Weaker than the home of the spider

Nazar Nazar wrote:
May the peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you.
I am Abu Ahmad from al-Basrah. I write this addressing Imam Ahmed Alhasan.

Our master,
I looked into your proofs and they are indeed confusing. I can honestly tell you that I want to believe in you but I am confused and do not know what to do. You speak of making istikhara, so I did that and it was confusing. You speak of visions, and I saw one that was positive and another that was not. I did not leave any door without knocking on it, so that there would be no argument against me. And I asked the people of knowledge, and they told me that this man is an impostor, but I did not care about what they said, yet I do not want to go against them and regret it. My master, you say that you can make miracles appear, such as reviving the dead, etc. And because this matter, and I mean by that your call, concerns the unseen, if you show me a miracle that proves your call then I swear by Allah that I will be a soldier of yours who wishes for martyrdom for your sake and for the sake of the religion and the creed. Otherwise, your call is weaker than the home of the spider.

Answer: In the name of Allah, the Abundantly Merciful, the Intensely Merciful.
Praise be to Allah.
May the peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you.
Abu Ahmad, may Allah support you, straighten your footsteps and protect you from every harm.

I will start from where you finished: Weaker than the home of the spider.
According to what is made clear by your words, the proofs of the call of Ahmed Alhasan, which are like the proofs of his grandfather Muhammad PBUHAP, have only confused you and have not allowed you to reach a definitive conclusion that Ahmed Alhasan is true; this is given that you, like the other Shia, believe that imitating the clerics is obligatory as they told you this without any legitimate proof or even a rational proof. You were not confused, you did not search and you did not ask them about the definitive proof. Unfortunately, you followed them with your eyes closed. Anyway, I will discuss with you what they present, and clarify for you the lies and ignorance that they present to you, and I hope that they do not continue to deceive you after today. And Allah willing, my wish will be fulfilled whether it be sooner or later, because I am confident that the intellect, the knowledge and the light will defeat the ignorance, the darkness and the attempt to deceive and misguide the people.

Let us look upon those whom you asked and whom you call people of knowledge, are they really people of knowledge or are they people of ignorance and lies? And the judge between us and them is the proof and not the insults they use:
Their clerical religion with which they deceived and wish to continue deceiving the Shia of the progeny of Muhammad is built upon the ideology that the non-infallible must be imitated. They do not have a narrative proof for this, and their clerics acknowledge this matter. They do not have a verse with explicit proof or a narration of definitive proof and a definitive chain of narrators. And you can refer to the statements of Sayyed al-Khoei and Sayyed al-Khomeini (May Allah have mercy upon them) and the statements of other clerics concerning this issue.

Consequently, today these people move toward the rational proof, which is that the ignorant one must refer to the knowledgeable one. And I have refuted this proof of theirs with a complete refutation and I clarified that it is as you said, weaker than the home of the spider, as they presume and present presumptions out of their own effort and they admit to this, and none of them professes that he presents certitude.

Therefore, the [rational] proof does not apply to them because they are not people of knowledge who present proof in order for the ignorant one to refer to them, as only the vicegerents of Allah are knowledgeable ones who present certitude and who must be referred to, according to reason. This is what we say; imitating the infallible is the only thing that is obligatory.

And when they find that the aforementioned does not help them prove their ideology, they try to deceive the public by saying that the proof for their ideology which is that the non-infallible or the clerics must be imitated, is that the non-specialized one consults the specialized one. And this presentation of theirs has demolished their false ideology in a way that they do not realize.
{And they thought that their fortresses would protect them from Allah; but Allah came upon them from where they had not expected, and He cast terror into their hearts. They destroyed their houses by their own hands and the hands of the believers. So take warning, O people of insight.} Surat al-Hashr (Exile) 59:2.

So the most that can be said concerning the specialized one being consulted by the non-specialized one is that it is a permissible consultation and not an obligatory one. This means that by their presentation of this statement as proof of their ideology, they relinquish their false ideology, which is that imitating the non-infallible or the clerics is obligatory.

They give you the example of the patient consulting to the doctor in order to prove their ideology of imitating the non-infallible or the clerics, whereas the patient consulting the doctor and doing as he says is not obligatory, but rather it is permissible. So if you become sick, must you go to the doctor and must you do as he says?! For the doctor himself sometimes makes presumptuous verdicts and tells you that these are the chances of success and those are the chances of failure and that you have a choice to make. He doesn’t tell you that you must do as he says or that you must take the medicine he prescribes or that you must undergo the operation that he thinks can cure you. For many patients have died at the hands of doctors in operating rooms or due to a mistake by the doctor in determining the type or dosage of a medication. And some patients have visited the doctor when experiencing some pain, only to leave paralyzed and unable to stand due to a mistake made by the surgeon who has a doctorate of medicine for determining the size of the metal alloy plate required to fix the bones. Consequently, I do not believe that a rational person would say that it is obligatory for a patient to consult a doctor and do as he says.

