after the end of the days of his father and I made Hussain the treasure chest of My revelation, I honored him with martyrdom and sealed it for him with eternal bliss. So, he is the best of the martyrs and the highest of them in grade. I have placed My perfect word with him and the complete proof near him [5] Through his progeny, I shall reward and punish. The first of them is Ali, the chief of the worshippers and the adornment of My past friends [6], then his son who resembles his grandfather [7] al- Mahmood, Muhammad the splitter of My knowledge and the mine of My wisdom. Soon, those who doubt concerning his son Ja’far will be destroyed. He who rejects him has rejected Me. I speak the truth, I will indeed honor the position of Ja’far and make him happy vis-à-vis his Shias, his helpers and his friends. After him, I have selected Musa and there will be [8] blinding, dark corruption so that the spark of My obedience is not terminated [9], My proof is not hidden and My friends are not afflicted with misfortune. Beware! Whoever denies even one of them has denied My bounty. Whoever changes one verse from My Book, then indeed has attributed a lie unto Me. Then woe unto the liars, the deniers with the termination of the duration of My servant, My beloved and My chosen one, Musa. (Behold) [10]Verily, the one who denies the eighth is as if he has denied all My friends (Imams). Ali is My friend, My helper and the one upon whom I have placed Prophethood’s burden of proof and conferred upon him [11] mastership. An arrogant devil will murder him. He will be buried in a city, which the righteous servant has built, next to the worst of My creatures. I speak the truth, I will soothe his eyes with Muhammad, his son [12] and his successor after him. He is the heir of My knowledge, the mine of My wisdom, the place of My joy and My proof upon My creatures. (None shall believe in him but) [13] that the paradise will be his abode and I will allow him to intercede for seventy (thousand) [14] of his family members, even if all of them are eligible for hell. I will complete his bliss with his son Ali, My friend, My helper, My witness amongst My creatures and My trustee upon My revelation. From him, I will bring the caller to My path and the treasurer of My Knowledge Al-Hasan. Thereafter, I will complete this (chain of Imamate) with his son, mercy for the worlds. He will possess the perfection of Musa, the brightness of Isa and the patience of Ayyub [15]
Soon, My friends will be humiliated in his time and their heads will be gifted as trophies like the heads of the Turks and the Dailamites. They will be killed, they will be burnt, they will live in a state of fear, terror and trepidation. The earth will be colored with their blood and wailing and sobbing will be commonplace [16] among their womenfolk. They are My true friends! Through them I will repel all blinding and dark mischief, remove the earthquakes and do away with the burdens [17] and the chains. {They are those upon them is the blessings of their Lord and mercy. And they are the guided ones}[18]) [19]

