When the people read your call irony begins to reveal from their faces

Question 51: When the people read your call irony begins to reveal from their faces,because the evidences and the statements and the proofs are not enough for this call,so your call becomes categorized among the signs for the appearance of the false ones,the prejudiced,and misguiding and misguided that preceded the appearance of Imam Al Mahdi (a.j), (Like the Hassani and Yamani and the one who claims to be the Mahdi(a.j)), so what will distinguish you between those even with something that can turn the eyes towards it.

Hussein AlAwadi-Iraq
11/Jamadi AlAwal/1426 A.H
Answer: This call is supported by many evidences, and I and I seek refuge by Allah from the I, I did not say follow me blindly, but I say open your eyes and distinguish the evidence and know the man of truth so that you can save yourself from the hellfire, the call of truth gets followed by the calls of falsehood like the case of the Messenger of Allah pbuhap when the call of Musailama the liar(May Allah curse him) followed him and his likes.

And as for Mufathel son of Umar he said:I heard Aba Abdullah pbuh saying: (Be aware of Timing[the appearance], by Allah your Imam will be absent from you for years in your duration,and you will be sifted until it is said that he has died, killed, destroyed, at which valley did he take?And the believers eyes shall tear for him,and will shake like the shaking of a ship on the waves of the sea, so no one will be saved except whom Allah had took his covenant,and wrote on his heart faith,and supported him with a Spirit from him,as 12 perplexing banners will be raised, no one knows which one is which,he said:I cried,and then I said: What do we do?He said:He looked at the sun ray entering the window and said:O Aba Abdullah(Mufathel) do you see the sun? He said: Yes,so he said pbuh: By Allah our matter is more clearer than this sun) (1), The Imam pbuh clarified that the call of truth is more clearer than the sun,and it is clearer than the sun, because its evidences are the evidences of the messengers and the Messenger Muhammad (saw) and the Imams pbut, so turn towards the evidences of this call and compare it with the evidences of the Messenger Muhammad(saw), read some of the evidences of the call in the Book of Noor Al Mubeen by the teacher Thya AlZaidi,and the book AlBalagh AlMubeen by Sheikh Nathem AlUqaily, and you will see many evidences, and from it is the will of the Messenger of Allah (saw)and narrations of Ahlulbayt pbut and the knowledge and the truth and the guidance and the Mubahala(Imprecation)and the swear of disassociation,and the revelations and visions of the Messenger and the Imams and the Prophet pbut that was seen by the believers and the miracles and the occurences of the unseen.

1- AlKafi:v.1 p.336


And if all of these evidences are not convincing “Then wait for the sky when it comes with a visible smoke” The people will be enveloped:”This is a painful chastisement!”(1), and until then say with the speakers “O Lord remove the punishment we are believers”(2), and the answer shall come to you “How can the reminder be effectual when a clear Messenger has come” “Then they turned away and said he is a crazy teacher” (3)

Subhanallah, you haven’t taken the advice from the situation of the nations before you? So your situation today is like the situation of the Jews with their Prophets.

Haven’t you taken advice from the words of Allah and the stories in the Quran? Look at your situation, isn’t it like the situation of the Jewish scholars and those who imitated them when they mocked Zachariah pbuh John pbuh and Jesus pbuh, what is the difference with Allah being upon you?!

And if you were among those who receives hearing while he is a witness, you would explode in cries and say by Allah we are more worse than the Jews and their scholars that fell for the Dunya (Word) and fought the Prophets and their supporters that walked towards the hereafter, and believed in it and in the Kingdom of Heavens and the unseen.

What is pushing you towards mocking me and the believers in this truthful call?Ask yourself and return to your Lord and “Read thine (own) record: Sufficient is thy soul this day to make out an account against thee.” (4)

And throughout the ages who are the scorners? And have you heard or read about the Prophets and Messengers pbut and the believers mocking? But you shall always see that the mockery and derisory to be the habit of the liars and disbelievers in the calls of the Prophets and Messengers.

