Letters in the beginnings of Quran chapters

Question 529: What is the interpretation of the begining of Surahs: (7a-Mim حم, Ya-sin يس, 7a-Mim Ain-Sin-9af حم عسق)??

Thank you.

Sender: Shams Assabah – Iraq


Answer: In The Name Of Allah The Merciful The Most Merciful.

And All Praise is due to Allah, Lord of the worlds, and May Allah send his Peace and Blessing upon Muhammad and his family, Imams and Mahdis.

May Allah reward you for all good, I clarified in The Allegories the meaning of the Chopped Letters in the beginnings of Surahs, so I hope that you can see and read what is written in the book of The Similarities The Allegories, and also this is a question and its answer is in the same subject that you can benefit from it:


Q/ what is the interpretation of the beginnings of Surahs?


A/ Allah swt said: (Alif-Lam-Mim (الم), Alif-Lam-Mim-Ra (المر), Ha-Mim (حم), Ya-Sin (يس)).


Al-Alif (أ): means Fatima A-Zahra (a.s), and The Alif (أ) is the origin and the first of letters and it is the first thing that arise after dote. And it composed the rest of the letters, and it is the letter of Fatima Azzahra (a.s.) whom Rassoul Allah (a.s) transmitted from Allah swt his saying about her: (Ô Ahmad, for you I created the universe, and for Ali I created you, and for Fatima I created both of you) (Mustadrak Safinat Al-Bihar: Part3, P334). That’s why the priority was given to the letter of Fatima Azzahra (a.s.) (Al- Alif) (أ) before the letter of Ali (a.s.) (Al-Lam) (ل) and before the letter of Muhammad (a.s.) (Al-Mim) (م). So this priority in this situation was given to show that (For Fatima I created both of you) meaning for the afterlife which has in it true knowledge, and for the knowledge Allah swt created the creation because Allah created them to know “I have not created the jinns and men but to worship Me.“. (The Holy Qu’ran Surah Adh-Dhariyat 56.

And (Al-Lam) (ل ): for Ali (a.s.), and if Ali (a.s.) was the outside of the door and Fatima (a.s.) its inside, then pay attention that if you combine the (Alif) (أ ) and the (Lam) (ل ) you get this image:  لا : (La): (No), so the (Alif) (أ ) is written inside the (Lam) (ل ). So the (Lam) (ل ) is the outside which surrounds the (Alif) (أ ), and this (No) is the reject of the supremacy of people which with it was open the word of Monotheism there is no god but Allah, and it is the (No) Husseiniya revolution itself which has refused the supremacy of people and established the supremacy of Allah, so there is no god but Allah or (No) Al-Hussein which its inside is Fatima (The Mercy) and request guidance for oppressors, and its outside is Ali (The power) and fight the oppressors; because (Al-Lam) (ل ) is (Alif) (أ ) which is pleated by force/power; meaning that he is indicating the power of Allah swt “And We made iron pliable for him.“ (The Holy Qur’an Surah Saba 10), and also its inside -which is (Al-Alif) (أ) – is the Mercy upon the believers and its outside (Al-Lam) (ل) is the resentment against Al Qa’im’s disbelievers. And Al Qa’im expressed in some novels that he is Ali Ibn Abi Taleb or the beast of the earth, and this is a common title between Al Qa’im and Ali Ibn Abi Taleb.

And Al-Mim (م): Muhammad (sawas), and it was repeated (17) times in Qu’ran, and Al-Mim (م) is arch of ascension. And it is in the form of Waw (و) upside-down.

And Ar-Ra (ر): Al-Hassan (a.s.).

And Al-Ha (ح): Al-Hussein (a.s.).

And As-Sin (س): Imam Al-Mahdi (a.s.).

Ya-Sin: meaning that the end is (Sin) (س), because here (Ya) (ي) is a sign of the end.

And As-Sin (س) was repeated five times as the number of the people of the cloak; because Al Mahdi (a.s.) represents the five people of the cloak.

And look at the word of Monotheism (There is no god but Allah), it has three letters: and they are: (Al-Alif أ, Al-Lam ل and Al-Ha ه.), and you knew Al-Alif (أ ) and and Al-Lam (ل ), but for Al-Ha (ه )it is for proving the firm; because it is the first letter of ( He ) (هو ) the greatest name; so Al-Ha (ه ) is for proving the firm and indicating its existence, its knowledge and its witnesses, and Al-Waw (و ) is for indicating its absence and its non-realization, and he swt is The Absent Witness.

So Al-Ha (ه ) is a proof of witness and knowledge, and through Muhammad (sawas) Allah swt was known, and Muhammad is the owner of the splendint victory (We Have Given you a splendent victory), so he is Al-Ha (ه ), because through him Allah was known, and he is the city of divine perfections.

So Monotheism is by these three letters (Alif (أ), Lam (ل), Ha (ه)) and they are: (Fatima, Ali, Muhammad.).

May peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you.

Ahmed Alhasan

Muharram Al Haram/1432 H.

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