[1] In Al-Kafi: and the Helper of the oppressed and the Establisher of the Judgement.
[2] In some copies of Al-Kafi: I will not punish with him.
[3] In some copies of Al-Kafi: with your two sprigs.
[4] In Al-Kafi: Hasan and Hussein.
[5] In Ghaybat Anu’mani: So, he is the best of the martyrs in, and the highest of them in grade to me… and the complete proof near him.
[6] In some copies of Al-Kafi: And the adornment of the past friends of Allah.
[7] In some copies of Kamal Ad-Din: the look-alike of his grandfather.
[8] In Al-Kafi: it was permitted. And also in some of its copies: it was allowed. And this is what exists in Ghaybat Anu’mani.
[9] In some copies of Kamal Ad-Din: so that the spark of My will. And in some copies of Ghaybat Anu’mani: Behold, verily the spark of my obedience.
[10] It was mentioned in Kamal Ad-Din.
[11] In Ghaybat At-Tusi: enjoyed him with, and in Al-Awalim: wa amnahanahu (I will give him).
[12] By his son: (م ح م د)
[13] This expression was mentioned in the explanation of Usul Al-Kafi from Al-Mazandarani: V7, Page 363.
[14] This word was mentioned in Ghaybat At-Tusi: Page 146. And in Ghaybat Annu’mani: Page 71.
[15] In Al-Hidaya Al-Kubra from Al-Khusaybi: He will possess the complete elite of Adam and the Highness of Idriss and the quietness of Noah and the indulgence/toleration of Ibrahim and the intensity/strength of Moses and the brightness of Isa and the patience of Ayyub a.s.
[16] In Al-Kafi: Arana (what is listened due to its beauty). And Ar-Ranna: shouting in the calamity.
[17] In some copies of Kamal Ad-Din: the chains.
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Abd Ar-Rahman Ibn Salem said, Abu Basir said: (Even if you would hear no other
Hadith expect this it will be enough for you. Protect it against everyone except the deserving people) [1]
And the same was narrated from the Messenger of Allah sawas by the writing/hands of the Prince of Believers (a.s.) in Al-Bihar [2]
And even with all what Sahaba (companions) heard, and what they narrated from the Messenger of Allah sawas and his positions with Ali a.s and his confirmation to follow him, and to follow his eleven sons, the Guardians after him, the majority of Muslims chose to follow the Imams of misguidance, and they fell into temptation of Calf and followed Sameri!! And they did with Ali a.s at the death of the Prophet like Banu Israel did with Harun a.s at the absence of Moses a.s, and like that, the apostasy which Allah warned them from falling into happened, Almighty said: {Muhammad is not but a messenger. [Other] messengers have passed on before him. So if he was to die or be killed, would you turn back on your heels [to unbelief]? And he who turns back on his heels will never harm Allah at all; but Allah will reward the grateful} [3] And the people turned back on their heels except for few nafr (From three to ten men) from among the companions of the Prophet (sawas.) and they are Ammar, Abu Dhar, Al-Miqdad and Salman. And then many Sahaba (companions) started to come back to the truth and to the mowalat (adherence) to Ali a.s after they let him down and did not support his right in the beginning, and after they saw the oppression which started to increase day after day due to the domination of the sorcery and Evil over the leadership and the succession of the Prophet sawas, and the dawawin of distinction started to give from the house of foundation until the matter arrived to the point that Uthman gives the fifth of Africa to Marwan Ibn Al-Hakam [4], and Mu’awia At-Taliq, the enemy of Islam, becomes the Wali (magistrate) of the Levant during the reign of Umar, and controls Abu-Dhar (may Allah have mercy upon him) and humiliates him and hurts him and expels him from the Levant, after Abu-Dhar exposed the luxury of Mu’awia and his takeover of the money of Muslims, and finally Uthman hurried to kill Abu-Dhar (may Allah have mercy upon him) by expelling him to Ar-Rabdha, and left him to die alone, defeated and suffering from poverty and hunger, while the legacy/heritage of Abd Ar-Rahman Bin Awf from gold breaks axes, and Talha, Uthman, Saad and others have a lot a lot, and if I don’t say all of it, then it’s the majority of the house of foundation of Muslims.
And whoever wants more, review the history of the people in the books of History [5]
And if we asked Abu-Dhar (may Allah have mercy upon him) why all these pains and calamities in your life, O Aba-Dhar?
He would have said what means: My beloved, the Messenger of Allah sawas said to me: say the truth O Aba-Dhar, and I said the truth, and the truth left me with no friends [6]

[1] ’Uyun Akhbar Ar-Ridha: V2, Page 50; Kamal Ad-Din: Page 311; Al-Kafi: V1, Page 529
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[4]Ibn Abi Hadid said in Explanation of An-Nahj: (And the third of people is Uthman Ibn Affan Bin Abi Al-‘As Bin Umaya Bin Abd Shams Bin Abd Manaf, his nickname is Abu Amro, and his mother Arwa Bint Kariz Bin Rabi’a Bin Habib Bin Abd Shams. The people pledged allegiance to him after the Consultation passed, and after the matter was settled for him…, وصحت فيه فراسة عمر، فانه اوطأ بني امية رقاب الناس، وولاهم الولايات واقطعهم القطائع and Africa was opened during his days, so he took all Khums and gave it toMarwan, so Abdu-Rahman Bin Hanbal Al-Jamahi said…
And you gave to Marwan the fifth of the country … فهيهات سعيك ممن سعى!!) Explanation of Nahj Al-Balagha: V1, Page 198
[5]Review the book of Al-Ghadeer from Sheikh Al-Amini: V8, Page 292, and after it; explanation of Nahj Al-Balagha from Ibn Abi Hadid Al-Mu’tazali: V3, Page 54; and others
[6] It was narrated in the commands of the Messenger Muhammad sawas to Abi Dhar a.s: (…I said: O Messenger of Allah, tell me more. He said: speak the truth even if it was bitter. I said: O Messenger of Allah, tell me more. He said: Do not fear in Allah the blame of a critic…) Al-Amali from At-Tusi: Page 539-541