So now, is there one among those who call themselves “clerics” who has the honor and the courage to admit before everyone that they lost to Ahmed Alhasan and that their ideology, upon which the clerics’ religion is built, has been demolished and that it is over?

Whoever has the honor and courage to acknowledge the truth should acknowledge and admit that Ahmed Alhasan has demolished their ideology and that it was moved to the garbage dump of history with no return. Yes, it remains for now as a means of ignorance, deceiving the Shia of Ahlulbayt and making them ignorant. But it has ended, and it no longer has any scientific credibility with those who request to know the truth. Sooner or later, a day will come in which the Shia of Ahlulbayt will take notice and they will know that the impostor is the one requesting from them that they believe that imitating the non-infallible or the clerics is obligatory, since he is commanding them to believe in a false ideology that has no proof, whether from narrations or by reason.

And I repeat: (obligatory) so that you may pay attention, open your eyes and see well O Shia, may Allah support you, and so that those who call themselves “clerics” may pay attention to their statement that it is obligatory to imitate the non-infallible or the clerics. Therefore, let them prove this obligation to us after their proofs have been refuted and clarified to be as you described, (weaker than the home of a spider). Do not let those people deceive you into directing the argument toward discussing ijtihad or the permissibility of imitation or the proof behind acting according to what they presume, as all of these matters come from their false ideology which they are requested to prove. Therefore, their ideology is the obligation of imitating the non-infallible, then let them prove it or acknowledge its falsehood and acknowledge that Ahmed Alhasan demolished it, crushed the height of their false ideology and destroyed it, and that he allowed nothing from it to remain.

As for the proofs of the call, they are all the proofs for personifying the vicegerent of Allah combined, and I have come with all of them. As for now, I will briefly clarify for you what they are and how they apply:
The personifying text, which is the text that personifies the vicegerent of Allah, and it includes the pronouncement by Allah, like the pronouncement of Adam to the angels by Allah, and similar to that are the frequent visions that provide reassurance that the claimants who have seen them have not conspired to lie. Also, the vision must match the personifying text.

The pronouncement by the vicegerent of Allah: There are two types:
The direct pronouncement, which is the pronouncement by the vicegerent of Allah of his direct successor, such as the pronouncement by the Messenger of Allah PBUHAP of Ali. As for Imam al-Mahdi PBUH, he is elevated and absent and the means of communication with those who believe in him are the revelation, the visions and meeting him. And through them, he testified to a number of people that cannot conspire to lie that Ahmed Alhasan is his son and successor from the progeny of Muhammad PBUT.

The indirect pronouncement: It is the pronouncement by the vicegerent of Allah of his indirect successor, such as the pronouncement by the Messenger of Allah PBUHAP of Ali bin Musa al-Retha PBUH. And in order for such a pronouncement to be personifying, there must be a divine guarantee that it is protected from being claimed by the false ones. Therefore, whoever claims it is its rightful owner. And the example of this is the Will of Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah PBUHAP, which Allah described through the words of His prophet Muhammad PBUHAP to be a book preventing from misguidance for whoever holds on to it. And I spoke in detail about how to use it as proof and that it is a text personifying its claimant to be the vicegerent of Allah in more than one answer, and I clarified that my mere claim of it demonstrates that I am one of the vicegerents of Allah, because Allah described it to be solely a prevention from misguidance for whoever holds on to it.

Thus the Knowledgeable, the Capable, the Wise, the Absolute One SWT must protect the text, which He described to be a prevention from misguidance for whoever held on to it, He SWT must protect it from being claimed by the people of falsehood until its rightful owner claims it and its purpose is fulfilled. Otherwise, He would have been ignorant or incapable or lying or a deceiver and a tempter toward following falsehood for those who hold on to His speech. And it is impossible for Allah SWT to be ignorant or incapable because He is an Absolute, Knowledgeable and Capable One, and it is impossible that lying would come from the Truth SWT because He is Honest and Wise and He cannot be said to be lying. Otherwise, it would not be possible to rely on His words concerning any matter and the religion would be negated.

The answers [mentioned above] have been compiled by Sheikh Alaa al-Salim, may Allah protect him, in the book of the Sacred Will. Also, I requested the clerics to step forward and debate with me and respond to what I said, but they were unable to do so and our truth was proven, and praise be to Allah.

