Who were wives of Abel and Cain?

Believing in the existence of a Creator, and Unifying Him ([meaning Monotheism]), and believing in His Prophets and Messengers and their Vicegerents (a.s), and in the Justice and ordainment [of God] and predestination/fate and Bidaa’ and Heaven and Hell, and the infallibility of the Successors of Allah (a.s) in His Land, and the Angels, and the Unseen, and all that which the Prophets and Messengers and their Vicegerents (a.s) have informed about. And we do not have except that we hold tight to their tails and follow their footsteps. He, The Exalted, said: {If you love Allah , then follow me, [so] Allah will love you} [Surat Al-Imran 3:31]]

Zurarah said: Abu Abdullah (a.s) was asked about the beginning of reproduction from Adam; how was it, and [how was] the beginning of reproduction from the progeny of Adam, for people among us say that Allah the Almighty inspired to Adam to marry his daughters to his sons, and that all of this creation originates from brothers and sisters.
So Abu Abdullah (a.s) said: (Allah is far more Exalted than that! Who said that Allah the Almighty created the best of His creation and His beloved ones and His Prophets and His Messengers and the believing men and the believing women and the Muslim men and the Muslim women from Haram (forbidden act)?!!! [Who said] He did not have the ability to create them from Halal (permissible act)?!!! Verily, Allah has taken their covenant upon good purified chasteness.
By Allah I have come to know that one of the animals’ sisters was concealed from him, then when he fell upon her and dropped she was exposed for him. So when he knew that she was his sister, he pulled out his private part and held tight on it with his teeth until he cut it, so he fell down dead.
And another animal his mother was concealed from him so he did the exact same thing!
So how about [when it comes] to a human being [considering] his human nature and preference and knowledge!
[There is] a generation from this creation – that you see – [who] wished for knowledge of the People of the House of their prophets, and they took [knowledge] from where they were not commanded to take from, so they ended up in what you see of misguidance and ignorance of knowledge [like] how were the past matters since the beginning of Allah’s creation, and that is impossible.,
Then he said:
Woe to those! Where are they from that which the jurisprudents of the people of Hijaz and the jurisprudents of the people of Iraq do not differ about, that Allah the Almighty commanded the pen, so it ran upon ([meaning it wrote down upon) the Safeguarded Board all what shall happen until the Day of Resurrection, [that was] before creating Adam by two thousand years. And all the books of Allah in which the pen ran, include the forbiddance of sisters to the brothers, along with [all] that which was made Haram (forbidden). And we see these four popular books in this world: Torah, Gospels, Zabur, and Furqan, Allah has sent them down from the Safeguarded Board upon His Messengers (a.s), from them were the Torah upon Moses, Zabur upon David, The Gospels upon Jesus, and the Qur’an upon Muhammad, and upon the Prophets (a.s), and those books never made it Halal [for the sisters and brothers to marry]). I say that whoever said that or the likes of that never wanted anything except that they may strengthen the arguments of the Magi. What is their matter! May Allah fight them…) [1] [2]
[1] ‘Ilal A-Sharai’: volume 1, page 19
[2] Translator’s note: Look below for the true story of the beginning of reproduction from the progeny of Adam(a.s)

So all praises belong to Allah Who has exposed them and put them to shame by their ignorance and stubbornness against the truthful ones of the Family of Muhammad (a.s), for they made the Prophets (a.s) children of adultery, and far away they are from that! So Allah blackened the face of every person who stood against the truthful ones of the Family of Muhammad (a.s) and claimed to know the Sunnah of the Messenger and the Muhkam (clear and precise verses) and the Mutashabih (allegorical verses) of The Book, and appointed themselves as Imams calling towards hell fire in the matters of religion, just as the Umayyads and the Abbasids and those who followed them regarding worldy matters did. Their followers do not have any excuse remaining today except either stubbornness and arrogance, or that they say “it is a goat even if it flies”! ([meaning that they remain stubborn and insist on their opinion even if it is clearly wrong])

The pillar of beliefs in which one must believe is what came in the end of the Chapter of the Cow (Surat Al-Baqarah, Chapter 2 from Qur’an), and it is what the Prophet (sawas) has believed in and that is:

Believing in Allah and the Angels and the Divine Books and the Messengers, whether they were Prophets or Vicegerents or any messenger from Allah (swt), even if he was a messenger for a worldly leadership only like Talut (Saul) (a.s).

