The Black Stone and Its Relationship with Imam Mahdi

Excerpt from The Book of Monotheism – Interpretation of Surah Tawheed

“And this is the answer to one of the questions which came through the internet, and it has details about The Black Stone and its relationship with The Mahdi or The Qa’im (The Riser of The Family of Muhammad (pbut)).


Who is this man?

Peace be upon The Yamani of the Family of Muhammad and The Mercy of Allah and His Blessings.May Allah send His Peace and Blessings upon Muhammad and The Family of Muhammad The Imams and The Mahdis.

In year 1424 I preformed the Rituals of Pilgrimage (Manasik Al-Hajj), and it was my second pilgrimage, and all praise be to Allah, and my wife was with me, and we were with one of the popular Pilgirmage campains in Al-Ahsaa’, and we have [learned] lessons and [had] stories in that blessed Pilgrimage.

So when it was the night of ‘Arafa, an accident happened to the women of the campaign, for they heard a strong outcry (strong screaming) on the night of ‘Arafa after the works of that night, so this outcry terrified the women and frightened them, and they did not know from where this sound was.

And the second story, which is more important, is: when my and wife and I entered to The Sanctuary to make Tawaf (the circling of the Kaa’ba), I saw a very intense crowd, so I feared I would not be able to allow my wife to make Tawaf Al-Hajj (the circling of Pilgrimage). The religious guide of the campain said to us: when you see a crowd say: “O Most Knowledgeable, O Most Great (Ya ‘Aleem, Ya ‘Atheem)”, and it shall become less crowded, while I tried this Dhikr (invocation) in The Tawaf of Umrah and I noticed that it became less crowded – anyway – I said only once: “O Most Knowledgeable, O Most Great (Ya ‘Aleem, Ya ‘Atheem)”, and immediately [I saw] a man coming from between Al-Rukn and Al-Maqam, and he split the lines of the Pilgrims after I was done from the Invocation, and it was as if he was coming towards us from his Tawaf, or before he finished his Tawaf, for he did not pass Al-Rukn and Al-Maqam. And he faced us especially and the Kaa’ba was behind him, and none of the Pilgrims were on their way towards us.

And he said to me: come behind me and I shall make you circle [the Kaa’ba]. So my wife and I went behind him and he made us circle the Kaa’ba (Tawaf Al-Hajj/The Circling of Pilgrimage), and we did not feel any crowd or narrowness [of space], and he was reading Dua’s and Dhikr (invocations), and from them was Dua’ Kumayl, and I was sending a lot of peace and blessings upon Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad ([making a lot of Salawat]), and I was saying within myself: perhaps this is The Mahdi Muhammad son of Al-Hassan (pbuh), but I would say: who am I that the Mahdi may come [especially] for me and make me circle [the Kaa’ba]?!

And during the first round of Tawaf my wife was behind me, so he said to me: make your wife infront of you, so I commanded her to come infront of me and behind him, meaning between me and him, and he intended to teach me how to safeguard/take care of my wife during Tawaf.

And when we reached the Black Stone, he pointed towards me with his right and said: “Allahu Akbar (Allah is Greater)”.

And when we were done with the seventh round after the Maqam of Ibrahim (pbuh) I said to him: “I want to make the Tawaf of the women with you”, so he said to me: “Insha’Allah (if Allah wills).” And it was as if he was saying goodbye to me, and he faced me with his face while he was walking away from me towards the back and it was as if he was pushing away all of those thousands of people while walking backwards, and the place became vast to him, and he left. It was as if the pilgrims were a Sea, and he was a strong wave which pushed away the water of the sea.

As for the descriptions of this man: He had sunken eyes, his eyebrows were not joined, he was tall and thin, he had tanned skin, his hair was black and long. And what is strange is that he was wearing light green clothes on the day of Tawaf Al-Hajj (Circling The Kaa’ba), and on his head was a cover which we call in our [Khaliji] language a hat.

My question: Who is this man? Is he the Yamani of the Family of Muhammad (pbut)? And who am I that the Yamani of the Family of Muhammad (pbuh) may come to me and circle with me (make me do Tawaf)? Or is he Al-Khidr (The Green Man) since he was wearing green clothes? Or is he from The Ansar of Imam Al-Mahdi Muhammad son of Al-Hassan (pbuh)???