As for the miracle, signs and miracles have occurred during this call, such as the perishing of the cleric Ali al-Shukri. By insulting and cursing Ahmed Alhasan, he bore Allah as his witness over his statements and his acts on the platform in front of thousands of people, thus Allah did not wish to reprieve him and He caused him to perish within just a few days, and He made him a sign for all of the worlds. So whoever does not learn from that will not benefit from another miracle. For what is the difference between causing this oppressor to perish and causing the perishing of the one who requested the torment and defied the Messenger of Allah PBUHAP? And what is the difference between causing this oppressor to perish and causing the perishing of the one who insulted al-Husain PBUH and challenged him saying that al-Husain’s fate is hellfire on the day of Ashura? So Allah wished not to reprieve him and wished to make him a sign. And the consequence for him was falling into the fire and burning. I believe that all of them are signs showing that Allah defends His supporters, in order to show through these signs that these are His supporters, and that Allah, the One, the Alone, testifies for them. And praise be to Allah, as Sheikh Ali al-Shukri, who was eulogized by your clerics, requested the testimony of Allah and bore Allah as a witness from the platform. So Allah did not grant him reprieve and He testified for me with a clear, apparent miraculous sign despite the hypocrites. And the same thing that happened to my grandfather the Messenger of Allah and my grandfather al-Husain, may the prayers of Allah be upon them, happened to me. And Allah is sufficient as a witness between me and you. And this sign is documented and videotaped, and you can refer to it.

What if a hypocrite says, “Why does Allah not cause whoever insults you and fights you to perish?”
I say, it is because the wisdom behind the miracle is proving my connection to Allah. And that was accomplished by the perishing of one. For Allah did not cause the perishing through miracles of all of those who fought al-Husain in Karbala on the day of Ashura. Rather, He caused to perish whomever did perish in order for them to be a sign. Moreover, Allah did not cause al-Shimir or Harmala to perish, although what they did had a greater effect upon al-Husain, may the prayers of Allah be upon him, than insulting him and accusing him of being from the people of hellfire.

As for your request for a sign specifically for you, may Allah support you, straighten your footsteps and gift you with wisdom, know that the successors of Allah are not clowns or circus performers, nor are they acrobats who roam around amongst the people in the streets to perform acts for them that fascinate them. Rather, the purpose of the miracle is that it is a sign from Allah proving that the one with whom it occurs is a vicegerent from the vicegerents of Allah, and that Allah defends him and supports him. And this matter has been fulfilled in this truthful call in more than one instance, such as what happened to Sheikh Ali al-Shukri, who is a well-known figure for the Hawza of al-Najaf and Qum, and when Allah caused him to perish, some of the clerics eulogized him.

May Allah support you and straighten your footsteps. Take note that Allah stated in the Quran that he wants faith in the unseen. That is why even when He does present miracles, He leaves room within them for believing in the unseen, and He does not make them compelling miracles that do not leave room for the unseen. And if He does so, he does not accept the faith of whoever believes because of it. And the story of Pharaoh in the Quran is well-known and there is no reason for Allah to reject the faith of Pharaoh other than the fact that the sign was compelling and did not leave room for the unseen. And I clarified this matter in detail in the Interpretation of a Verse from Surat Yunus, so refer to it.

And if Allah wanted the people to believe due to individual compelling miracles that do not leave room for believing in the unseen, He would have made His messenger Muhammad PBUHAP send his messengers to the rulers of his time with individual miracles. So for instance, every messenger would stand between the hands of the ruler and his horse would turn to a piece of gold or iron and the messenger would request the ruler to keep this miracle with him. And if he would do this, they would believe in him along with the rest of the people in Iran or Europe en masse, and the matter would end. Or at the very least, he would send letters to them in their own languages and not in Arabic, or Allah would send down the Quran in all of the global languages or at least a hundred languages. Is this not more sensible as a proof for the people? And if he did so, it would be an apparent miraculous sign from Muhammad PBUHAP and it would show that he was connected to Allah. Or at the very least, he would translate the Quran to all languages instead of leaving it subject to personal efforts, consequently giving us several varying and contradicting English translations of the Quran.

On the other hand, some of these liars tell you on the platforms that Muhammad and the Imams spoke all the languages. So why didn’t the Messenger and the Imams PBUT translate the Quran? Are Muhammad and the Imams miserly for example — and they are far above that?! Or is translating the Quran, which the non-Arabs desperately needed, an act that defies wisdom? Or were the nearly two hundred and fifty years not enough for the Messenger and the Imams for translating?! Or is a person’s fluency in hundreds of languages not an apparent miracle and a complete established proof throughout all times?

I assure you that many atheists are completely honest in their statement when they say, “If God exists, then why does He not create a small miracle for us, proving His existence so that we will believe in Him?” And here, on behalf of Professor Richard Dawkins, I present to you a request from him for a miracle, as he says, “Why does God not make the cut off hands of a religious person grow again like the amphibians when some of their ends are cut off, so that we can believe in His existence?” Can you clarify for him why Allah does not respond to his request, considering that you are a believer in Allah? For his request is directed to all the believers, especially those who believe in free miracles that are thrown left and right just for the sake of the people to believe, even if it is a belief free of any room for the unseen.

Those who say that Ahmed Alhasan must bring them a miracle on demand, otherwise he is not truthful, are obliged to bring Professor Dawkins a miracle from their lord in which they believe. And I believe the lord to be more capable than the servant. And if they do not bring him a miracle, then according to their law, Dawkins is one hundred percent right and atheism is correct based on their own rule which they have acknowledged themselves. So do they accept this result, or does that satanic law of theirs only work when confronting Ahmed Alhasan?

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