The Way of God during the Calls of Messengers

Once a person asked Imam Ahmed Alhasan pbuh whether he will be able to meet him in future. He pbuh replied:

Regarding your request to see Ahmed Alhasan, I ask God to facilitate a safe place for us by His Favor, and facilitate a number of those who believe in the Truth, by whom protection from the enemies of God is achieved, and repulsion of Iblis and his soldiers who are prevailing over this earth is achieved; so that we are able to establish the prayer for the believing men and believing women and meet them; and clarify the truth to the people and to publicly expose the ideologies of those false ones who deviated from the religion of God, the ones from the clerics of misguidance; the same way God facilitated Yathreb and the Ansar (Supporters) for the Messenger of God, Muhammad PBUHAHP.


What was the way of God during the call of Prophet Muhammad?

Before his migration to Yathrib (Medina Al-Munawwara), Muhammad PBUHAHP was unsafe for years, and he had to disappear from the disbelievers of Quraish in the mountain passages and in the cave and he migrated to Al-Taif but its people also wanted to kill him, so he escaped from them and the Muslims migrated to Al-Habashah where the Najashi granted them safety by the favor of God upon him, and so on until God wanted for His messenger and Islam to be empowered and victorious when Aws and Khazraj supported the Messenger of God [pbuhap] and opened their city for him and sheltered him in it, and made him safe and reassured, calling people to the religion of Truth. Thus his proof appeared to all people and truth appeared and falsehood was exposed.


Who is most worthy of hardships during the divine calls?

This is the way of God; and this world is the world of afflictions and trials, and the reward is achieved as per the hardship and the one who is most worthy of hardship, fatigue, tiredness and the reward that results from it, is the successor of God on His earth, “Or did you think that you would enter Paradise while such [trial] has not yet come to you as came to those who passed on before you? They were afflicted with poverty and hardship and were shaken until the messenger and those who believed with him say, “When is the victory of God?” Verily, the victory of God is near” -Baqarah: 214.

Notice that it is until the Messenger says, “When is the victory of God?” Which means it is until the issue of victory reaches the verge of despair and it is until the patience of the Messenger himself almost runs out, so he requests victory because he can almost not continue to have patience while he is in a state of homelessness and opposition {Until, when the messengers despaired and believed that they had been denied, there came to them Our victory, and whoever We willed was saved. And Our punishment cannot be repelled from the people who are criminals}- Yusuf:110.


Divine Calls- In a nutshell

In general, the messages start by the calling, and when the messenger declares his call he is capable for a period of time to appear in front of people and call them to the Truth by himself and when his call becomes intense and its supporters increase, the religious clerics become fearful concerning their false positions so they conspire and issue verdicts to those who worship them instead of God for killing the messenger. And the misguided followers do not contemplate that the reason for such verdicts is the weakness of the clerics of misguidance and the inability of their falsehood to remain steadfast in the face of the Truth. Therefore, the messengers have to disappear until God empowers them. Hence, it is usual that the messengers are fought and that they disappear for periods of time until God makes an opening for them when the sufficient number and equipment are available for the protection and repulsion of the evil of the soldiers of Iblis from the Iblisian clerics of religion and those who worship them instead of God.


Ahmed Alhasan
Rabi Al-Thani/1433 H


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