I have asked one of the students of Al-Howza and he said: “Indeed he is the Imam (pbuh).” And I have asked one of the believers and he said: “Perhaps he is Al-Khidr (pbuh) or one of the helpers of the Imam (pbuh).”

I have heard a story which happened to one of The Ansar and he narrated it to me and he described him to me, and they were the same descriptions which I have seen. And if I saw this man who made me circle [the Kaa’ba] after all these years I would know him [even] from among a million men.

And peace be upon The Yamani of the Family of Muhammad and The Mercy of Allah and His Blessings.

May Allah send His Peace and Blessings upon Muhammad and The Family of Muhammad The Imams and The Mahdis.

Ansary Muslim, 40 years old

Al-Ahsaa’ – Saudi Arabia

[holder of a] Thanawi (Secondary) certificate


The Answer:

In the Name of Allah, The Merciful, The Intensely Merciful
All Praise be to Allah Lord of the Worlds.
May Allah send His Peace and Blessings upon Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad, The Imams and The Mahdis.

Know that Allah remembers the one whom remembers Him, and He gives so much by so little, and you have remembered Him, The Glorious, in His House, with sincerity, so He remembered you and helped you and facilitated your matter. I ask Allah to always give you success in being sincere/dedicated to Him, The Glorious, and working for whatever pleases Him.

As for the servant of Allah who helped you he has helped you with the Might of Allah and His Power and when Allah asked Him to help you, so all bounty/preference is to Allah, The Glorious. So thank Allah, The Glorious, Whom has bestowed upon you that, and if Allah had commanded him to inform you about his name he would have.

As for when this servant was praying towards the Stone saying: “Allahu Akbar (Allah is Greater)”, this is his duty [alone]. But as for you and other than you from the people, your duty is to say the following when you reach the Stone: (O Allah! I have fullfilled My trust and I have held/agreed to my Covenant that You may testify for me that I have come [to You]. O Allah! As confirmation to Your Book, and upon the Sunnah of Your Prophet I bear witness that there is no God but Allah alone and He does not have any partners, and that Muhammad is His servant and His Messenger, and that Ali and the Imams from his sons are the Proofs of Allah and that Al-Mahdi and the Mahdis from his sons are the proofs of Allah – and you count them until [your reach] the proof of Allah in your time – I have believed in Allah, and I have disbelieved in The Tyrant and The Oppressor and Al-Lat and Al-Uzza and the worship of Shaitan (Satan) and the worship of every idol which is called upon besides Allah).

All of The Religion of Allah is almost one matter, with which He has started The Creation of the Earthly human being, He, The Exalted, mentioned it in His saying: {Verily, I am making a Successor on Earth}. All of the Qur’an is in Al-Fatiha, and all of Al-Fatiha is in the Bismillah, and all of the Bismillah is in the Baa’ ([the second letter of the Arabic alphabet, and the first letter of the Bismillah]) and the Baa’ is in the dot ([which is a dot under the letter Baa’]), and the dot is Ali (pbuh). The Prince of The Believers said: (I am the dot). And what was The Prince of Believers Ali (pbuh) other than that he was the Successor of Allah in His Earth?!

Therefore, The Dot, and the Baa’, and the Bismillah, and The Qur’an, and all of the Religion is the Successor of Allah in His Land. And the Qur’an and all of the Religion is the Testament and the Covenant which have been taken upon the servants that they may obey the Successors of Allah, and Allah has placed it in the Base Stone or The Black Stone, or The Corner Stone, or The Cut Off stone from Muhammad (pbuh & his Family) in order to demolish the Supremacy of Shaitan (Satan) and The Tyrant.

And this Stone has been mentioned in The Divine Books and in the traditions. And when Quraish disagreed upon who shall carry the Stone, they were aware that this Stone indicates towards a great matter, and that is why they disagreed upon whom shall carry it. And it was the will of Allah that Muhammad (pbuh & his Family) be the one who carries the Stone and places it in its position in order that the sign of Allah may be fulfilled/completed, and His, The Glorious, indication, that the Qa’im (The Riser) of The Truth and the Servant within which Allah has placed the Testament and The Covenant, which this Stone points towards, is going to come out from Muhammad (pbuh & his Family) who has carried the Stone.

