Hajar striving between Safa and Marwa

Imam Ahmed Alhasan pbuh Al Yamani pbuh said:

[I will tell you about Al Hussain a.s. in this night which is something good for you.

Look at Hajar when she placed Ismael,her son, on the ground. After when she saw herself incapable of tolerating his death while being thirsty in between her hands; and so she strove between AlSafa and AlMarwa.

Is her behavior the behavior of a raging mother who is not able to think as what they say?

Or is her behavior a reason behind the water gushing over to Ismael?

If her struggle between AlSafa and AlMarwa was a reason for the water to gush out, then why is her struggle between the two mountains a reason behind the water gushing out by the Ability of Allah and that her son survives?

The reality is that the two mountains as I’ve previously clarified [The Allegories – volume 4, question 156] represent Fatima and Ali pbut and the struggle between them means Tawasol through them and through their offspring or the result of them both.

So her struggle became a reason that Allah bestowed a favor upon her so that Ismael gets ransomed by Al Hussain a.s.

Look, this is the first ransom: The ransom from thirst. Ismael pbuh was about to die in thirst, so he was ransomed by Al Hussain a.s. son of Ali and Fatima pbut both or AlSafa and AlMarwa; those that Hajar strove between and made Tawasol by.

The second ransom : Ransom from getting slaughtered and you know who he is; also Ismael was ransomed by Al Hussain a.s. and Allah mentioned him in the Quran He said: “And we ransomed him with a great slaughter” Safat:108

He ransomed him from thirst and from slaughter and from this Al Hussain a.s. died thirsty and was slaughtered.

There isn’t anything trivial in the religion of Allah or during the lives of the Prophets pbut as how the ignorant pictures the reality; that Hajar strove between AlSafa and AlMarwa from her shock because of her son’s thirst and that he was close to dying without her struggle to have any meaning?!!

And that is why whosoever goes to AlHaj, he doesn’t understand the realities and what he’s doing, Allah describes his Haj that its Maka and Tasdya exactly like whistling and clapping of hands”Their prayer at the House (of Allah) is nothing but whistling and clapping of hands: (Its only answer can be), “Taste ye the penalty because ye blasphemed.” Anfal:35

The work that you do and you don’t understand its meaning and you don’t know a thing about, it will not have any value.

“Or thinkest thou that most of them listen or understand? They are only like cattle;- nay, they are worse astray in Path.” 25:44

By your Lord, what is the difference between a cattle running between two mountains and who runs between AlSafa and AlMarwa who doesn’t comprehend a thing ?

The matter is not about jogging or running or striving between the two mountains but he must understand what he is doing, why is he doing it?

Going to the Kaaba and striving between AlSafa and AlMarwa …etc is from the works of Al Haj it is all tied to Ali and Al Hussain and with the family of Muhammad pbut.]

With The Righteous Servant – Part 1

Safa=grave of Imam Ali a.s(najaf,Iraq)
Zyara of Imam Ali (a.s):”peace be upon you O Safwa of Allah from the line of the Propnets”

Zyara of Imam Ali (a.s): “peace be upon you O Safwa of Allah from the line of tne Prophets”
-Safwa comes from the term Safa
Imam AlSadiq(a.s): “Marwa is named after a woman”
who is Marwa for Imam Ali a.s being Safa?
Marwa = Fatima a.s wife of Safa

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