Is the Quran a creation or is it a creator?

Page 151, The Allegories
Question 81: Is the Qura’n a creation or is it a creator? Is it recent(existed when it was first sent down) “Muhdith”, or was is it “Qadeem” (existing before it was sent down)?There is a narration from Ahlulbayt pbu them that it is a creation, and in another narration it is a creator,and in another narration it is the words of Allah, not a creator neither was it a creation?!
Answer: In a narration from the son of Khaled he said: I said to Al-Ritha a.s: “O son of the Prophet of Allah, can you tell me about the Quran, is it a creator or a creation? He replied: (It is not a creator neither is it a creation, it is the words of Allah the Most beneficent)

And from AlYaqdeeni he said: Abu AlHassan the third a.s said to some of his Shias in Baghdad “In the name of Allah the merciful and the compassionate, May Allah protect us from the troublings/Fitna, for whoever works, it is great to be graceful by it,and whoever does not work he shall perish by it, we see that the arguements about the Quran as innovative and those who participated with it are the questioner and the one that answers, the questioner shares what does not belong to himself, and the one who answered was responsible in taking part of what is not for him to consider, and say that the creator is only Allah, and whatever is not Him is a creation, and the Quran is the words of Allah, so don’t bring up a word from yourself or else you shall become among those who are misguided,may Allah make us and yourself from among those who fear their Lord from the unseen,and who are for the Hour compassionate.”

And from a narration of AlSaadeq a.s “The Qura’n is the words of Allah which have a recency and is not a creation, and it is not eternal with Allah the Most High who we
are steadfast in remembering Him and Allah is Higher from this with Great Highness, Allah the Glorified and Greatest is Himself without anything to be known or unknown, and He is the Glorified and Greatest. He is not a speaker and not someone who needs, not a mover,and not a doer, the Greatest and Glorified our Lord is,and so all these descriptions have a recency that is different from the occurence of an action, Our Lord Him the Glorified and Great, and the Qura’n, and the words of Allah are not a creation, as within it contains news of what happened before you and what will happen after you, it was sent down from Allah swt onto Muhammad the Prophet of Allah pbuhap.”

And AlSadooq May Allah give him mercy says:(As if the aim of this hadeeth from what is within it as for the mentioning of the Quran, it means that it is not a creation or cannot be in tied with lies, and that does not mean that it is not recent because he said it is recent. And so he said may Allah have mercy on him: creation in language can mean that it is tied to lying and so we say: these words are a creation,or tied with lies) until the end of his words May Allah raise his honorable rank. (p.229 AlSadooq)

And now if you ponder upon the narrations, you would have seen for yourself a couple of matters:
1- Ahlulbayt pbu them needed to push away their Shias from the troublings/Fitna of lying on the Quran which occurred during the age of the caliphates of Bani Abbas,and it caused them to be accused with infidelity by those who had a role towards it, and the result of it was imprisonment, killing a few of who took a role within it by political reasons, nothing more.

2- That Ahlulbayt pbu them confirmed for us that the Eternal is Allah swt, and anything besides it is recent.
3- Ahlulbayt pbu them never disconnected the words in the Quran;and the time has not come neither did its’ family arrive for it.

Narrated from a haddeeth from them pbu them: “Not everything that is known is said, and not everything that is said came for its’ time, and not everything that is ready for its’ time, its people have not arrived for it” Basa’er Al Darajat p.212

4- Sheikh AlSadooq may Allah give him mercy, and if his doctrine quits out, he became constrained to use the meaning of creation as to say something is a lie and the arabs if they want to use this word about lies they said: He created (innovated) these words
which means he is lying, and they do not say: He created these words as in saying it is a creation (created by a creator) if they are referring to lying but they say it was created (innovated by an innovator) and so it does not necessarily mean that the meaning of a creation it means a lie (only), and there is no use for prudence with that so that the Imams pbu them can be cautious from it.

And the Qura’n is recent and it is not eternal, and the Quran is the light of Allah swt that created Muhammad pbuhap, and in that meaning it created Muhammad pbuap, so Muhammad pbuhap was created from the Quran (the light of Allah) with the capability of Allah and his compliance swt and Blessed is He the Greatest Creator.

And the Qura’n is the dot of Noon and it is the glad tidings that is sent down from Allah to Muhammad pbuhap who is the servent of Allah, and the Quran is the face of Allah (allegory/figuritive mode of representation) that is faced with Muhammad pbuhap, and the Quran is the veil of light between Allah and Muhammad pbuhap, as in a narration from AlSaadeq a.s “And between them was a fluttering veil” (1)

And the Quran is the pavilion of the greatest throne of Allah, and is the greatest throne of Allah, is facing the door of Allah or the Self (AlRahman) as in the dua of Hussein a.s in Arafa “O who glorified himself with his Mercy (Rahmanya) and so the throne became unseen within His own Self, the traces are destroyed within their traces, and eraced all of those Agyar (who think they can replace another person’s ability)by the oceans of illuminating planets, O who veiled Himself within the pavilions of his Throne.”

And so Allah swt says: “AlRahman (the Merciful) rose over the Mighty Throne” Taha verse 5.
So the door of Allah (AlRahman “The Merciful”) was veiled with the throne, and it was glorified to Muhammad pbuhap by the Greatest Throne or the Quran, and for given periods, the veil is removed to Muhammad pbuhap because it contains within Muhammad pbuhap the veils of light or the Quran, and they are glorified within him. And within these periods, Muhammad pbuhap and the Quran becomes one, or Muhammad pbuhap and the Greatest Throne of Allah is one. And so then Muhammad pbuhap, and the Greatest Throne,and the Quran do not remain anymore. “And so the Throne became unseen within His own Self,and the traces were destroyed within their traces,and eraced all of those Agyar (who think they can replace another person’s ability)(2), and so within these periods nothing remains except Allah the One and the Conqueror, and in that way,Muhammad pbuhap is fluttering with the flutter of the veil.

1.Tafseer AlSaafi Surat AlNajm v.5 p.84
2.Dua of Imam Hussein in the day of Arafa Bihar AlAnwar v.95

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