From Sa’eed ibn Abdullah Al-’Araj, from Abu Abdullah (pbuh) that he said: (Verily, Quraish in the Days of Ignorance demolished The House, so when they wanted to rebuild it, there was made a barrier between it and them, and fear was cast in their hearts, until one of them said: “Let every man of you bring forth the best of his money, and do not bring forth money which you have earned from cutting ties with family or from Haram (impermissible acts).” So they did so. So [the barrier] between it and them was removed, so they built it until they reached the position of The Black Stone, so they fought in regards to it: whom among them shall place the Black Stone in its position, so much so until evil almost came between them [from fighting], so they decided that the first to enter from the door of the Mosque shall carry the stone. So The Messenger of Allah (pbuh & his Family) entered. So when he reached them, he asked for a cloth/dress, so he spread it forth, then he put The Stone in the middle of it, then the tribes held the sides of the dress/cloth and lifted it up, then The Prophet (pbuh & his Family) took it, then he placed it in its place, thus, Allah made it special for him.) [1]

So Muhammad (pbuh & his Family) carried the Black Stone, and this is an indication that The Qa’im (The Riser of The Family of Muhammad (pbut)), and the Carrier of the Sin, and the Carrier of the Black Banner which indicates to it, shall come out from Muhammad (pbuh & his Family), and also that Muhammad (pbuh & his Family) is the one who carries him in his loins, because he has been placed in Fatima the daughter of Muhammad (pbuh & his Family), and thus, the true carrier of Sin is The Messenger of Allah Muhammad (pbuh & his Family).

As for the Black color with which Allah willed to cover this Stone, it indicates towards the sins of the servants, and it reminds them of their sins, for perhaps they may repent and seek forgiveness while they are in The House of Allah, and it is the same as the color of the Banners of the Riser (Qa’im) of the Truth, the black [banners] of the Qa’im of the Family of Muhammad. So the black banners indicate to The Stone, and The Stone indicate to the banners, and both of them indicate, with their black color, to the sin of violating the Testament and The Covenant which were from the creation in the Atom World, and they also indicate to the suffering/effort which the carrier of this sin bears – and the carrier of the black banner which indicates to the sin – the servant who was assigned with the book of The Testament and The Covenant, and he is the Black Stone, and he is the Qa’im (Riser) of The Family of Muhammad.

And The Stone is associated with the matter of sacrifice which is present in The Divine Religion and throughout the blessed journey of this religion, for the religion of Allah is one; because it is from One. And Sacrifice appeared in Islam in its most apparent/clear image in Al-Hussein (pbuh). And before Islam you find Sacrifice in The Hanifiyyah, the religion of Ibrahim (Abraham (pbuh)), with Isma’il (Ishmael). And you also find it with Abdullah the father of The Messenger Muhammad (pbuh & his Family), and you also find it in Judaism, the religion of Moses (pbuh), with Yahya son of Zakaria (John son of Zachariah/John The Baptist (pbuh)). And in Christianity you find it with the crucified one, regardless of the fact that Christians imagine that the crucified one is Jesus (pbuh) himself, for they believe that the crucified one is the carrier of the sin, and their beliefs, even if there are distortions in them, this does not mean that those beliefs came from completely no where, nor that those beliefs do not have an origin in the Religion of Allah from which they were distorted/twisted. Rather, many of the distorted/twisted beliefs are in reality based on a religious origin which the scholars of misguidance took and twisted/distorted and built upon it a corrupted belief. So the fact that the Messengers bear/carry some of the sins of their nations in order to walk forth with the nation as a whole towards Allah is present in the Religion of Allah, and it did not come from no where. And you can review the texts of the Torah for example in order that you may take a look at what Moses (pbuh) bore of additional effort/suffering for what his nation committed of sins, and The Messenger of Allah Muhammad (pbuh & his Family) carried/bore the sins of the believers. He, The Exalted, said: {That Allah may forgive for you what preceded of your sin and what will follow and complete His favor upon you and guide you to a straight path} [Surat Al-Fath 48:2]. The apparent interpretation of this verse: is that [the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh & his Family)] carried the sins of his nation and Allah forgave those sins for him. From Umar son of Yazid Bayya’ Al-Sabiri, he said: “I said to Abu Abdullah (pbuh): ‘The saying of Allah in His book: {That Allah may forgive for you what preceded of your sin and what will follow and complete His favor upon you and guide you to a straight path},’ he (pbuh) said: He had no sins, and he never committed any sin, but Allah made him carry the sins of his Shia (followers) then He forgave them for him’) [2]

