Do you really believe that the religion of Abu Bakr is the same as the religion of Muhammad?

May the peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you.

The first story:
After the battle of Badr, our prophet Muhammad pbuh released the disbelieving captives in exchange for a simple price: just for one of the captives to teach reading and writing to a group of Muslims.
These captives–who were released by the generous, merciful Messenger, the example for mankind–didn’t believe in Muhammad pbuhap. In fact, they fought a battle in which they wished to kill and destroy him. But what the Prophet Muhammad pbuhap did was exactly what we know and would expect based on the morals of the prophets and the righteous ones. We also expect this from all those who gave noble examples of human morals so that people might imitate some of their actions, such as Gandhi and Mandela.

The second story:
Malik ibn Nuwayrah al-Tamimi, one of the noble Arabs, came to the Prophet Muhammad in obedience and he listened to him, believed in him and returned to his people. They believed in the Prophet’s call after hearing about it from Malik. Malik is not only a Muslim individual, but also a great caller [to Islam]; his call was the cause of a great number of people becoming Muslim. Malik was one of the people who attended the Allegiance at al-Ghadir, and he knew that Ali was the vicegerent of Allah after the Messenger of Allah Muhammad pbuhap. He was a religious man, trusted by his people and by the Messenger of Allah pbuhap, as the Messenger put him in charge of the charity of his people. Thus, they gave him the zakat money to deliver to the Prophet. When he arrived in Medina, he found that the Prophet had been martyred and had followed his Lord. He found Abu Bakr sitting in the mosque, usurping the vicegerency of the Prophet. That is why he considered Abu Bakr’s usurping the vicegerency a wrongful issue that he did not accept. He returned to his people, gave them back the zakat money, and said his famous lines:
“I said take your money, for I neither care about nor fear what tomorrow might bring
If a claimant is to [falsely] claim the greatest matter for himself, we do not give them the money, and we say the religion is the religion of Muhammad.”

The lines are clear and they tell the whole story. Malik is saying that the religion is brought by Muhammad pbuhap, so the vicegerent is the one whose assignment was announced by Muhammad pbuhap on Al-Ghadir, and he is Ali bin Abi Talib pbuh and not the one demanding the greatest matter for himself, such as Abu Bakr. That’s why Malik was returning the zakat money to its people, not to an unlawful vicegerent.
Abu Bakr’s response was to send Khalid bin al-Walid to kill Malik ibn Nuwayrah. Malik and his people didn’t fight Khalid as they considered them to be Muslims. So Khalid betrayed them, held them captive, then killed them while they were in captivity, and then Khalid raped Malik’s wife. Khalid wasn’t satisfied with this; so, he committed the disgusting, barbaric act of cooking Malik ibn Nuwayrah’s head in the fireplace.
Now let’s forget this whole story, and let’s say Malik ibn Nuwayrah was a person who didn’t believe in the Prophet Muhammad pbuhap, and that Abu Bakr didn’t send Khalid to kill him. Is there any justification of any sort for his murder, the raping of his wife, and the cooking of his head just because he didn’t give a handful of money to the ruler (Abu Bakr)? Is there an excuse for Abu Bakr not holding Khalid accountable for a barbaric act that has nothing to do with humanity whatsoever, which is the killing of Malik, the raping of his wife and the cooking of his head?!!!

Do you really believe that the ruler of a nation, whose army’s leader kills a man and rapes his wife, without being held accountable by the ruler, is a just ruler?!!!

Do you really believe that the religion of Khalid and Abu Bakr is the same as the religion of Muhammad pbuhap, who released the captives of the disbelievers?!!!

What I have written contains no insults or curses, and isn’t offensive to anyone. That is why I am waiting for polite responses. As for shouting and insulting, know that it won’t mend your religion and it won’t ease your pain. Instead, it will be clear evidence of your embarrassment.

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