Why the disciples didn’t say the truth about your sacrifice?

Question: Why disciples didn’t say the truth about your sacrifice for the prophet of Allah Isa (a.s.) to the people after the crucifixion and death took place?

Answer: In the Name of Allah the Merciful, the most Merciful.
And all praise is due to Allah, Lord of the worlds.
And may Allah send His Prayers upon Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad Imams and Mahdis, and send great greetings.

May Allah help you with all that is good, the look-alike of Isa (a.s.) was not exposed to the disciples so that they know him or know details of the event before it happened, and even when he came/attended everyone was not seeing him except for Isa (a.s), and then, with the Will of Allah, everyone saw him after Isa (a.s.) was raised, not only they saw him, but they saw him as Isa (a.s.). And the matter happened as Allah the Almighty wanted.

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