And the fact that The Messengers carry the sins of their nations does not mean that they carry the sin of violating The Testament and The Covenant of those who deny the Successors of Allah and die upon this denial, rather, they carry the sins of those who were negligent to remember The Testament and The Covenant, and violated them for a time period in this worldly life. Also, the fact that they carry the sins of their nations does not mean that they become sinners instead of their nations. Rather it means … that they carry additional weights and additional suffering/effort in delivering their messages to the people in this world, and indeed this is by their own will; because they are the ones who ask for this, for [the fact that] the merciful father with his children bears the results of their sins a lot of times, even if those sins cause for him suffering and discomfort and perhaps pains and being killed for the sake of Allah, just as the case is with Al-Hussein (pbuh), and that is because the father hopes that his sons be righteous at the end. Perhaps many do not remember The Testament until the blood of their father, the preferred one of Allah, is shed, so he becomes a reason for reminding them of The Testament and The Covenant. And for that reason you find Al-Hussein (pbuh), whom Allah has willed to make a reason for reminding a lot of the creation, left Pilgrimage, and he went forth encouraging footsteps towards the place of his (pbuh) slaughter.

As for the relationship of The Stone to the sin of Adam (pbuh), this is a matter that the Imams (pbut) have clarified, although perhaps it has been previously hidden from people for a reason that Allah, The Glorified, willed. Rather, the relationship of The Stone to the sins of the creation also has been clarified [by the Imams (pbut)]. And The Messenger of Allah Muhammad (pbuh & his Family ) has clarified this by the clearest clarification, with action – when he kissed The Stone – but it is a clarification for those who have hearts and comprehend the actions of the wise Muhammad (pbuh & his Family) who acts with wisdom, not like Umar ibn Al-Khattab who declared that he did not understand why The Messenger of Allah (pbuh & his Family ) kissed The Stone?! And he declared that his self and reality do not accept kissing The Stone and that he was only kissing it because he saw The Messenger of Allah Muhammad (pbuh & his Family) doing that infront of thousands of Muslims, and of course he could not have opposed Muhammad (pbuh & his Family) because he was claiming to be his successor, so he thought that the act of Muhammad (pbuh & his Family) [kissing The Stone] was silly and he was being forced to follow this act, what kind of deception/cunning [act] is that? Al-Bukhari, and Muslim, and Ahmad, have narrated: (that Umar went to The Stone, then he kissed it, and said: “Verily, I know that you are Stone, you do not benefit nor do you harm. Had I not seen The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) kissing you I would not have kissed you.”)

And Ahmad narrated from Suwayd ibn Ghafla, he said: (I saw Umar kissing The Stone and saying: “Verily I know that you are stone, you do not benefit and you do not harm, but I have seen Abu Al-Qasim (pbuh) welcoming you/caring about you.”)

So when Umar ibn Al-Khattab kissed The Stone, he declared that he hated this act, and that he disowned it, and that he was neglectful of this Stone and [of the fact that the Stone] is the witness upon the servants in regards to their loyalty to [fulfill] the Testament and the Covenant which have been taken from them in the Atom World {And when your Lord took from the children of Adam – from their loins – their descendants and made them testify of themselves, [saying to them], “Am I not your Lord?” They said, “Yes, we have testified.” [This] – lest you should say on the day of Resurrection, “Indeed, we were of this unaware”} [Surat Al’araf 7:172].

