About dogs; Husky

May the peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you.
I ask Allah for you to be well and in good health.
I found a question on the page and I answered it, so I am conveying the question and the answer here.
Ya Howa Ya Howa wrote:
Peace be upon you, people of the house of prophethood and mercy, the essence of knowledge, and holders of the message.

My lord, I was requested to ask you these questions and get an answer from you personally.
My lord, are huskies considered pure? They are said to result from breeding dogs and wolves. If this is true, does it make them pure?
Is it permissible to play with dogs, keep them, and have them as pets for the purpose of play considering they won’t enter the house?
How is something that comes in contact with a dog purified? Is it in the same way that a bowl licked by a dog is purified or is a regular wash enough, meaning in the same way anything that comes in contact with an impurity is purified?
May Allah reward you with the finest reward.

In the name of Allah, the Abundantly Merciful, the Intensely Merciful.
Praise be to Allah.
May the peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you too.
All dogs are impure regardless of the origin they come from or the origin of their domestication. However, I have clarified in the jurisprudence that characteristics affect the categorization of an animal and its naming, and consequently, whether or not the animal is a dog or is impure according to the jurisprudence.

As for the husky in particular, he is not categorized as a dog when it comes to rulings of impurity. It is permissible to raise, breed, and sell it for a purpose such as transportation and pulling sleighs on snow or taking care of children and entertaining them like some people do. It is not considered impure and its rulings are like that of the wolf when it comes to whether or not it is an impurity in and of itself. So unlike other dogs, a husky is not an impurity in and of itself. It must be noted that one should make sure that the animal is a pure husky to a significant extent when it comes to jurisprudence. This can be verified by the animal howling like a wolf instead of barking, by the shape of the tail and fur, or through the breeder whose experience and testimony are reliable.
As for the issue of having a dog (other than a husky) in general, it is not permissible unless for a reasonable purpose such as guarding, alerting, as in alerting the residents of a home or alerting concerning the presence of explosives or drugs, guiding the blind, herding sheep and guarding them, and similar reasonable and logical purposes, and not just for play and for fun. If someone were to have a dog for a reasonable purpose, as in the examples I mentioned, it is permissible to play with it. It is also permissible to raise and breed dogs to sell them for the purposes mentioned above. A breeder does not have to ask the buyer what his purpose is for buying the dog. It is enough that the species of dog he is raising, breeding, and selling is useful for reasonable purposes, some examples of which I mentioned.

If a person touches a dry dog with a dry hand, his hand does not become impure. It only becomes impure if he touches it in the presence of fluid moisture (water) that transfers from one of them to the other. If his hand or any part of his clothes or body becomes impure because of the dog, it is enough to purify it with water only, and not in the same way a bowl of food or a drink is purified from a dog’s saliva.

It is permissible to let the dog enter the house or the car, but if it touches something with flowing moisture, that thing becomes impure and is considered impure, and it requires purification. However, it does not make other things impure.

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