Blessed you are, O Abu Dhar, because your jailers were humiliated, and they did not kill you, but you killed them, and they died in their lives, and you are until today alive in the hearts of the believers, rather, you are with us and a high example in every heart of a noble and free man, who asks the rights of the poor ones, the needy ones and the vulnerable ones wherever he is.
And the saying of Master of the monotheists after the Messenger of Allah sawas, Ali bin Abi Talib a.s is sufficient for you: (O’ Abu Dharr! You showed anger in the name of Allah therefore have hope in Him for Whom you became angry. The people were afraid of you in the matter of their (pleasure of this) world while you feared them for your faith. Then leave to them that for which they are afraid of you and get away from them taking away what you fear them about.
How needy are they for what you dissuade them from and how heedless are you towards what they are denying you. You will shortly know who is the gainer tomorrow (on the Day of Judgement) and who is more enviable. Even if these skies and earth were closed to some individual and he feared Allah, then Allah would open them for him. Only rightfulness should attract you while wrongfulness should detract you.
If you had accepted their worldly attractions they would have loved you and if you had shared in it they would have given you asylum) [1]
And before this incident, many incidents and calamities inflicted upon the Islam and the Muslims, Abu Bakr sent Khaled Ibn Al-Atl Az-Zanim to kill Malek Bin Nuwayra (may Allah be pleased with him) and to assault his wife in the same night when he was killed, why? Because Malek refused to pay Zakat of the money of Bani Tamim Al-Battah to Abu Bakr; because he is a rapist of the succession of the Messenger of Allah from its owner whom Muslims know, and they saw and heard the Messenger of Allah sawas assigning him as a successor of him in Ghadeer Khum and in other events, and he is Ali ibn Abi Talib, and the strange thing is, that Abbas Mahmood Al-Aqqad passed by the saying of Malek Bin Nuwayra:
“I told you to take your money (tax alms) with no fear and no worries of what happens tomorrow, If someone assumes power, we will tell him, the only religion is the religion of Muhammad” [2]
So he said: Most probably, that he wasted what he gathered from charities on his life and amusement, and then he was reproached about that? So he answered his blamers by these verses)!!
And If only I know, how did you read these verses, and understood this meaning?! And the case is that the man is saying take your money, meaning: that he turned it to them. And then after this, Al-Aqqad tries to make the murder of Malek Bin Nuwayra, and the assault on his wife, mysterious, in which the crime of Abi Bakr and Khaled Ibn Al-Atl Az-Zanim is not shown, to make after that, Khaled Bin Al-Walid genius and special, whom Jihad occupied him from learning one Surah of the Qur’an to read in his prayer when he leads the prayer for Muslims, what is this equity O Aqqad, (And why O Saad you are giving water to camels in that way) (proverb said to those who do not improve their work or do not do it in the required way).

[1] Nahj Al-Balagha: V2, Page 17
[2] Review Tarjamat Malek Bin Nuwayra in Al-‘iSaba: V5, Page 560; Wafayat Al-‘a’yan from Ibn Khalkan: V6, Page14; Ma’alim Al-Madrasatayn: V2, Page 82

Sufficient for us is Allah, and [He is] the best Disposer of affairs, and those who are taking people into attacking the family of Muhammad are going to know to what [kind of] return they will be returned.
And anyways, the matter is great/dangerous after the death of the Prophet sawas, and the illegal and unfair practices are too many, and the incident of Malek Bin Nuwayra is sufficient for the one who listens while he is present [in mind], and the blood, money and the interests of Muslims were violated, so does anything remain?!
And someone can ask: why Ali Bin Abi Talib did not raise his sword, and why the Messenger of Allah sawas asked from him to be patient in oppression after him?!
And even if the answer is in what I presented in the research and in the saying of the Prince of Believers a.s: (If I speak out they would call me greedy towards power but if I keep quiet they would say I was afraid of death. It is a pity that after all the ups and downs (I have been through). By Allah the son of Abu Talib is more familiar with death than an infant with the breast of his mother. I have hidden knowledge, if I disclose it you will start trembling like ropes in deep wells) [1]
But, it is quite to clarify little bit, and I mention here two reasons:

The First: Islam did not settle in the hearts of people, because their Islam is apparent and [it is] not a true and firm faith which can not be feared that its people apostate, because their state is like the state of she who untwisted her spun thread after it was strong, except for few from among them, Almighty said: {The bedouins say, “We have believed.” Say, “You have not [yet] believed; but say [instead], ‘We have submitted,’} [2]
And Almighty said: {And if they had been entered upon from all its [surrounding] regions and fitnah had been demanded of them, they would have done it and not hesitated over it except briefly} [3]

[1] Nahj Al-Balagha: V1, Page 36
[2] Al-Hujurat (49): 14
[3] Al-Ahzab (33): 14

And in the Qur’an, many verses are indicating that the state of many Muslims is shaky, and with the presence of the hypocrites, you can know the result, and based on this, the Guardian has to be satisfied with the apparent, and to be patient like the Messenger of Allah sawas was satisfied with the apparent and was patient with the hypocrites, and the one who listens to their words. Otherwise, this construction which the Messenger of Allah sawas and his Guardian a.s strained, for more than twenty years to build, will be demolished. Because the great benefit which is hoped from this religion is the perfection of the light of Allah on His earth, the worship of the people of the earth of Allah, and the spreading of the word there is no god but Allah.
And the lifting of the banner “Allahu Akbar” “Allah is greater” on every spot of the earth will not be realized in the time of the Prophet sawas or the Guardian, rather, [it will be realized] in the time of the seal of Guardians Al-Mahdi a.s, and this is a divine Sunah in the previous nations, because Moses was sent to the people of Banu Israel and they crossed the sea with him, but in the desert of Sinai they rebelled against him and refused to fight the Giants.
Almighty said {They said: “O Moses, we shall never, never enter so long as they are there. Go you and your Lord to fight them; we stay here.”} [1] And therefore, they refused to carry the word of there is no god but Allah to the people, and Allah Almighty punished them with Wilderness (At-Tih) in the desert of Sinai for forty years.
And the result of this Wilderness was, the reforming punishment, the coming of a righteous divine nation, and they are the sons of these reprobates and their grandsons, and they have lifted the word of there is no god but Allah with Joshua son of Nun the Guardian of Moses a.s, and they fought the Giants and the tyrants and they gave victory to the religion of Allah on His earth.
So the result which is hoped from this nation is in the End of Times, meaning in the time of the appearance of Al-Mahdi a.s, and we hope from Allah that our time is like many narrations indicated, and Allah knows the best.
And it was mentioned before, from the Messenger of Allah sawas, he said: (…the example of my nation is like a garden, whenever a horde is fed, the latest is the largest, the deepest, the longest and the best…) [2]
So, the Messenger is hoping that the latest horde from his nation be the best of them, rather, perhaps this nation, meaning the companions of Al-Mahdi (a.s) and his supporters (Ansars) are not joined with the ones who preceded them, whether from this nation or from others along the march of humanity on earth, and they were described in the Qudsi Hadith: (..And I chose for that time servants for Myself, whom I tested their hearts with faith, and I filled them [hearts] with devoutness, sincerity, certainty, piety, reverence, honesty, clemency, patience, veneration, fear of Allah, asceticism in the world, and the desire with what I have, and I shall make them callers of the sun and the moon, and I shall make them successors on earth… those are My friends, I chose for them a chosen Prophet, and an acceptable/agreeable secretary (faithful), so I made him a Prophet and a Messenger for them, and I made them friends and supporters for him, this is a nation I chose…) [3]

[1] Al-Ma’ida (4): 24
[2] Al-Khisal: Page 476 ; ‘Uyun Akhbar Ar-Ridha a.s : V2, Page 56 ; Kamal Ad-Din: Page 269
[3] Saad As-Sa’ud from Ibn Taus: Page 34; Bihar Al-Anwar: V52, Page 384: Ilzam An-Nasib: V2, Page 259

And the narrations from the people of the house of infallibility a.s concerning the virtue of the companions of Al-Mahdi a.s and his Ansars are many, and the lifting of the word of Allah and spreading monotheism in every corner of the globe is enough for their virtues.

