O Allah I beseech You in the name of Your name before which everything kneels down

“Say, “What would my Lord care for you if not for your supplication?” The Quran 25:77.

O Allah I beseech You, in the name of Your name before which everything kneels down

By Your Mercy that encompasses everything
By Your Greatness that humbles everything
By Your Power which subdues everything,
By Your Control which dominates everything,
By Your Omnipotence which overreaches and possesses everything,
By Your knowledge which knows everything,
O Light, O Holy,
O Ever Foremost, before everything,
O Ever-living after all things,
O Allah, O the Abundantly Merciful,
Send blessings on Muhammad and on the progeny of Muhammad, and forgive me for my sins which alter the course of the flowing bounties,
Forgive me for my sins that bring down punishment,
Forgive me for my sins that cut off hope,
Forgive me for my sins that give a chance to the enemies to lay hands on me,
Forgive me for my sins that render the prayers unacceptable,
Forgive me for my sins that make me liable to suffer misfortunes,
Forgive me for my sins that hold back the abundant rain from the heavens,
Forgive me for my sins that lay bare that which had been sealed and forgotten,
Forgive me for my sins that hasten destruction,
Forgive me for my sins that leave remorse behind in its trail,
Forgive me for my sins that tear my integrity to pieces,
Surround me with Your impregnable protective covering that never goes out of order,
Keep me safe from the evil that may frighten me through threats, day in and day out, throughout this year.

O Allah, Lord of the seven heavens,
And the seven (layers of) the earth and all that is therein and that is between them,
The Lord of the Great Throne,
The Lord of the seven oft-repeated verses and the unmatched Quran,
The Lord of Israfil, Michael, and Gabriel, and the Lord of Muhammad, blessings of Allah be on him and on his progeny, the Chief of the Messengers, the Last Prophet.
I beseech You in Your name and in the name by which You referred to Yourself
O the Greatest, You are He who distributes bounties freely, protects the frightened, adds more and more to the free gifts,
Repels all avoided things,
Gives all abundant things,
Doubles the recompense of goodness done occasionally or frequently,
You do what You will.
O Omnipotent, O Allah, O Abundantly Merciful,
Send blessings on Muhammad and his progeny,
Surround me, during this year, with Your protection,
Let Your light beautify my face,
Love me with Your Love,
Let Your pleasure reach me,
As well as Your excellent generosity
And Your weighty rewards
Give to me from the good that You have,
And from the good You give to any one from among Your creation;
And with Your protection of this kind keep me safe.
O He who settles all complaints,
O He who sees clearly through what hearts and minds desire secretly,
O He who knows full well what is kept undisclosed,
O He who protects from misfortunes,
O He who is the Oft-forgiving, compassionate,
O He who overlooks faults,

Let me depart from this world adhering to the disposition and creed of Prophet Abraham,
Following the religion and way of life of Muhammad (may the blessings of Allah be upon him and his progeny)
The best departure, in love of Your friends,
Cut off from Your enemies.
O Allah keep me far, during this year, from that general course of life, in words or deeds, which removes me to a distance far away from You.
And keep me close to that general course of life, in words and deeds, which bring me nearest to You, during this year,
O the Most Merciful of all those who show mercy.
Prevent me from a mode of action, in words and deeds, which if done, it is feared, will produce evil as a result,
On account of which I fear Your Wrath,
I am afraid lest Your kind face may change direction,
Thus necessitating restraining me from obtaining my share of good fortune.
O Abundantly Merciful, Intensely Merciful.
O Allah keep me, throughout this year, under Your protection,
Near Your closeness, right inside Your shelter,
And cover and clothe me with Your protective covering,
Give me the gift of Your generosity,
For endeared is your neighbor,
Glorious and sublime is Your praise,
And there is no god other than You.

O Allah make me a follower of the righteous ones from the past who are Your guardians,
Let me be with them,
And make me one who surrenders to those who spoke the truth about You.
I seek refuge with You O my Allah from that sin and wrongdoing of mine surrounding me
And also my wastefulness upon myself from following my opinions
And engrossment by my carnal desires.
So this barrier between me and Your mercy and pleasure;
It consigned me to oblivion,
Invited Your displeasure and censure,
O Allah prepare me to do good under all circumstances,
So that it helps me to obtain Your nearness and Your pleasure,
O Allah just as You did everything possible to help Your Prophet Muhammad (May the blessings of Allah be upon him and on his progeny)

Placing terror in the hearts of his enemies,
Removing his anxieties,
Dispersing his troubles,
Proving the promise You made to him to be true,
And carrying out to completion the undertaking You took up for him;
O Allah in like manner keep me safe from fearful things and events, during this year,
From its logical consequences—outrage, havoc,
Confusion, evil,
Sorrow, and the distressful living it perpetuates, and through Your mercy make complete wellness attainable for me
from the everlasting bounties until the last moment of my life.
I put forward a petition to You just like a person who has transgressed and did wrong, but surrenders and makes a clean confession.
I beseech You to forgive those earlier sins
That are counted by Your Preserving Angels
And that have been recorded by Your appointed Angels;
And, O Allah, protect me against sinning
For what remains of my years until the time of my death

O Allah! O the Intensely Merciful! O the Abundantly Merciful!
Send blessings on Muhammad and on the progeny of Muhammad, and give me as a gift that which I have asked for and for which I have turned to You with hope and expectation,
Because it was You who ordered me to supplicate to You,
And thus You have promised to answer me,
O the Most Merciful of all those who show mercy.

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