So it is obligatory upon every Muslim to believe in Allah, The One, The Indivisible, The Single, The Everlasting, and to believe in the Prophethood of Muhammad (sawas) and to believe in the Angels and the Books and the previous Prophets and their Vicegerents and their Jurisprudence and to respect their jurisprudence even if they were abrogated [later]; because it was once the jurisprudence of Allah on this Earth. And it is upon the Muslim to believe in the Twelve Vicegerents (a.s) of the Prophet Muhammad (sawas), and to believe all that is proven to have been narrated from them (a.s). Also the Muslim must believe that the twelfth Vicegerent from the Vicegerents of Muhammad (sawas) is Imam Muhammad ibn Al-Hassan Al-Mahdi (a.s), and he is alive being provided sustenance until today, and he shall rise by the sword just as his grandfather (sawas) rose. And it is upon the Muslim to take him as a leader and call towards him and to put him forth before his self and money and son, and he must work to raise his word and show his matter and the injustice he has been through and prepare for his (a.s) state, and be enemies with his enemies from the leaders of tyranny who are dominating over this nation and their disbelieving helpers and soldiers who went out from the Wilayah of Allah to the Wilayah of Iblis the cursed. And it is upon the believer that he does not fear their number nor their equipment.

He, The Exalted, said: {And they plotted a plot: and We plotted a plot, while they perceived not * Then see how was the end of their plot! Verily! We destroyed them and their people, all together * So those are their houses, desolate/empty because of the wrong they had done. Indeed in that is a sign for people who know} [Surat Al-Naml 27:50-52]

End of the words of the Imam (a.s) from the book With The Righteous Servant – Part 1


The True Story of the Beginning of Reproduction from the Progeny of Adam(a.s)

In the book The Allegories, question 125, one person asked Imam Ahmed Alhasan (a.s):

Question: “Why did Cain kill Abel? And is it true that Adam wanted to have each of them marry their twins so Cain refused so Adam ordered them to present a sacrifice/offering in order to make sure of this matter?”

So the Imam (a.s) answered: In the Name of Allah The Merciful, The Intensely Merciful,
All praises belong to Allah the Lord of the Worlds
O Allah send Your Peace and Blessings upon Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad the Imams and the Mahdis.

There is a lot of noise/confusion about this matter. The truth is that Allah (swt) made it forbidden in the Mother of the Book that Mahrams marry one another, and all the Jurisprudences and all the Divine Books include this forbiddance, and that was the case also in the Jurisprudence of Adam. So the matter of the marriage of the sons of Adam (a.s) is as the following:
Eve gave birth to Cain then Abel, from Adam (a.s). Cain got married to a woman who Allah (swt) created for him, and she was vicious/evil. And Abel got married to a woman who Allah created for him and she was righteous. And those two wives were created by Allah just as Allah created Adam and Eve previously. Meaning that Allah created wives for Cain and Abel by His (swt) Power. Then Allah commanded Adam to appoint his vicegerent Abel (a.s), so when Cain knew that, he objected on this command of appointment. So Adam informed him that the command is from Allah and not from himself. And he commanded them to present a sacrifice/offering for Allah. So Abel offered a fat ram, and Cain offered destroyed spikes [of grains]. So the offering of Abel was accepted and was eaten by the fire. So envy/malice was burning in the self of Cain against Abel, and the devil (may Allah curse him) whispered to him to kill his brother, and his self which commands evil inclined him to kill his brother, so Cain killed Abel by envy, because he is the vicegerent of Adam. So the promise of Iblis (may Allah curse him) of “tempting” was acheived, so he tempted Cain and inflicted him with his disease which is the “I” and arrogance, and from among what accompany that is the disease of envy.

As for the rest of the progeny, the wife of Abel was pregnant so she gave birth to a male.

Then for Adam Sheeth and Yafith were born. [1]

The wife of Sheeth gave birth to a male and a female.

And the wife of Yafith gave birth to a female.

So the son of Abel married the daughter of Sheeth

And the son of Sheeth married the daughter of Yafith

And the Prophets (a.s) are from the progeny of those. And this is the end of the speech. And no one would speak more about this matter after this clarification except for a liar against Allah and His Messenger.

[1]Zurarah narrated from Abu Abdullah (a.s):
(Sheeth was born to Adam (a.s), and his name was Hebatullah (The gift of Allah), and he is the first vicegerent to be a vicegerent from the Adamites on the Earth. Then Yafith was born to Adam after Sheeth. So when they grew up Allah willed to give them progeny – and you know what the Pen has written about what Allah The Almighty forbid [meaning] the forbiddance of sisters to brothers – Allah brought down after ‘Asr on a Thursday a Huri from Paradise whose name was Nazla. So Allah The Almighty commanded Adam to marry her to Sheeth, so he married her to him. So the next day after ‘Asr He brought down a Huri from Paradise whose name was Manzila. So Allah The Almighty commanded Adam to marry her to Yafith, so he married her to him. So a boy was born to Sheeth, and a female was born to Yafith. So when they grew up, Allah The Almighty commanded that the daughter of Yafith marries the son of Sheeth, so they did. So the elite of the Prophets and Messengers were born from their progeny. And God forbid that the matter be as what they said about the issue of brothers and sisters!) – Man la Yahduruhu Al-Faqih: volume 3 page 381 Hadith 4337


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