Secondly: The patience of the Prince of Believers a.s was an extreme proof for him, because he clarified/showed his right and then he refused to dispute with the people [about] the Emirate and governance, to show that he a.s is ascetic for this Emirate, but his request for it was for establishing the truth, spreading justice and supporting the religion, and the Prince of Believers a.s had a future insight, trough centuries, about the rest of this nation and their sons, and he knew that they will know what the removing of the guardian from his Emirate, and violating his right by false deities and evil powers brought to them, until it reached the point of the domination of the sons of adulterous and prostitutes over this nation, and you passed by this meaning in the sermon of Az-Zahra’ a.s where she said: (I swear on my life, destiny has conceived; so wait, until its fruit comes about; then milk full buckets of fresh blood and fatal poison; at that time, the dealers of untruth shall suffer; and the ones who come to follow shall know the evil which their forefathers have established) [1]
And at the end, the succession came back to Imam Ali a.s after هن وهن , and he urged people to the truth and he directed them to the Qibla and to the straight path, but they did not handle the bitterness of the truth, and after they had performed their purpose concerning the deviation from the straight path, they did not handle the justice of Ali a.s and his equality to them by generosity, after they got used to distinction and selfishness from the previous ones, so after they got used to worship the Calf and to obey Sameri, they did not like to obey Ali and to worship Allah, the One the Indivisible, and to accept His Shari’a which Ali a.s wanted to work by in a society torn by the corruption of the previous ones, nevertheless, Ali a.s has lifted a banner for the truth and guided people to follow it, but they let him down and let down his infallible sons after him who spared no effort in promoting virtue and preventing evil for the sake of guiding Muslims to the straight path until they remained between poisoned and chopped with swords.
From Abi Haytham Ibn At-Tihan, that the Prince of Believers a.s gave a sermon to the people at Al-Medina, so he said: (All praise is due to Allah besides whom there is no god but Him, O you community which has been deceived, and understood the deception of the deceiver who deceived it, but still persisted upon what it recognised, and wandered randomly in its seduction. And the truth had been clarified but they still turned away from it, and the path was made clear but they still deviated from it. But, by the One Who split the seed and stemmed life from it, had you sought the knowledge from its Mine, and drank the water with its sweetness, and kept the good in its place, and take the path which was clear, and approached the truth by its programme the way would have been set out for you, and the signs would have appeared to you, and Islam would have been illuminated for you. So you would have eaten plentiful, and there would have been no breadwinner among you who would have failed (to earn), nor any justice would have been done to any Muslim or allies. But, you walked upon the path of darkness, so your world became dark for you by its vastness. And the doors of knowledge were closed to you so you spoke from your own desires, and differed in your religion, and started issuing verdicts (Fatwas) in the religion of Allah without (being blessed with the) knowledge. And you followed the misguided people so they misguided you, and you abandoned the Imams a.s so they abandoned you. So you took control (of your own affairs) through judging by your own desire. When a matter was mentioned, you asked the people of the Remembrance, so they issued a verdict (Fatwa) to you, you said, ‘This is exactly the knowledge’. So how come you have abandoned him, and neglected him, and opposed him? Slowly (But surely), just wait a little while, and you will harvest all of what you have cultivated, and you will find the evil of what you have done and sought.
And by the One Who split the seed and stemmed life from it, you knew that I was your Master and the one whom you had been commanded (for being obedient to), and I am more knowledgeable than you all and the one by whose knowledge was your salvation, and the successor of your Prophet, and the best of your Lord, and the tongue (speaker) for your light (guidance), and the knowledge by which you can correct yourselves. So slowly (but surely) what has been narrated will descend upon you all, what has been promised, that which descended upon the communities before you. And Allah Mighty and Majestic will question you all about your Imams with whom you will be raised, and to Allah Mighty and Majestic you will be going to tomorrow. But, by Allah, if I had for me the number of companions which Talut had, or the number of the people at Badr who oppose your enemies, I would have struck by the sword until you would have come to the truth, and you would have repented sincerely. So that would have been more suitable than mending the rifts and taking to friendliness. Our Allah, judge between us with the truth, and you are the Best of the Judges) [2]

[1] Ma’ani Al-Akhbar: Page 355; Dala’il Al-Imama from At-Tabari: Page 128; Amali At-Tusi: Page 376; Al-Ihtijaj: V1, Page 149
[2] Al-Kafi: V8, Page 32

The book The Calf – Volume 1, chapter 21

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