March 8

13 Rajab, the birth of Ali, benevolent and merciful, a blessed day for all who love him.

March 8, Women’s Day: A day of tenderness, mercy, hope, and peace….for all the women of the world…may you be well and in good health every year.

The most important thing that distinguishes a woman is her femininity, meaning her tenderness, kindness, mercy, sympathy for the oppressed and her seeking of fairness for them, and gentle, compassionate, and just solutions.

Women constitute love and affection, not hatred and bitterness.

In short, this means she constitutes what is opposite of the man: she has a gentle, nonviolent side.

Women very often display the opposite of a man’s roughness, ill temper, and violent, aggressive behavior.

We, as people of religion, adopt the stance taken by Sayyeda Fatima Al-Zahra, Sayyeda Zeinab, Sayyeda Virgin Mary, (may God’s prayers be upon them) of their gentle and merciful behavior, despite the violence and the severe cruelty, injustice, and humiliation they suffered.

It is unfortunate to see women of today on the extreme right, or seeing a woman calling for the killing of members of another religious sect, or a woman in the media whose prominent speech is by shouting in a loud voice, or disgusting provocation and competing with the worst of men.

A well-balanced woman must monitor her behavior and not get carried away and go in the wrong direction because if she loses the most important characteristics of her femininity—her kindness, compassion, and mercy—then she becomes just a body with female reproductive organs.

It is foolish for a woman to boast or for some people to feel pride in a woman transforming into a man or behaving like a man.

A woman imitating a man is what is shameful, not the other way around [a woman being a woman].

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