Words describing the Pain of the Imam

From the book With The Righteous Servant – Part 1
The Ansari author says:
By Allah, our hearts bleed for the pain of your heart O Righteous Servant, from what those scholars of misguidance, the castle of Iblis that is saved to fight you before the appointed day, rather, his last castle, did and have been doing.

And how many times have you said: what do I have to do with those foolish ones who almost do not understand speech!

And verily, you are not from the people of this world, not when Moses saw you and learned from you, not on the day when Allah sent you down to carry the cup of crucifixion and its bitterness instead of Jesus a.s, and not on the day when you were a lion with your grandfather running with him to force the disbelievers with his Zulfiqar, and not even today.

By Allah! I hate a world that gathers u with those ignorant tyrants and their satanic jurisprudence, if it were not for being pleased with what Allah swt ordains!

How many times have you said it! “I am a dead man walking with people” so Allah helped your noble heart, and your patience belong to Allah. At the same time, how amazing is that!

I do not have any doubt that you are too dear to your Lord who has sent you that He won’t return a call of yours, while you are the Baqiyya (remnant) of the Family of Muhammad a.s.

And Allah has a matter that He will achieve by you, O my beloved.

Have the scholars jurisprudence of end times conspired against him/made a legacy to fight him and harm him in his self and Family and Ansar, rather, in the whole religion of Allah? Yes! They have planned to do all of this with their tyrants and their followers.

These are some of his words that describe their situation and the pain he (as) feels due to them:

(Apparently they do not learn their lessons [from previous mistakes]. Their animosity to the call of truth has taken them to the extent that history now marks them in the same place along Al-Hajjaj and Ibn Ziyad, so which vice and crime have they not committed yet, after they have become enemies to the truth?
To the extent that even Media mentions them committing crimes of rape in prisons- a crime even the most shameless/vicious of tyrants would be ashamed of. But all glory be to you Allah, there is no God but you {Is this the legacy they have transmitted, one to another? Nay, they are themselves a people transgressing beyond bounds!} [Surat aldhariyat 51:53]

Today they are intoxicated by power and do not take heed that history marks for them the same shameful and disgraceful acts committed by Al-Hajjaj, Yazid and Ibn-Ziyad, so what is the difference between them and who has preceded them?
Allah refused except that you believe the words of the purified ones (pbut) are truthful: “Every banner that precedes the banner of the Riser is a banner of a tyrant” ( Al-Kafi v.8 page 295)

After all this actions and crimes committed by the Marjaa’s and the tyrannical governments, does anyone doubt, no matter what, that they are tyrants?
Maybe today they deceive a people that follows them and whose hands have been polluted by their crimes, but whoever comes tomorrow will read through their stances and see clearly that they are tyrants just like their predecessors.

Until today the Ansars are in prisons, and in more than one country due to the instigations of the Marjaa’s. Indeed, it is the same methods of the tyrants who came before them, and all thanks due to Allah.

Allah has also given us preference by [making us feel] the same pain and suffering of the Prophets and Vicegerents (pbut), it is the sunnah (course) of Allah.
By Allah, life with those unjust tyrants is pain and boredom and weariness,
as for death and getting rid of them,this is comfort and ease.
Congratulations for the martyrs who have passed away and left us with those cursed ones)

In a state full of pain I said: All thanks due to Allah, may Allah relief the pain from the Family of Muhammad.

He then (pbuh) said: (The family of Muhammad, Allah has already relieved them, we have clarified the truth, do you see any other unclear matter left? We have clarified it in a way that has been described to be “clearer than the sun” (ghaibat al nu’mani p. 154)
But people do not want the truth, what do we do for those choose the path of Iblis knowingly and consciously, as the prince of the believers (as) describes them “a creation that is like dogs” (Bihar al Anwar Volume 2. P.84))

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