In Memory of Zainab

Published on facebook on December 15, 2012 at 3:00 PM

In memory of Zainab, daughter of Fatima daughter of Muhammad pbuhap entering Syria as a prisoner, we remember that Yazid bin Muawiya Ibn Abu Sufyan, may God curse them all, slayed al-Hussain and imprisoned the daughters of Muhammad (pbuhap) in the name of Islam and in the name of Muhammad. And Satan’s purpose for this is to bring back the worship of Hubal that Muawiya and Abu Sufyan, may God curse them, fought for before, but to bring it back in another form.

The inheritors of Yazid’s method today are the Sufyani Wahhabis, the murderers and the slayers who allow killing the Muslims, the Sufyani Wahhabis whose intellect was removed. We find them today worshipping Hubal and in a completely overt manner, and we find them spreading his worship in the name of Islam. Their clerics say that their lord has only two eyes and only two hands, and that on each hand there are five fingers, and there is no need for me to continue with the description of their lord Hubal that they worship without God.

Their Imam Ibn Uthaymeen said, “And we believe that God Almighty has two real eyes.” And he also said, “God has two eyes and he genuinely looks with them” (Reference: The Collection of the Fatwas of Ibn Uthaymeen).
Their Imam Ibn Jibreen said, “The fingers are on the hand. However, that does not require that they be like the hands of the creation in their details, length and so on. Rather, it establishes the hand and establishes the fingers on it” (Reference: The appendix of his comment on the book of Lamat al-Itiqad by Ibn Qudama).

Whoever wants the details of the description of their Hubal, let him simply refer to what Ibn Baz, Ibn Uthaymeen, Ibn Jibreen, and their major clerics said. Then he will be certain that when Satan could not confront the Islam that Muhammad Ibn Abdullah pbuhap brought using an idol carved by hand, he confronted it with an idol embodied in the minds of the Sufyanis and the Wahhabis, and they try to spread the worship of their Hubal in the name of Islam.

This is the method of Satan, to demolish Islam in the name of Islam, and to demolish monotheism in the name of monotheism, as they claim to be monotheists and yet worship an idol who has two hands, and on each hand there are five fingers, and who has two eyes . . .

By your lord, who is this?!
Is this Hubal itself?!
Is this the same worship of Hubal coated with the name of Islam, the Quran and Muhammad pbuhap?!

The battle calling to worshipping God against worshipping Hubal which Muhammad pbuh started has not ended yet. And Siffin is only one of the connections. And Karbala and the imprisonment of the family of the Prophet Muhammad pbuhap to Syria is only one of its connections. And and today, we are living through one of its connections as well.

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