Why do you always argue with the scholars?

Question 49: Why do you always argue with the scholars and you say that you will reveal a miracle in the state of their presence, and why don’t you send this proof to the majority of people so that they can follow like what the Messenger of Allah did,and if you say that Moses pbuh argued with the Pharoah at first, the answer to this is that the Pharoah used to posses a military capability by him being able to rid out the Children of Israel, considering that they were under his rulership, as opposed to the scholars which was not present with them, and lastly I require a picture from you so that I can know you, and Salam Alaikom Warahmatullah Wabarakatu.

Muhammad AlHilali-Iraq/26 years old
5/Jamadi Al Awal/1426

Answer: In the Name of Allah the Merciful and Intensely Merciful,Praise due to Allah the Lord of the Worlds

1-The majority of people are they slaves or free?

If they were free there is right now many proofs about the truthfulness of the call and the credibility takes the neck of all those requesting truth,it is exactly similar to the evidences of the Messenger of Allah Muhammad (saw), and from it are the cases of the miracles, and news from the unseen, a lot of it occurred with the Ansars, and collected a few things from it which were printed and published (1).

2-And must the miracle be seen by all the people?!

No one saw the Tasbeeh of the stone on the hand of the Messenger of Allah(saw)except Huthayfa, and the wolf didn’t speak(to Muhammad pbuhap) except with a Jew, and no one heard the longing of the stalk on the Messenger of Allah except his companions and supporters,and no one saw the tree moving except a few from the disbelievers of Quraish, the milking of the sheep of Um Ma’bad and the rest of it from the miracles pbuhap (2), and what is similar to these matters have occured to this call.

And from the miracles is that me the poor,the humble infront of His Lord I have wiped the eyes of some of the Sheikhs in the Scientific Hawza in Najaf at the beginning of the call during the age of Saddam the Kaffir (May Allah curse him) and the veil had been removed from them and so it occured to them that they saw the angels and the Kingdom of Heavens,and it occured to them with a few [people] some of the materialistic miracles,and after a period they disbelieved and they said he is a magician and makes the Jinn attend and…and…as if they haven’t heard His saying:”And if we opened for them a door from the sky and remained within it ascending” (3)

And now some of them returned and pledged again after when they apostated from the call before,so brother you have filled my liver with pus like how your ancestors in the past have filled the liver of the Prince of the believers pbuh with pus.

Ahmad Al Hassan
Jamadi AlAwal/1426


1-He is referring pbuh to the Book about the marvels and occurences of the unseen, and it is one of the publications of Ansar Al Imam Al Mahdi pbuh, and some from what is many were mentioned, about these marvels that Allah has bestowed upon the Ansars of Imam Ahmad AlHassan may my soul be ransomed to him.
2-Refer to the Book The Calf – Volume 1; Sayed Ahmad AlHassan pbuh mentioned some of the miracles that happened on the hand of the Messenger Muhammad(saw)

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