And this is a clear sign/indication for those who have hearts by which they comprehend, that Umar ibn Al-Khattab is a denier of The Testament and The Covenant which have been taken [from him in the Atom World], and for that reason his self was disgusted from the Witness Stone, and consequently, Umar tried to deny that The Stone is a true Witness, so Umar ibn Al-Khattab addressed The Witness Stone and The Base Stone and The Black Stone by saying: (Verily I know that you are Stone that does not benefit or harm), and since the ones who were surrounding Umar in this situation had seen The Messenger of Allah Muhammad (pbuh & his Family) welcoming this Stone and caring so much about it and kissing this Stone and prostrating on it, rather, they themselves had inherited from the Hanifiyyah of Ibrahim (Abraham (pbuh)) the [act of] sanctifying of this Stone and caring about it, that’s why Umar redressed/rectified what he said by his act of kissing The Stone, but after what? After he depreciated the kissing of the Stone [by saying] that ‘it is a stone that does not benefit nor harm, and thus, there is no wisdom in kissing it!’ Therefore, by his saying and his act Umar wanted to marginalize the Black Stone and deny the fact that it is a Witness, and to make the [act] of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh & his Family) of kissing The Stone and prostrating on it a vague matter which is not understandable and free of wisdom. And in fact if The Black Stone does not benefit or harm, the act of The Messenger of Allah (pbuh & his Family) would be free of Wisdom – far is he from that – and the act of The Messenger of Allah (pbuh & his Family) would not have a meaning nor would it be wise if that Stone does not benefit or harm by the Permission of Allah and His Strength and Might, Glory be to Him. Thus, the will of Allah is that what Umar hides [within him] appears, from his stance in regards to The Stone, or The Servant whom has been appointed with The Testament and The Covenant, or The Qa’im (The Riser) of the Family of Muhammad (pbuh). And glory be to Allah, there is not a person who holds evil inside him except that Allah shows it in the slips of their tongue.

The Messenger of Allah Muhammad (pbuh & his Family) undertook the clarification of the importance of The Black Stone and its Preference by his sayings and acts. And it is enough to know that The Messenger of Allah (pbuh & his Family) kissed it and prostrated on it, and The Messenger of Allah (pbuh & his Family) never prostrated on any part of the Kaa’ba except on The Black Stone. The Greatness of this matter reached [the point] where The Messenger of Allah (pbuh & his Family) said: (Receive/Face the Corner, for it is the Right [hand] of Allah in His Creation, He shakes hands with His creation by it, the handshake of the servant or the outsider, and He testifies for the one who receives/faces it that he has arrived.) [3]

And what is meant by The Corner is The Black Stone, because it is placed in it. And the Imams (pbut) have followed the path of The Messenger of Allah (pbuh & his Family) in clarifying the importance of The Stone by their sayings and acts, so they have clarified that The Stone is the Carrier of the Book of The Testament and The Covenant, and that Adam cried for forty days, and he set up a sitting for crying near The Stone, in order that he may atone/make up for his sin of violating The Covenant {And We had already taken a Covenant from Adam before, but he forgot; and We found not in him determination} [Surat Taha 20:115].

Verily, The Stone was a shining white pearl, but in Earth it has been transformed to blackness because of the sins of the servants. So these blessed saying and acts which they have repeated several times infront of their companions, are all a clarification and a confirmation to the importance of The Black Stone, and to the relationship of The Stone with the first sin, rather, to [all] sins, throughout the journey of the human being in this Earth.

Bakir son of A’yun said: (I asked Abu Abdullah (pbuh): “For what reason has Allah placed The Stone in the corner in which it is placed now and not in any other [corner]? and why is it kissed? and why has it been brought down form Heaven? and why have the Covenant of the servants and The Testament been placed in it? and what is the reason for that? Inform me, may I be your ransom, for I have been in wonder because of thinking about it.”

He said: You have asked, and you have found the matter difficult, and you have investigated, so understand the answer, and empty your heart, and listen carefully, so that I may inform you if Allah wills.

Verily, Allah, The Blessed, The Exalted, has placed The Black Stone, and it is a jewel which was brought out of Heaven to Adam (pbuh), so it was placed in this corner for the reason/purpose of The Covenant.

And that is because the offsprings of the sons of Adam were taken from their backs, when Allah took the Covenant upon them in that place, and in that place it appeared to them, and from that place the bird descends upon The Qa’im (The Riser (pbuh)). The first one to pledge allegiance to him shall be this bird, and by Allah, [this bird] is Gabriel (pbuh). And The Qa’im (The Riser) shall rest his back at that place, and it is the evidence and the proof upon The Qa’im, and it is the witness to those whom come to him in that place, and the witness upon the ones whom fulfill The Covenant and The Testament which Allah, The Almighty, has taken upon the servants.

