Blessed are those who hung on to the Will of Muhammad the Messenger of Allah

We leave it for the honorable ones from among the Muslims to be fair to themselves and judge with justice between Fatima the daughter of Muhammad, the Lady of the women of the worlds, and those who attacked her house and caused her harm and martyrdom.
And to search for the reasons that caused this attack, the pivotal point of which was the Will of Muhammad the Messenger of Allah PBUHAP, which he described as a book preventing misguidance.
For the Messenger of Allah PBUHAP wanted to write it for the public on Thursday, during the illness leading to his death, but here, Umar and his group objected and accused the Messenger of Allah PBUHAP of being delirious, and thus the famous incident of the Calamity of Thursday. And the Messenger of Allah PBUHAP refused to write the book of prevention for those who rejected it on Thursday, and he wrote it afterward on the night of his death for those who accepted it.

And praise be to Allah, this book was protected by Ali PBUH who transcribed it, and by his children, the Imams PBUT. And they PBUT brought it out to the nation and it reached Sheikh al-Tusi, may Allah have mercy upon him, and he related it in the book of al-Ghayba, and described its narrators to be of the particular ones meaning believing shia, which proved their honesty as there was no slander established against them. Therefore, the Will has an authentic chain of narrators for those who use the chain of narrators as an argument; it is also frequently narrated and there are other narrations that carry the same meaning that it does, all proving its authenticity. And since it is described to be enough on its own to prevent the nation from misguidance, it cannot be claimed by anyone other than its rightful owners mentioned therein. For if it were possible for it to be claimed by anyone other than its rightful owners, Allah SWT, who described it to be enough on its own to prevent from misguidance, would be either accused of lying, as He said it is a prevention from misguidance whereas it would not be, or accused of ignorance concerning the unseen, or accused of being incapable of protecting it from being claimed by the falsifiers until its claim by its rightful owner, and He SWT is far above what the falsifiers claim.

Blessed are those who hung on to the Will of Muhammad the Messenger of Allah PBUHAP.
And woe to those who fought against it in the earlier times and tried to prevent him from writing it and said that he was delirious only because it contained the name of Ali PBUH, the first of the successors.
And woe to those who follow in their footsteps today in fighting the Will, while begging their own misfortune for any desperate attempt to slander the Will of Muhammad the Messenger of Allah, only because it contains the name of Ahmed, the first of the Mahdis.

نترك للشرفاء من المسلمين أن ينصفوا انفسهم وان يحكموا بالعدل بين فاطمة بنت محمد ص سيدة نساء العالمين وبين من هجموا على دارها وتسببوا بأذيتها وبشهادتها.
وأن يبحثوا عن الأسباب التي أدت لهذا الهجوم والتي كان قطبها ومدار رحاها وصية رسول الله محمد ص، التي وصفها بأنها الكتاب العاصم للأمة من الضلال حيث أراد رسول الله ص كتابتها لعامة الناس في الخميس – وهو في مرض الموت – فاعترض عمر وجماعته واتهم رسول الله ص بأنه يهجر ( أي يخرف) فكانت رزية الخميس المشهورة وأعرض رسول الله ص عن كتابة الكتاب العاصم لمن رفضوه في الخميس ، وكتبه بعد ذلك لمن قبلوه في ليلة وفاته، والحمد لله حفظ هذا الكتاب علي ع ـ كاتبه ـ وولده الائمة ص واخرجوه للأمة ووصل للشيخ الطوسي رحمه الله ونقله في كتاب الغيبة ووصف رواته بأنهم خاصة أي شيعة مؤمنين وبهذا يثبت صدقهم حيث لم يثبت أي قدح فيهم وبهذا فالوصية صحيحة السند لمن يحتج بالسند كما انها مقرونة ومتواترة معنى وبهذا يثبت صحة صدورها وبما انها موصوفة بانها كافية – وحدها – لتعصم الأمة من الضلال فيمتنع ان يدعيها غير أصحابها المذكورين فيها لانه لو امكن ان يدعيها غير أصحابها فسيكون الله سبحانه وتعالى الذي وصفها بانها كافية – لوحدها – لتعصم من الضلال متهم إما بالكذب حيث اخبر بانها عاصمة من الضلال وهي ليست كذلك او الجهل بالغيب او العجز عن حفظها من ادعاء المبطلين حتى يدعيها صاحبها وحاشاه سبحانه عما يقول المبطلون.
طوبى لمن تمسكوا بوصية الرسول محمد ص،
والويل لمن حاربوا وصية رسول الله محمد ص في أول الزمان وحاولوا منعه من كتابتها وقالوا انه يهجر لان فيها اسم علي ص أول الوصيين،
والويل لمن يقتفون اثرهم اليوم في محاربة الوصية وهم يتوسلون أي محاولة بائسة يجلبها نحسهم للطعن بوصية رسول الله محمد ص لان فيها إسم أحمد أول المهديين.

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