Hastening the Faraj is in your hands

Question: On the Fajr of 12-10-2009, I had this vision in which I saw so many symbols like trees and volcanoes, so I remembered that the vision is only interpreted by the infallible as it’s the words of God. I sent it to Imam Ahmed Alhasan a.s and got his response.

I saw two trees in Um-AlQiwayn (a place in U.A.E) that blowup a volcano. They grew very beautiful plants and people were astonished, so I said: here we have only two trees and it grew all those fertile plants with various types, so what about Iraq where (12 or 16, I don’t remember the exact number) trees have blowup a volcano? I am sure there are all kinds of plants in Iraq.
What I saw is that Imam Ahmad Al-Hassan dispatched people to that place as if there was a treasure. The place was a dark cave that had so many corpses because it was underground. So one of the Ansar and I couldn’t go to that place because it requires great effort and I had a heart disease, so we both weren’t allowed to go. Who went to it were two of my classmates: Bushra and Yusra. So Bushra tried so hard, more than the others, to solve the riddle and she was searching between the corpses (there were many corpses and skeletons, one above the other). So to solve that riddle, there was an equation that they should work on. Bushra solved most of it but she forgot how to complete, thus the journey ended and no one knew how to solve the riddle. So Imam Ahmad Al-Hassan spoke with Bushra and told her that she forgot a small part, if she only knew it, she would’ve solved it. So the Imam nodded and explained for her how it should have been solved.
Then the other girl, Yusra, told me about the journey how the scene was horrible and how the corpses were one above the other. She also found one of her siblings who died in the cave with the corpses, his name was Ali. She said that one of the corpses looked so much like him.

Answer: In the name of Allah, the most Merciful, the most graceful.
And all praise is to Allah, the Lord of the worlds
And His prayers upon Muhammad and his progeny, the Imams and Mahdies

The trees represent some of the believers, may Allah grant them success. And the blowup of the trees and the growing of the various fruits is the knowledge that appear from some Ansar; whom Allah bestows knowledge upon them and so they teach people.
Whereas the cave, the riddle and Bushra and Yusra; this vision clarifies to you that hastening the Faraj (Relief) is in your hands. And that it depends on your work, your devotion in the work and your patience. What was intended from the names Bushra and Yusra, are the meaning of the names, i.e. giving glad tidings and facilitation.

Wa-salam alykom warhmatu Allah wa-batakatuh

Ahmed Alhasan
Thol-Hujja/ 1430 H

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