As for the Qiblah (direction of worship) and Receiving/Facing, [they are] for the reason/purpose of The Testament, as a renewal of that Testament and Covenant, and as a renewal of the pledge of allegiance, so that they may fulfill to him The Testament which Allah has taken upon them in The Covenant. So they come to him every year, and fulfill to him that Testament and Trust which was taken upon them. Do you not see that you say: “I have fullfilled My trust and I have held/agreed to my covenant that You may testify for me that I have come [to You]?” By Allah, no one fulfills that except our Shia, and no one protects/saves this Testament and Covenant other than our Shia. Verily, they go to him, so he knows them and believes them. And other than them go to him so he denies them and belies them. And that is [because] no one has saved/protected that except for you. So by Allah, he testifies for you. And against them, by Allah, he testifies that they violate, and envy and disbelieve. And he is the strong Proof from Allah on The Day of Resurrection, he comes while having a pronouncing tongue, and two eyes, in his first image, the Creation will know him and they will not not deny him. He testifies for the ones whom come to him and renew the Testament and The Covenant with him by protecting/saving The Covenant and The Testament and fulfilling The Trust. And he testifies against all those whom denied and envied and forgot the Covenant by disbelieving and denying

As for the reason why Allah has brought it out of Paradise, do you know what The Stone was?”

I said: “No.”

He (pbuh) said: “It was an Angel from the greatest of Angels with Allah. So when Allah took The Covenant from the Angels, the first one to believe in it and admitted [to it] was that Angel. So Allah took him as a Trustee upon all of His creation, so He taught him The Covenant, and placed it with him. And He made it a worship upon the creation to renew every year with him [their] admission to The Covenant and The Testament, which Allah, The Almighty, has taken upon them.

Then Allah made him with Adam in Heaven, reminding him of The Covenant, and renewing with him the admission every year. So when Adam disobeyed and was brought out of Heaven, Allah made him forget The Testament and The Covanant, which Allah had taken upon him and upon his son to Muhammad (pbuh & his Family) and to his Vicegerent (pbuh), and He made him lost and confused.

So when Allah forgave Adam, He transformed that Angel into the image of a white pearl, so he threw him from The Heaven to Adam (pbuh) while he was in the land of India. So when he looked to him, he felt familiar with him, but he did not know about him more than he was a jewel.

So Allah, The Almighty, made him pronounce, so he said: “O Adam! Do you know me?”

He said: “No”

He said: “Yes. Shaitan (Satan) overpowered you so he made you forget the remembrance of your Lord”.

Then he transformed him to the image upon which he was when he was with Adam in Heaven.

So he said to Adam: “Where is The Testament and The Covenant?”

So Adam jumped to him and mentioned The Covenant and cried and submitted to him and kissed him and renewed [his] admission to The Testament and The Covenant.

Then Allah, The Almighty, transformed him into the jewel of the Stone, shining pure white pearl, so Adam carried him on his shoulders, in reverence and respect to him.

So if he became tired, Gabriel (pbuh) would carry him for him, until he reached with him to Makkah.

So he was still enjoying [his company] in Makkah, and renewing The Admission to him every day and night.

Then when Allah, The Almighty, built The Kaa’ba, He placed The Stone in that place, because when He, The Blessed, The Exalted, took the covenant from the son of Adam He took it in that place. And in that place The Angel taught the Covenant, and for that reason it has been placed in that corner, and Adam moved from the place of The House to Al-Safa and Eve to Al-Marwa. And he placed The Stone in that corner. So when Adam looked from Al-Safa while The Stone was placed in The Corner, he said “Allahu-Akbar/Allah is Greater!” and he glorified Allah and praised Him. So for that reason, Takbir (saying “Allahu-Akbar/Allah is Greater”), and receiving/facing the corner which has in it The Stone from Al-Safa has become a Sunnah. Allah has placed in him (The Stone) the Covenant and The Testament without other than him from the Angels. And that is because when Allah, The Almighty, took The Covenant for Himself with Godhood, and for Muhammad (pbuh & his Family) with Prophethood, and for Ali (pbuh) with Vicegerency, the Angels trembled, so the first one who hurried to admit was that Angel, there wasn’t among them any [angel] more loving of Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad (pbuh & his Family) than that Angel, and for that reason Allah has chosen him from among them and taught him the Covenant, and he comes on The Day of Resurrection while having a pronouncing tongue and a looking eye, testifying for all those whom have come to him to that place and protected/saved The Covenant.”) [4]


[1] Al-Kafi volume 4, page 217.

[2] Tafsir Al-Qummi, volume 2, page 314.

[3] Al-Mahasin volume 1, page 65.

[4] Al-Kafi, volume 4, page 184-186. ‘Illal Al-Shara’i: volume 2, page 429-431.


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