Miserable of a folk were you to me ‘O’ people of Iraq,you have followed the chieftains that followed America and made a pact with them and accepted their democracy,and you have been pleased at last with the roofed building of the oppressors,and gave an excuse to who brushed away the Prince of the believers Ali pbuh, and you fell on your backs as disbelievers in the appointment of Allah and His supremacy Exalted He is and Most High,and you have fought this truthful call requesting the rotten Dunya (world).

1-Smoke 10-11
2-Smoke 12
3-Smoke 13-14
4-Isra 14

You followed whose money and Dunya doesn’t increase him except in loss,like how the people of Mecca followed Aba Sufyan and fought my grandfather the Messenger of Allah Muhammad(saw),and what hostility have you gotten from me when I am calling you to the book of Allah and the great guardian of Allah Imam Al Mahdi pbuh and for renouncing falsehood and its people, I did not emerge except to demand reformation for the nation of my grandfather the Messenger of Allah pbuhap, by the command of Imam Al Mahdi pbuh, like how my grandfather AlHussein pbuh emerged and if you followed false Imams from the old times your fathers have done so and they followed the misguided clerics, Shabath Ibn Ribi and Shimmir Ibn Thi AlJawsham and Shuraihan AlQathi and they supported Ibn Zyad and Yazeed (May Allah curse them) to kill AlHussein son of Ali pbuh, and there is a speck on the eye and in the throat remains a sadness.And we are for Allah and to Him we shall return, and the oppressors will know about which reversal they shall overturn, and there is no Might and no Power except by Allah the Most High and Great.

And ponder over his saying: “A part of My servants there was, who used to pray ‘our Lord! we believe; then do Thou forgive us, and have mercy upon us: For Thou art the Best of those who show mercy!” “But ye treated them with ridicule, so much so that (ridicule of) them made you forget My Message while ye were laughing at them!” “I have rewarded them this Day for their patience and constancy: they are indeed the ones that have achieved Bliss…” And then keep mocking and laugh a lot,you haven’t mistook the Sunna of your ancesters and you will milk it with thick blood, and those who come after will curse you like how today they curse those who fought against Muhammad(saw)and mocked him, and you will know who is the winner tomorrow when your knowledge will not be of benefit for anything.

I, and I seek refuge by Allah from the I, will tell you a story for you and for other than you this vision, maybe you would would learn: (I saw in my sleep: That one of the Sheikhs in the Hawza of Najaf – and I know him – was standing near me,and close to me there was a group of angels and they had a human appearance,so they asked the aforementioned Sheikh about me and presented the evidences of the call to him, so he said that the call is a lie, and then a grand, great in degree person as if he was controlling the angels,the vision, and all what is within it came, so the angels said to the aforementioned Sheikh: And he is also a person who has a call and here are the evidences,so they presented the evidences of the call who was great in degree,so he said: The call of this person is like the evidences of the call of Ahmed Alhasan, so the angels said to the aforementioned Sheikh: Do you know who it is?! This is Muhammad son of Abdullah the man of the splitting sword and the piercing arrow, Messenger of Allah (saw), so the Sheikh said: I do not believe in Muhammad and not even in Ahmed, so he turned his face away) and I swear by Allah the Most High and Great that I saw this vision and it had the Messenger Muhammad( saw), and I didn’t narrate this vision as evidence to prove the credibility of the call, even if the vision was an evidence, but I narrated it because I consider it a message from Allah, maybe Allah will benefit you and other than you with the meanings that were mentioned within it and so you learn from it and your likes and Allah the is Master of success.

Praise due to Allah who made us from the believers in the Kingdom of the Heavens and the unseen and the hereafter and it is from the unseen and Praise due to Allah,and the curse of Allah be upon every disbeliever who disbelieves in the Kingdom of the Heavens and unseen.

Ahmed Alhasan
Jamadi AlAwal/1426 A.H

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